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Up Trend Stocks Only

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Email: mrgreenpenny@yahoo.com    

It is always my desire that we can ALL make money and enjoy the good life.

~~Disclaimer & Disclosure~~ 


     My opinions are my opinions. Never take them for the gospel truth. Never rely on them. You guessed it....Do your Own Due Dilligence! 

 None of this is investment advice. None of this is trading advice. All this information can be found by the public.  As far as I know all of it is accurate. Don't depend on me for your information.  Nothing presented here is a suggestion to buy or sell any securities at any time.  So don't depend on me for trading advice. Don't depend on me to wake you up in the morning with an ALERT and tell you that it is time to buy or sell. Always take full responsibility for your trading decisions.

I am not paid and have not been paid anything or compensated by anyone at anytime for the information presented here.  Any information here may be delayed or possibly even inacurate. SO ALWAYS CHECK FOR YOURSELF to verify everything.

 Penny Stock Trading in very dangerous!  Never invest more than you can afford to lose.  Your trades are your trades. My trades are my trades. 

Unless I have stated otherwise please assume that I have ALWAYS purchased any securities ahead of time before any posting to others and/or any alert has been issued or sent out! That goes for my email,Twitter,Facebook or otherwise. Having been given foreknowledge and forewarning of this fact please do not accuse me of frontloading/scamming/pumping and dumping and deceptively misleading anyone or taking advantage of others. I have told you ahead of time.



           Read Van's 25 Axioms and understand them. They will help you on this journey. Here is the link:



     This could turn out to be a good thing for all of us.


The purpose of this board "Up Trending Stocks Only" is an Idea that poped into my head when I relized that many of my successful Penny Stock trades this year came from buying stocks that were already in an Up Trend and looked to possibly continue. Some of them where in a strong up trend and were running strong, some only in a mild up trend that later turned strong through increased volume and positive catalyst such as news, earnings, sector news, social trends, ect. 

Since I work a "real job" and cannot be at the computer all day to monitor my trades,  I have learned to "most of the time" force myself to buy a stock that will let me go about my daily business without biting my nails wondering if stock XXXX.XX  has tanked into a death spiral.  The up trend alleviates much of this angst.  At least there can be one thing on my side...the Up Trend.

There are many catalytic factors that build a solid Up Trend and that indicate an Up Trend. I hope to learn more about these things. It is my hope that we can learn together and become better Penny Stock traders. -----and get that trading account growing!!!


         If you have an up-trending pick, go ahead and post it!  PLEASE GIVE FULL DISCLOSURE and tell us if you own the stock that you post!   Otherwise we will just assume you do.

                                                   Pump it all you want..............Just be honest and no lies. No Bashing others picks or members. Debate them vigorously but NO PERSONAL ATTACKS!!!

Understanding Up Trend resources






What I Like:

 I define an uptrend as a stock that has been following/creating an upward ascending Trend Line while making higher highs and higher lows over the course of a certain time period.   30 days minimum is what I personally look for because I trade a bit on the risky side and want to find a potential Uptrend as early as I possibly can. There are certain things that go into the establishment of an uptrend and I am always looking for them.

If you jump in too soon there is great risk that the perceived trend will not develop. Certain levels of resistance may not be broken. Certain levels of support may not hold. This is not to even mention that the basic fundamentals of the company that you are trading may change during that time.There are risks both ways.

 Basic Technicals:

Moving average----50 day MA over the 200.      20 day MA over the 50



More coming:







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