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I like the setup here, the sports betting wingtrade 02/10/21 3:52 PM
I took the offer for 20k-- so far Uboat 02/10/21 3:49 PM
oh my bad uboat, i thought this was wingtrade 02/10/21 3:43 PM
Wing-- whats you avg price here? Uboat 02/10/21 3:42 PM
Somebody has a stack of shares and they wingtrade 02/08/21 8:53 PM
True Under123 02/07/21 5:51 PM
No prob. Yep, holding my few shares tight wingtrade 02/07/21 3:43 PM
Sound pal. Lets hold tight and hope it Under123 02/07/21 2:38 PM
Hello my friend. The stock has been left wingtrade 02/06/21 11:52 PM
Plse fill me in. What does this do Under123 02/06/21 6:14 PM wingtrade 02/04/21 4:46 PM shows UPCO CEO owns website... maybe wingtrade 02/03/21 6:47 PM
not as dead as I thought then. Maybe CaoPanShou 02/03/21 6:43 PM
Interesting, now farwards to wingtrade 02/03/21 6:29 PM
Exactly. Dead site. Reading the the tea leaves wingtrade 01/21/21 8:31 PM
Annual report is due next month...see what happens... CaoPanShou 01/21/21 7:59 PM
Funny you should its gone. The company CaoPanShou 01/21/21 7:57 PM
What website? They can have all my shares wingtrade 01/21/21 7:45 PM
The company website has grown so I assume CaoPanShou 01/21/21 6:14 PM
UPCO janitor service still sweeping up loose ends wingtrade 01/21/21 4:17 PM
No sellers. Good sign for this little lotto imo wingtrade 01/06/21 6:53 PM
1M bid today on .0022 CSTI obviously not wingtrade 01/04/21 7:47 PM
4:1 maybe but 400:1 yuk especially when it's wingtrade 01/04/21 5:36 AM On April 3, 2019 we filed a certificate wingtrade 01/04/21 5:35 AM
RS suck unless have revenue and profits to exisnet 01/04/21 2:26 AM
There’s no website on otc markets can someone abazaba375 01/04/21 2:22 AM
The problem is that most companies that RS wingtrade 01/03/21 9:46 PM
RS is not a problem without dilution,.. is exisnet 01/03/21 8:19 PM
We'll see. I'm not expecting the buying to wingtrade 01/03/21 8:04 PM
Lets see what monday brings. Somthings up anyways Under123 01/02/21 7:12 PM website blank wingtrade 01/02/21 2:14 PM
Good question. Whoever told them to do a wingtrade 01/02/21 1:54 PM
Why would they want do a split with exisnet 01/02/21 11:27 AM
Be careful, they tried to R/S this and wingtrade 01/01/21 2:01 PM
I bought this 10 years ago for .05 Under123 01/01/21 12:36 PM
875K bought yesterday on UPCO: wingtrade 01/01/21 12:06 AM
Shows that with news and no diltuiin this wingtrade 12/31/20 7:11 PM
Strange buy. Under123 12/31/20 6:57 PM
Whoever they are they just spent about 4K more. CaoPanShou 12/31/20 3:16 PM
There has been alot of runners this past CaoPanShou 12/31/20 2:49 PM
Maybe 2021 will be a runner. Gl wingtrade 12/31/20 2:47 PM
Might be a front load for pump later. CaoPanShou 12/31/20 2:42 PM
Kinda wish I had more, but I'm not wingtrade 12/31/20 2:40 PM
SS hasn't changed since the takeover. Only 205 CaoPanShou 12/31/20 2:37 PM
Bid not coming up, makes me think there's wingtrade 12/31/20 2:35 PM
Couldn't find any twits pumping it either, thought CaoPanShou 12/31/20 2:34 PM
I can't find any filings, OTC or SOS... CaoPanShou 12/31/20 2:32 PM
260% now...??? hmmm wingtrade 12/31/20 2:27 PM
What's got this jumping today? Up 130%! CaoPanShou 12/31/20 1:55 PM
I don't know what you are trying to wingtrade 12/13/20 7:51 PM
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Universal Potash Corp. (UPCO)

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Universal Potash Corp 


UPCO Corporate Website:


UPCO Corporate Vision:

Play a key role in the global world food demands while building long-term value for all our Investors.

Key organizational goals

  1. Increase current shareholder value and maximize long term value
  2. Become one of the principal Potash suppliers of choice to the International Markets we serve
  3. Build stronger communities and relationships while improving the socioeconomic well-being of our world population
  4. Attract and retain talented, motivated and productive employees who are committed to our long-term goals
  5. Protect our environment and the people we serve


UPCO Business Description

Universal Potash Corp. is an acquisition driven exploration stage Potash Mining corporation dedicated to increasing shareholder value. The Management of Universal Potash's principal focus is the acquisition of premium leasehold properties and the future development of these properties and business interest on a global basis. Management efforts are channeled into building Universal Potash Corp into an international enterprise and becoming a key player in meeting the growing challenge of feeding the world.

UPCO engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral properties in the United States. Mineral Properties Whale Property The Whale property consists of 33 claims located in Lavender Canyon in southeastern Utah. Hoopie Property The Hoopie property is located north of Slick Rock, Colorado. It consists of 10 claims totaling approximately 200 acres. Pinto Property The Property is located in the Henry Mountain Basin of South Central Utah. It consists of 344 claims consisting of 6,800 acres. During 2007, a total of 12 holes were drilled, sampled and assayed. Ray Marie Property The Ray Marie property was owned and operated by Bill Wilson. The Property consists of 6 claims consisting of 120 acres. Wild Claims The Wild claims consist of 23 mineral claims located within the Henry Mountain Syncline of East Central Utah. Ernestina Potash Prospect The Ernestina Lake Potash property, located in the Province of Alberta, Canada, consists of 192,000 contiguous hectares (474,400 acres) of potash claims adjoining the Saskatchewan provincial border. History Universal Potash Corp. was founded in 2001.

Oct 27, 2010 the Company announced that it has been the successful bidder on additional Potash Lease Applications for a total of 640 acres of prospective ground northwest of Moab in the Paradox Basin of Utah. The leased property is located immediately to the South and contiguous to the company's current Potash applications pending approval, covering a total of 29,000 acres. "The two new properties are immediately west and adjacent to School Sections that have seen previous drilling for oil/gas and encountered significant intersections of both Sylvite and Carnallite, with Sylvite (Potash) values averaging near 20%, but ranging as high 49%," stated Kevin M. Murphy, CEO.

UPCO Corporate Management:


Share Structure: 

TA Information from Friday, October 29, 2010


100 million








Quicksilver Stock Transfer, LLC
Transfer Agent
6623 South Las Vegas Blvd.
Suite 255
Las Vegas, 89119


UPCO Company Contact Info: 

1174 Manitou Drive NW
Fox Island, WA
United States, 98333

Mailing Address

PO Box 363
Fox Island WASH.

Phone: 253-549-4336

Investor Relations Toll Free: 1-877-331-8777



UPCO Mineral Property and Exploration Summary:

Pr from October 27th, 2010: Universal Potash Acquires Strategic Lease in Historic Potash Basin:®ion=U







About Potash Demand

Potash Fertilizer prices have been moving higher lately, reflecting the demand for the product to increase production to meet the growing demand and offset the grain shortages in the world due to climate change and the world's middle class population growth. Grain Demand has resulted in an 8 fold increase to satisfy the population's demand for more protein products worldwide. Potash price increases have sent the share prices of many potash producers as well as explorers higher in recent months supported by BHP Billiton's recent $39 Billion hostile takeover bid for Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, the world's largest producer. 


UPCO Filings:


UPCO Daily Chart: 



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