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Welcome to VIP Penny Stock Alerts

The #1 Penny Stock Trading Community


Our goal is to apply our experiences trading penny stocks to help VIP members secure big gains. VIP Penny Stock Alerts grew in numbers by accumulating like minded traders that have years of experience trading penny stocks. Our mission is to ensure that all VIP members learn together, absorb all information and trading ideas, all for the common goal of becoming a better stock trader. Here at VIP we strive to be the best and spend many hours working to ensure that our members learn and obtain the most information inorder to capitalize on all oppurtunities afforded to them.


We are a family oriented trading website that believes in 100% honesty! We all trade together and we all bank together. We're real people that have learned the ins and the outs of the penny stock world. We treat each and everyone of our new members just as if they were in our family trading for years. Try it out and see for your self, you will agree that the atmosphere of the chat is unlike any other.


VIP Penny Stock Alerts puts all of its energy in providing resources to its members. The VIP live chat is obviously where all the action happens, but members have a surplus of information to access, whether it be from the watch list page to weekly recaps. We dedicate our time and energy into this website to ensure that its members succeed. With a full membership you will have access to the live chat, VIP Vault, watch list, and a webinar that is conducted monthly to ensure members stay up to date on penny stock trading techniques and how to succeed at trading penny stocks. The bottom line is: VIP Penny Stock Alerts care about it's members and ensure that the members are its top priority.

Our Recent Alerts
We keep a recent alerts, so new members and current members can look back at the opportunities that were granted to them from the VIP live chat. On average VIP alerts 90 penny stock tickers a week. You heard it right, yes not all of them are high end runners, but with the live chat nothing is ever a buy now or sell now, it is a collaboration of trading ideas. If you think about it and look back at our recent alerts, it puts our members in the driver's seat to cheery pick the winners. This is true is because so much information comes out about the current ticker alerted, for example, if members agree that the stock will not move because of the chart, or simply because the L2 is stacked, either way members get all this information live! No waiting for post response, or having to debate whether it will go or not... everything is laid out for you with VIP Penny Stocks.

We are genuine, honest, and loyal traders. Our members have stuck by our side because of this and because we have made them money! New members that are looking for some new stock to get into or trade behind the scenes, keep moving because we do not do that here with VIP. We keep it straight and to the point, we find tickers with momentum that are running same day and offer each and every member the opportunity to make money! We are real people that combine knowledge, resources, and skill to make the gloomy penny stock world bright again. The website was not created to make a quick buck, VIP exists for any person trying to learn how to make a profit in this cruel game of penny stocks.  We want real people who will not only benefit from the plethora of knowledge on the site, but also traders that will add value to our growing community.

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#254  Sticky Note The GidDy uP Kid 10/12/15 04:36:13 PM
#652   $MMHC huge news out!! osu78OnFire 04/06/17 09:49:21 AM
#651   1 Aloha50investr 09/30/16 10:44:45 AM
#650   $$$ ZONX $$ VIP Penny Stock Surging Demand higher Prosper/high 07/05/16 09:50:18 PM
#649   $USAR new ticker is $CHRO: Currently trading above MaxPowerLove$Ihub 04/08/16 03:01:59 AM
#648   $USAR***- Closed Hod. Above resistance. Looking for 200day Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:06:18 AM
#647   $SRCO****- Follow through. Looking for .0045/.0050 break Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:06:08 AM
#646   $SFRX****- Nice setup. Pinching. Looking for .0031/.0033 Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:05:59 AM
#645   $MYEC****- Follow through. Pinching. Looking for .0150/.0170 Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:05:47 AM
#644   $AEXE***- Trying to build steam. Looking for .0035/.0040 Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:05:36 AM
#643   $APYP****- Trying to setup. Hit 200day lws. Looking Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:05:27 AM
#642   $NHMD****- Still setup. Wants to stretch its legs. Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:04:14 AM
#641   $LEAS****- Starting to curl right. Looking for .0050/.0069 Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:04:03 AM
#640   $MSPC***- Death Drop. Possible bounce from this setup. Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:03:55 AM
#639   $CGHC***- Keeping watch. Weird $$ action. Looking for Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:03:46 AM
#638   $HAON***- Death Drop. Hit 200day lws. Looking for Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:03:39 AM
#637   $AWGI***- Closed above support. Could build steam. Looking Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:01:24 AM
#636   $NUUU****- Nice setup here.200day lws. Looking for .0035/.0041 Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:01:16 AM
#635   $BIEI****9- Follow through from setup. Pinching. Looking for Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:01:05 AM
#634   $TPNI****8- BBpinch. Closed above support. Looking for .0015/.0020 Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:00:57 AM
#633   $PFSD****7- $$ accumulated for a push. Pinching. Looking Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:00:49 AM
#632   $NESV****6- Nice setup off 200day lws. Pinching. Looking Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:00:41 AM
#631   $BFRE****5- Follow through. Looking for .0021/.0027 break Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:00:33 AM
#630   $ICNV****4- Trying to follow through here. Looking for Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:00:25 AM
#629   $SFOR****3-Follow through. $$accumulated. Looking for .0010/.0017 break Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:00:18 AM
#628   $ISBG****2- Death Drop to 200day lws. Trying to Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:00:09 AM
#627   $ICNB****1- Ideal setup off 200day lws @.0010 . Mr. Ideally 02/17/16 09:00:02 AM
#626   ACW .92 News !!! stock1ace1 02/12/16 09:36:55 AM
#625   $TNEN***- Weird $$ flow. Thin to move. Could Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:03:32 AM
#624   $DEAC***- Hitting 200daty lws @.0007 . Looking for Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:03:24 AM
#623   $CDNL****- Trying to curv up now. Looking for Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:03:14 AM
#622   $VGTL****- Pierced support. 200day lws pincher follow through. Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:03:06 AM
#621   $PXYN****- Follow through pinch from 200day lws. Looking Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:02:58 AM
#620   $HJOE****- Follow through from yesterday. Looking for .0017/.0018 Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:02:48 AM
#619   $FARE***-Trying to setup here off 200day lws @.0008 Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:02:39 AM
#618   $ICNV***- Hitting 200day lws. Poss. bounce from this Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:02:29 AM
#617   $CUBV***- Death Drop. Hitting 200day lws. Watching for Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:02:17 AM
#616   $BIEI***- R/S news dropping this. Look for .0102/.0075 Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:02:04 AM
#615   $AEXE***- Death drop. 200day lws at .0021 . Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:01:54 AM
#614   $NNUP***-Weird $$ flow here. Looking for .0093/.0107 Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:01:44 AM
#613   $HJOE***- Easy setup here. Follow through with pinch Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:01:31 AM
#612   $FLCR***- Weird $$ flow. Recently bounce from 200day Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:01:21 AM
#611   $VAPE***-Has the setup. Closed at yesterdays low. Looking Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:01:11 AM
#610   $DDCC****9-Setup Follow through here. Looking for .0094/.0101 Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:01:01 AM
#609   $TPNI****8- Caught this earlier. Pinch follow through. Looking Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:00:53 AM
#608   $JNSH****7- Holding S1 well and trying to pinch. Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:00:39 AM
#607   $BFRE****6- Nice setup here. Bouncing off support at Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:00:29 AM
#606   $TPAC****5- Ideal setup here. Pierced support @.0024 bounced Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:00:20 AM
#605   $GNBT****4- Ideal setup. Piercing support @.0050 . Looking Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:00:10 AM
#604   $GSPE****3- Gearing up here.200 daylws. BBpinch. Looking for Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 08:00:00 AM
#603   $NHMD****2- Nice setup. Follow through with pinch on Mr. Ideally 02/12/16 07:59:51 AM