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University General Health System, Inc. (fka UGHSQ)

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Last Post: 2/18/2016 10:26:13 AM - Followers: 22 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

Clear fraud. Kudos to retireat40 and perhaps others for reporting this to the SEC:

rbtree Wednesday, 02/10/16 11:05:26 AM
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Warning to all. This security is in bankruptcy and is at risk of having its common shares delisted, similar to what happened yesterday. see 

What took place there, here, and with a third Q stock is chronicled here: 

Do not get caught in another pump and dump orchestrated by those in it for their own nefarious profits. Be careful. The run up today may have been related to the action in United.... perhaps more front loading in another attempt to run this stock. 


retireat40 Member Level Tuesday, 02/09/16 06:52:45 PM 
Re: rbtree post# 649
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The thing is...the perps aren't stuck. I got PM's from them bragging about the thousands they made off of this scam. And it's not borderline criminal, it IS criminal. I have already filed a complaint with the SEC (for whatever its worth). This is Jordan Belfort stuff here. 

I got the same pm.... just was embellished a bit less.

It would appear that the pumping (on MULTIPLE boards) started on 2/3/16: 

BLULLISH Member Level Wednesday, 02/03/16 01:22:09 PM 
Re: powerbattles post# 119 
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Yes-Buy out of some-buyout of some of-(UGHSQ)-subsidiaries and and exit from BK very soon... Could be any day now [/quote

That coincides with the frontloading. Despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary, the pumpers continued to spin a BS tale of buyouts, mergers and BK dismissal. The amount of evidence of fraud is overwhelming (the intentional misrepresentation of material fact). This should be a slam dunk for the feds.
 A SEC complaint has been filed (for what its worth): 

TCR Submitted Successfully - Reference Number: TCR145510******
nodummy Member Profile nodummy Member Level      Monday, February 08, 2016 10:34:01 PM
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Yes this was nothing more than a front loaded pump & dump (possibly even a scalping scheme if alerts were involved) and the third time the same group has run a front loaded pump & dump on a lowish float bankruptcy ticker trading in the $.000s using false claims about the ticker coming out of bankruptcy and heading into some kind of merger/buyout. 

The first was RGDXQ back in December. RGDXQ started getting loaded on 12/10 from $.0002 then the pump started with false rumors about a Fake Reverse Merger/Buyout with a Nasdaq ticker. 

The ridiculous pumping using completely bogus information pushed the price up to $.024/share then around a week later it was back in the $.000s. 


The second bankruptcy pump&dump was CGSYQ 

It was front loaded in late/December and early January in the $.0002 - $.0004 range then pumped on January 15th pushing up from $.001 to $.004/share. 

Once again fake rumors about a revere merger/buyout by a big board ticker were used to pump the stock 

CGSYQ held up much better than RGDXQ partcially because it didn't climb as high, but it will eventually come back down too because it is being held up on bogus made up information 


UGHSQ is just front loaded lowish float bankruptcy pump&dump #3. It was pumped on false information just like RGDXQ and CGSYQ by the same group that pumped RGDXQ and CGSYQ. 

The front loading on UGHSQ happened on February 3rd in the $.0005 - $.0006 range. You just have to go back to 2/3 and read the posts on this board to see who was posting about the upcoming pump&dump 

Then after the close yesterday the pumping started again with the fake merger/buyout crap 

So hopefully people that bought after the front loaders here didn't chase too high and get burned and were able to sell for profits before things got ugly 


As the stock is no longer tradeable, this info is no longer relevant
#642   Thank you for the info dave86 02/18/16 10:26:13 AM
#641   It means they are gone. They no janice shell 02/17/16 05:48:53 PM
#640   Upon bankruptcy, a firm will be required to jet101 02/17/16 02:30:04 PM
#639   So now that the shares have all been dave86 02/17/16 01:19:42 PM
#638   "It could easily go past .40" For what CountryMac1 02/17/16 08:58:22 AM
#637   No brainer? Yea, no brains alright CountryMac1 02/17/16 08:56:34 AM
#636   Did any of your research point to the CountryMac1 02/16/16 06:34:31 PM
#635   Stick to nursing CountryMac1 02/16/16 06:33:42 PM
#634   What a nightmare CountryMac1 02/16/16 06:33:19 PM
#631   Really..... in this instance, I hope the opposite rbtree 02/11/16 04:24:38 PM
#629   I hope you now realize this was an retireat40 02/11/16 08:16:13 AM
#628   really? are you still long on this? Is testteam 02/10/16 04:56:41 PM
#625   was this the kind of kaboom time you CountryMac1 02/10/16 03:25:32 PM
#624   True-reconranger reconranger 02/10/16 02:59:55 PM
#618   There is a big difference between pumping a nodummy 02/10/16 02:00:41 PM
#617   If someone finds a great play he or janice shell 02/10/16 01:43:47 PM
#616   Excellent. janice shell 02/10/16 01:35:13 PM
#615   may she rest in peace...... jet101 02/10/16 01:19:44 PM
#613   I made a call on this too. The ticker........ SmallCapsMarket 02/10/16 12:54:13 PM
#612   Nope-target was 1000%-5000% or more from bottom-It ran BLULLISH 02/10/16 12:30:13 PM
#611   ughsq in finra wonderland rivk 02/10/16 12:19:22 PM
#610   I said this is pump and dump scam Volcano 02/10/16 11:54:59 AM
#606 That was the primary reason behind the retireat40 02/10/16 11:01:39 AM
#605   Not really, if you look I think the jet101 02/10/16 11:00:43 AM
#604   Wow....the other one being promoted by that group SmallCapsMarket 02/10/16 10:57:13 AM
#603   yes. lucky,mydog 02/10/16 10:32:29 AM
#600   you traded smartly, Skiluc. Icanslim 02/10/16 10:14:34 AM
#598   Yea and the part I really don't under jet101 02/10/16 10:02:40 AM
#597   I read that on this board earlier. Skiluc 02/10/16 09:52:18 AM
#596   Skiluc but you also said in post 464 jet101 02/10/16 09:51:00 AM
#595   Really thought this was going to survive lucky,mydog 02/10/16 09:50:00 AM
#594   Sucked me in... I knew better to hold Skiluc 02/10/16 09:46:32 AM
#591   Wow! Rode this from .0007 and sold Skiluc 02/10/16 09:36:53 AM
#590   That's why a complaint was filed with the retireat40 02/10/16 09:17:18 AM
#589   I agree with you and I hope the Patrob 02/10/16 09:07:13 AM
#588   Actually it's down 100% from the .017 because jet101 02/10/16 08:49:11 AM
#585   UGHSQ has dropped nearly 90% from .017.......BUT SmallCapsMarket 02/10/16 08:09:58 AM
#584   I agree but there are many gullible investors retireat40 02/10/16 07:54:56 AM
#581   (UGHSQ)-call ran from 0.0002-to-0.017-That's-Over-7000% BLULLISH 02/10/16 06:26:02 AM
#577   Did they cancel the ticker already? Wow that JH Mcdough 02/10/16 01:12:10 AM
#575   LMAO. thanks for clearing this whole mess up CountryMac1 02/09/16 10:36:50 PM
#574   what makes this a good long term buy? CountryMac1 02/09/16 10:34:53 PM
#573   A lotta money was made yesterday for those ErnieBilco 02/09/16 09:43:25 PM
#571   Rhetorical question: my post this morning was completely janice shell 02/09/16 07:20:56 PM
#568   I hope you sold b4 the close...the shares retireat40 02/09/16 06:45:40 PM
#566  Restored UGHSQ: Bankruptcy PLAN effective. All shares cancelled. nodummy 02/09/16 06:34:05 PM
#562   Because it didn't fit their pump narrative......... reality ErnieBilco 02/09/16 06:15:42 PM
#561   Lol, well that's a harsh lesson for those Fugu 02/09/16 06:00:34 PM
#560   You betcha the Q is is the Renee 02/09/16 05:54:10 PM
#559   Q being removed!!!!weeeeeeeeeee Kaboom Time thanks for explaining MONEYBAGSCLAY 02/09/16 05:51:18 PM