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Introduction Universal Guardian Corporation (UG), is positioned to be a key player in the Defense and Homeland Security markets worldwide. UG provides Security Assessments, Risk Analysis, and Advanced Security Solutions to military, government and commercial markets on a global basis. The Company is currently providing its products and services to the United States military to protect its most important assets around the world. The Company offers its customers a wide range of innovative security solutions combining cost effectiveness and ease of integration through its five strategic corporate divisions: Security Assessment and Tactics Group, Maritime Security Group, Non-Maritime Security Group, Special Weapons Group, and Security Technologies and Engineering Group. UG is rapidly penetrating the expanding threat mitigation, anti-terrorism and critical infrastructure protection markets and has already established itself as a premier provider of anti-terrorism, threat analysis services and security solutions to the U.S. Navy. UG acquired public status via a share exchange agreement with an existing public entity late Q42002 and trades on the NASDAQ OTC:BB under the symbol UGHO. There are currently 15,166,670 shares outstanding. Company principals own approximately 80% of all outstanding corporate shares. The Company is presently pursuing a Series A Preferred Share offering. The use of funds includes: research and development, establishment of credit facilities, sales and marketing and general working capital. Market Overview The recent terrorist attacks against the USS Cole, the Pentagon and the World Trade Center made apparent vast vulnerabilities in the methods and systems used to protect homeland assets and assets abroad. The need to detect, accurately identify and mitigate security risks requires immediate and effective security solutions. UG’s comprehensive suite of proprietary and patented anti-terrorism, law enforcement military force protection and security solutions provide the United States and other governments with the tools necessary to significantly deter critical infrastructure security risks. Presidential Decision Directive (PDD63) directs the United States Congress and other Federal agencies to fund Critical Infrastructure Protection and Counter Terrorism, Anti-Terrorism and Force protection to oversee the nation’s assets. Alongside PDD63, the newly formed Homeland Security office has focused priorities towards security concerns and subsequently provided an increased budget allocated for Military, Federal and State security purchases. With the availability of these substantially increased funds, the National Command Authority and related organizations are looking for immediate providers of comprehensive, integrated security solutions. To ensure that UG methodologies and technologies are consistent with present and near term Governmental needs, Company executive and Board members have conducted several meetings with senior Pentagon, White House and Homeland Security principals, resulting in the unanimous response that UG indeed has those much needed solutions and the team to professionally and strategically deploy them. The Universal Guardian Technology Advantage UG technologies provide unparalleled surveillance, detection and response capabilities for a variety of security applications. The company's C2 Command and Control systems integrate data streams from multiple sources, addressing U.S. government requirements for an interoperable, integrated and synchronous detection and response platform. These intelligent systems allow large volumes of data to be concurrently analyzed with little human intervention and feature intuitive user environments that provide automatic threat notification and recommended response solutions. Furthermore, it allows operators, commanders, and intelligence officials around the world to securely collaborate in real-time using satellite linked, web-based Geo-SpatialTM multi-dimensional visualization technologies. UG Command and Control systems are being purchased by the U.S. Navy to secure and protect critical assets in United States and around the world. Strategic and Tactical Security Group The Strategic and Tactical Security Group conducts Security Assessment and Vulnerability Evaluations (SAVE) that provide customers with complete security solutions tailored to match their individual environmental and budgetary requirements. Conducted by career anti-terrorism and security experts, the proprietary "SAVE" process identifies and mitigates areas of vulnerability and recommends appropriate solutions for immediate and follow-on security improvements. UG's SAVE process is complemented by a proprietary software package (validated by U.S. Government security agencies) that ensures rapid and accurate report generation. Each customer receives a Security Improvement Baseline Report and a comprehensive Executive Security Report, both of which meet stringent government reporting standards. The SAVE process also provides a program plan for ongoing systems diagnostics, cyber security, network security, information warfare and corporate profiling. This ensures the long-term safety of the information and physical assets within an organization, and effectively positions UG as the ideal provider of follow on security services and technology solutions. The Strategic and Tactical Security Group provides another critical and unique service: the Aggressor Intrusion Survey. Utilizing the extensive experience of former Navy SEAL and SWAT professionals, the goal of the Aggressor Intrusion Survey is to test existing security measures by physically penetrating them. Once existing security measures have been stress-tested, vulnerabilities are identified and necessary improvements are recommended. Arguably, no other company is better suited to understand the impact and application of technology on counter terrorism than UG. The Strategic and Tactical Security Group's first-hand anti-terrorist expertise provides UG with distinct competitive advantages, and allows the company's solutions and technologies to be field tested in the real world. This exhaustive "real life" testing provides unique insight into how the company's products will perform outside of laboratory simulations. Maritime Security Group Universal Guardian's Maritime Security Group provides integrated maritime security systems, products and services. The Company's wholly owned subsidiary, The Harbour Group, Inc., currently markets, installs, and maintains UG Waterside Security Systems™, UG Unmanned Underwater Vehicles, and Anti-swimmer systems. The Harbour Group is currently installing and maintaining port and harbor security systems that protect the U.S. Navy's most critical assets around the world. The Harbor Group and its UG Waterside Security System™ are major components of the Navy's Critical Infrastructure Protection program. NATO countries have now begun to express significant interest in UG’s waterside security system as the U.S Navy begins installations abroad. Designed as the centerpiece for surveillance and security operations, the Universal Guardian Waterside Security System™ fuses inputs from a variety of sensors, including video, SONAR, RADAR, thermal imagers, and others. These signals are analyzed and displayed on a large flat screen console, providing the system operator with the best available information. The Harbour Group's position as the Navy's preferred vendor for waterside security solutions has produced approximately $20 million in contracts to secure the first eight U.S. Navy harbor installations. The U.S. Navy program plan calls for UG Harbour Group to equip eight (8) additional harbors resulting in an estimated $15 - $18 million in additional revenues, positioning the Harbour Group as the clear leader in harbor and port surveillance, detection and response technologies. In addition, the U.S. Coast Guard is considering UG's Waterside Security Systems to protect its most valuable assets. Technology Group The Universal Guardian Technology Group provides security hardware, software and systems. Included are advanced command and control systems such as UG Waterside Security System™ and UG Mobile C2 Vehicles. The UG Technology Group also provides integration, installation and maintenance of these systems worldwide. Universal Guardian C2 Security Systems provide advanced surveillance, detection, command, control, and communications capabilities. The primary function of these systems is the rapid delivery of critical information to key decision makers for analysis and response. The system also incorporates advanced capabilities for pattern recognition and threat detection. When a possible threat is detected, the system will alert security personnel at multiple locations, eliminating single points of failure. According to a senior National Security Counsel (NSC) official, this system is positioned to play an integral role in the White House's NSC Intelligence System. Special Weapons Group Universal Guardian's Special Weapons Group provides weapons platforms that are designed to meet existing and future military and law enforcement use of force requirements. The Special Weapons Group provides military and law enforcement commanders with a variety of offensive and defensive options to address appropriate threat conditions. Professional and consumer markets are increasingly demanding more effective methods to defuse civil unrest and subdue criminals without causing permanent injury to law enforcement personnel, innocent bystanders, or criminals. With 4.9 million police officers worldwide (over 900,000 in the United States alone as of 1999), the potential market for less lethal and non-lethal products is large and well defined. The utilization of less lethal and non-lethal weapons can help prevent the escalation of minor disturbances into full-blown riots; reducing deaths, damage, and conflict. Non-lethal weapons enhance military capabilities by enabling the application of proportionate, appropriate force. This tactical flexibility ensures that the delicate balance between mission accomplishment, force protection, public opinion, and proper response remains stable. The Company will leverage its professional use credibility by military and law enforcement organizations to develop commercial and consumer non-lethal markets. UG develops and markets Special Operations weapons and complimentary products designed for use in environments where mobility, accuracy, and dependability are paramount. These weapons are marketed and sold to organizations such as U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) by Universal Guardian's team of experienced Special Operations professionals. Management The Company’s Management, Boards of Directors and Advisors have extensive command and leadership experience in military, law enforcement, advanced technologies, international business practices and White House administration. Senior Management also has special operations, counter terrorism, weaponry and security technology experience. Management and Board members have held positions of Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officers in the private sector, as well as Military and law enforcement assignments including: Vice Admiral and Director of the U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Intelligence, Rear Admiral and Commander of U.S. Naval Special Warfare (SEALs and Special Boat Units), Major General and Director of U.S. Air Force Intelligence, Commander of Atlantic Special Operations Command, Chief of Police, Navy Seal Commanding Officer, SWAT Commander, Command Pilot, Law Enforcement Captain, Navy Captain, FBI Instructor and Chemical Agents Instructor. It’s the Management’s firm belief that their long-standing relationships with high-level officials in the military and government and national law enforcement agencies will promote the rapid adoption of the Company’s products and services.
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