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UCL to Change Name to First Canna Corp.

Company Launches Proprietary Line of Medical Grade CBD Products

First Canna Full Spectrum CBD

TAMPA, Fla., May 2, 2019 ( - ?????United Consortium Ltd.(OTC PINK:UCSO), an acquisition and development Company today announced that it will change its name to First Canna Corp. to reflect its change in business direction. First Canna Corp will become a vertically integrated CBD and Medical Marijuana focused Company. The Company also announced the launch of its proprietary line of Medical Grade Full Spectrum CBD products.

UCL, soon to be First Canna Corp CEO Scott Gallagher stated, “We’ve spent the past several years evaluating opportunities in the legal Cannabis/CBD space. The passing of the farm bill really was a game changer in the industry in spite of delays with state governments relating to legal changes in Cannabis, CBDs and Hemp. The change in law allowed us to create and launch our own line of fully legal in all 50 states, Medical Grade CBD products through our new website We’ve partnered with an ISO certified lab to create our own line of CBD formulations targeted at potentially helping people with a variety of conditions.” Gallagher continued, “The knowledge base of CBD research is literally growing every day. We’re excited by the opportunities we see in this high growth emerging industry and look forward to building the First Canna brand.”


 The Solution?


EVEN IBM - one of the bluest of U.S. blue-chip companies, is touting blockchain as the supply-management tool of choice for an unusual industry --

You Guessed it: Cannabis.

IBM Touts Blockchain to Track Pot Industry From ‘Seed to Sale’


The Paradigm Shift is Happening Before Our Eyes

FDA RulingJune 2018-Approved first CBD based Drug
DEA Deschedules CBD September 2018-Moves CBD from schedule 1 to Schedule 5.
Congress Legalizes Growing of Hemp-December 2018-The Farm bill passes and Legalizes Hemp



Problem:115 People Die Everyday in the US from Opioid Overdoses

There is a paradigm shift occurring right now, right before our eyes. A systemic shift in US society so great we are likely never to experience something like this again in our life times. An estimated 115 people are dying every single day in America from the Opioid Crisis. Many more relationships and families are being ruined by overuse and over prescribing of these drugs. 





The blockchain automatically updates itself on all computers. It is impossible in practice to change any entries retroactively. That is why this new technology is regarded as secure.

Blockchain literally means a chain made up of blocks. The blocks themselves are individual data records that are chained together to form the blockchain.

The chronological sequence of the blocks is important, because each block contains a kind of checksum from the preceding block. You can visualise the blockchain as being a giant logbook.


All the transactions between the participating parties are recorded meticulously. From a technical point of view, the blockchain is a decentralised database. Any party can download it and inspect the entire transaction history, viewing the complete logbook.




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