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Unisource Corp.

Click here for a must see video

Company Website: http://www.visionpad.com/
MyVisionShip: http://www.myvisionship.com/
Company Twitter: https://twitter.com/Visionship



OTC Markets:http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/USRC/

Company Overview

Unisource is focused on the acquisition of logistics technology providers and third party logistics companies. Currently, the Company owns approximately 75% of Visionship, Inc., which is a provider of Cloud-based logistics software called "VisionShip."

Visionship, Inc., now a Unisource Company

Visionship, Inc. (Visionship),  a Unisource Company is a  'think tank' for Mobile Supply Chain Applications.  Visionship's mission is to develop and deploy a game changing  vision of mobile supply chain applications.  All Visionship  applications are marketed as true SaaS products.  Our vision became a reality when we launched Visionpad on January 17, 2012 from Chicago, IL.  Visionpad gives users the ability to have a paper free supply chain, removing multiple cost areas from every company.

Visionpad converts client documents and forms into interactive PDF documents, fill-able on a wireless device named Visionpad (IPad). The Visionpad allows the user to complete virtual forms (including digital signatures and handwritten notes) by writing directly on the surface of the Visionpad with a soft rubber tipped stylus. Once the document is saved (locked) by the user, the form may be electronically sent to any know address.  All data created and executed on Visionpad is securely saved to our cloud database, Visionvault.   The stored data in Visionvault is accessible at any time by an authorized for access, retrieval, and distribution. Visionpad will forever change the way business is conducted throughout the world.

Visionship-Supply Chain app Think Tank

Visionship has recently completed a series of share exchange agreements to become a subsidiary of The Unisource Company (USRC). This merger has created an abundance of excitement within Visionship and Unisource. The parent company: Unisource's newly defined focus is to acquire mid-tier 3PL's and enable them with Visionship's leading edge Brands, Technology, and Mobile Applications.
"The merger of Visionship with Unisource will create needed distribution velocity for Visionship's game changing Brands', Technology, and Software Applications. At Visionship we are thrilled to be a part of Unisource, and the potential economic opportunities our merger creates." - Bill Wood, CEO Visionship
Visionship is now looking to release multiple new Visionship supply chain applications in the first quarter of 2013. Some of the planned applications include:
  • Visionvault - The elastic archive of global supply chain data
  • VisionPDF - The ability to create mobile and virtual interactive documents on the fly
  • VisionPO - a global 'Purchase Order Management' application that intuitively manages your vendors' inbound shipments.

Visionship Clients engage apps quickly with "ZERO FOOTPRINT"

Each Visionship application easily downloads in minutes. The ease and cost effective benefits of Visionship apps quickly differentiate Visionship solutions from those of supply chain competitors. Visionship customers relate the ease of downloading a Visionship app with the ease of downloading a mobile app. Effortless and efficiently, Visionship apps immediately begin to deliver cost savings to each user.

Click here to learn more about some of Visionship's current apps; and, click the links below to learn more about Visionship's upcoming apps that will launch Q-1 2013.

Visionpad is Your Company's Solution -- Simple and Green

convert forms and documents into paperless operations. Paperless supply chain solution. Convert to a virtual office in less than a day!!



Convert your operations into a virtual PAPER FREE environment, and realize immediate bottom line profits. Save thousands of dollars each year with Visionpad's paperless applications. Evolve your company today! ? The simple cost-effective setup can take less than an hour. It costs you nothing to find out how quickly and efficiently Visionpad applications can improve your company's botttom line. To learn how Visionpad can easily and cost-effectively turn your business environment into a PAPER FREE environment, please call us today at 877-993-6787 Ext. 501 or email our customer service team at: sales@visionpad.com. More....

Visionvault starts where document management companies fail.

Paperless operations has a domino effect on bottom line savings Going paperless has a domino effect on company savings!


Visionvault eliminates the need to pay for costly printed forms and documents.?? Until Visionvault, document management companies have helped companies gain competitive advantage by providing it with an efficient document management process that captures, archives, searches and retrieves information from a variety of sources. Organizations that have leveraged their digital assets have shown an increase in productivity, greater margins and higher revenue growth.

While document management companies have created time efficiencies and cost effectiveness in the document storage and retrieval process, getting the documents and forms to that stage creates cost and labor intensive issues which still remain today. More....

Meet Our Founder

Bill Wood

??As founder of Visionship and visionary of Visionship's cloud supply chain applications, Bill looks to create a company environment that will cause a paradigm shift in the way manufacturers, distributors, and carriers process supply chain data.
Bill Wood, CEO and Visionary, founded Visionship, Inc. from the basement of his home in 2009. Mr. Wood gained valuable insights to supply chain weaknesses during his 16 years in sales and marketing of carrier rates on 3rd party transportation management systems (TMS). His ability to perceive inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the flow processes within the TMS industry has lead him to envision a series of cloud applications capable of rating, intuitively routing, and tracking every shipment - regardless of mode. His ultimate mission has always been to reduce costs and create efficiencies for clients; To accomplish his quest, he aims to create a real-time paper-free environment for every Manufacturer, Distributor, and Carrier client.


A picture digital rain to the earth symbolizing Visionship's global multi-modal shipping capabilities
A global multi-carrier & multi-modal shipping solution

True SaaS Shipping

Visionship removes the heavy start-up and ongoing maintenance fees associated with most Transportation Management Systems (TMS). Affordable on any budget - Visionship's Software as a Service (SaaS) platform allows you to pay for what you use, and only what you use. Visionship creates efficiencies, and removes cost in each and every company.


So; you might ask, if the afore is true, then 'Why doesn't every company have a TMS like Visionship'? The first reason is that very few TMS products available today have the ability to manage 'all carriers and all modes simultaneously'.The second reason is the COST. Today Visionship removes the acquisition and maintenance cost burdens from every user. Visionship even creates NEW profit centers for clients, making Visionship the first TMS that pays "YOU" every time you use it.


Visionship offers proprietary internet-native true shipping solutions, with multi-carrier shipping and manifesting capabilities. Visionship's centralized administrative functions, give you control of all shipping activity across your entire enterprise. Visionship utilizes a powerful rules-based decision matrix to insure routhing-guide compliance.


Every shipment is routed to the most cost effective service mode and carrier. For pre-assigned lanes, Visionship assures compliance with carrier agreements by choosing the right carrier for each move based on your customized business rules and routing guide.?



Visionship is...

  • A full-function, multi-carrier shipping solution
    affording businesses new levels of shipping automation and cost savings.
  • A versatile solution delivered on a flexible and
    sophisticated SaaS architecture, dramatically lowering cost of ownership and
    enabling rapid deployment.
  • A powerful rate shopping engine that assures
    maximum transportation savings.
  • Infinite scalability allows Visionship to expand
    and grow as your shipping needs grow.
Intersecting freeways showing Shipping efficiency with Visionship platform "Visionship intuitively ensures your shipments are routed according to your rules matrix each and every time"

Visionboard Features:


Mode Optimization: Visionship looks for the shipping mode, carrier and service level that will get your shipment to its destination on the required delivery date at the lowest cost. For example, if time-in-transit for a Ground package is the same as a Next Day Delivery, Visionship will intuitively select the lesser-cost service.


Order Consolidation: Visionship integrates with your ERP to receive order information and automatically consolidates orders for shipping. This fully configurable optimization technology allows you to establish compliance rules according to your fulfillment strategies while optimizing cost saving opportunities.


Carrier Rate Shopping: Visionship compares rates among all of your carriers and services on each and every shipment. Visionship will auto select the most cost effective option according to the required delivery date; and, or your custom routing rules. This carrier or mode change is often not the historical shipping mode used, and can result in considerable savings to your department and company.


Accessorial Fees Included: Visionship's rate shop functionality is based on 'Total Charge Accounting' for all known accessorial fees, including: Residential surcharge, Out of Area, Fuel surcharge, Lift Gate fees, etc. Our carrier selection methodology ensures carriers are always chosen based on landed cost. All Carrier Modes Visionship is a single Cloud platform that can handle all carriers (international and domestic) including all carriers of Parcel, LTL, TL, Ocean Export, Air Freight, Local Cartage, Company Trucks; and, even the United States Post Office.


Shipment Routing: Visionship utilizes a powerful rules-based decision matrix to ensure routing-guide compliance. Every shipment is routed to the most cost effective mode, carrier, and service level. For pre-assigned lanes, Visionship assures compliance with carrier agreements by choosing the right carrier for each move based on your customized business rules and routing guides.


Address Verification: Visionship will compare every address for every order with several databases of valid addresses and automatically make corrections if necessary, before the shipping label is printed. This verification eliminates expensive parcel "Address Correction Charges".


Shipment Manifesting and Document Printing: Visionship produces all of the shipping documentation necessary for each shipment including BOLs, shipping labels, pallet tags; even, commercial invoices for international shipments. Visionship supports all DOT required forms and carrier-compliant documentation including Shipping Labels, Carrier Manifest Reports, DOC Tags, Invoices, Commercial Invoices, Pallet Tags, and Hazmat Documentation.


Drop Ship and Blind Ship For fulfillment customers: Visionship will put your company name in the "Ship From" box so the recipient will not see the drop shipper's name.


Interface Any computer/smart-device connected to the internet can become a Visionship shipping station, review the day's activity, or print any number of reports.


Parcel and USPS: Visionship ships parcel - all carriers - globally. Soon to be released, Visionship users will be able to select and ship with FedEx, UPS, DHL, or the United States Post Office. Visionship will intuitively select the least cost mode/carrier to deliver your package(s) on time. This Rules Based automation removes human error from your carrier selection processes; and, drives SAVINGS to the bottom line.Visionpad A mobile smart device that delivers the first Paper Freesupply chain to


Visionpad: A mobile smart device that delivers the first Paper Free supply chain to manufacturers,
distributors, and carriers. Tightly integrated with Visionship and Visionboard; and from a Zero Footprint you will be able to access, edit, and execute (signature) virtual documents; i.e. -BOLs,
PODs, Invoices, etc., in real time; saving them digitally to PDF for easy recall. Documents can be transferred in real time to any known email, URL, database, Etc… With Visionpad you will increase your company's revenue velocity and profit margins with each and every shipment. Take your Supply Chain to the Cloud, and with Visionpad begin down the path to becoming truly Paper Free.

Cargo plane flying across a computer grid, symbolizes transparency in shipping via Visionboard "See all shipments in transit, with all carriers, via a single interface."

Global Supply Chain Data Management System

In tandem with Visionship, and as a part of our holistic approach to ensuring near perfect transportation supply chain data, we offer Visionboard. Visionboard is a proprietary, state of the art, multi-carrier visibility system. Visionboard intuitively manages in-transit shipments, and transforms this transportation data into meaningful information so that you can see allshipments in transit, with all carriers, via a single interface. Visionboard goes well beyond other TMS and tracking systems in that it "Actively Manages" every shipment and each user's day with information received and recorded from carrier, systems, operational updates - even the national weather service. Visionboard intuitively identifies shipments in distress, and in need of attention. Visionboard access is available globally wherever there is an Internet connection, whether on your desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, or smart phone. Together with Visionship, our dual-solution provides you with comprehensive transportation intelligence in real time for all carrier inbound and outbound shipments.

Visionboard is...

  • Authorized users can add or retrieve information by simply emailing or texting Visionboard. Get complete tracking history from your phone!
  • Visionboard is its own EDI subsystem so there is no need for a VAN to translate EDI messages. Visionboard manages EDI from all of your carriers and partners.
  • Robust reporting allows you to view your transportation network as never before. Use the vast number of built-in reports, or create your own for on-demand or automated delivery.
  • Active global supply chain management

Visionboard Features:


In-Transit VisibilityVisionboard gives users a concentric view of all in-transit shipments. More than just Pickup and POD, Visionboard shows every scan and segment entry made by each carrier throughout the in-transit lifecycle of a shipment (origin to destination). From a Zero Footprint, Visionboard will provide the detailed product information related to each shipment.

Exception Management Visionboard's centralized dashboard, displays on-screen alerts for Distressed Shipments. Distressed Shipments are shipments that Visionboard questions on-time Pick-up or Delivery. These shipments are prioritized on the dashboard regardless of carrier; so, Operations and CSR teams always know (in a quick, single view) which shipments require attention.

Pick Up Alerts Visionboard knows time frames to expect a pickup and will alert Operators if the pickup did not occur when expected. In addition, Visionboard can send an email to alerts.

POD/BOL Capture Visionboard records and stores the actual BOL from each shipment as well as the POD signer for each common carrier move (when provided by the carrier). And, with Visionpad, signatures with time and date stamps are easily captured on both BOL/POD.

File Management You can attach pictures, PDF's, insurance/claim related information, and other documentation (such as a copy of the BOL) to the shipment record so that it is always available when a shipment matter needs to be researched.

User Based Visibility Visionboard was designed to provide information to those who need information, when they need it, and in the way that they need it. With powerful multi-dimensional ability to segment information based upon a specific user's role (transportation manager, customer, accounting, customer service, etc.) Visionboard has the ability to equip all individuals within and related to an entire enterprise with the specific shipment information they need.

Real Time Reporting Robust reporting allows you to view your transportation network as never before with Visionboard. Summary level dashlettes provide real-time management level visibility to all categories of moving freight. Included among the many standard static reports, are: On-Time Delivery, Carrier Scorecard Summary, Carrier Metrics, Cost Analysis, and Late Delivery Reason reports. The report interface also allows you to create your own, custom reports to mine the vast amount of data aggregated by Visionboard. All reports can be automatically delivered to your email box in Excel format, or created and viewed on-demand.

EDI Automation Visionboard is its own EDI subsystem; meaning, with Visionboard there is no need for VANs to translate EDI data from your carriers and partners. Visionship receives EDI directly from carriers and supply chain partners. Visionboard can also send EDI to your customers, partners or internal systems. There's no need to map 50 carrier EDI feeds to your various system needs. Visionboard will do the work for you and map every carrier automatically.

Post Shipment Invoice Audit Visionboard will automatically identify all carrier invoice discrepancies, flagging them for Audit and Resolution. This automated feature saves Accounting departments many hours of unnecessary time spent Auditing and approving invoices. This audit feature will even write to your internal accounting system to allow for Automated Invoicing.

Business Intelligence Visionboard actively transforms in-transit data into meaningful information so that transportation managers, customer service, purchasing, accounting, and others - can see all shipments via a single interface. If you want to know how your carriers are performing at any particular point in time, just look at Visionboard! When everything in-transit is GREEN, there are no issues; and, if not, Visionboard will prioritize shipments (RED-YELLOW) by which shipment(s) are distressed and require attention.


Technology man flying through a circuit board symbolizing the efficiency of Visionship Create NEW efficiencies and NEW profits at your company.


Both Visionship and Visionboard are implemented concurrently, and in only minutes using Visionship's Download Center. Think of Visionship's base integration process as down-loading a mobile phone app. It is that easy. And, if a client requires customization to Visionship's TMS, then a project plan is drafted to ensure no details will be overlooked.

Basic requirements for successful project plan include

  • First, a 'best-practices' assessment of your specific wanted application(s),
  • Second, an information gathering table (as a part of the overall project plan) including carrier tariffs, detailed routing-guide requirements, number and identity of users, locations for,
  • Third, "your" requested carrier tariffs and API mapping systems, and other configuration requirements are completed,
  • Last - a 'kick-off' presentation with client training, and a deployment meeting with key stakeholders.

The gathered information is used to create a project plan with time-definite benchmarks to ensure the technology implementation is completed within the defined parameters. Depending on custom requirements, integration time may extend to two - four weeks; and, longer in rare instances.

We are looking forward to your call, and working with you to create NEW efficiencies and NEW profits at your company. 877-993-6787, Ext. 501


Visionpad Clients Engage With "ZERO FOOTPRINT" To Recall Interactive "VIRTUAL FORMS" And Execute "DIGITAL SIGNATURES" All In Real Time

Visionpad - the application - manages an interactive digital set of 'your' company's forms and documents. Raw or completed forms/documents are uploaded, and then accessible from a mobile device (iPad) with an internet connection. These forms are completely fillable, including the digital capture of signatures. After the form is fully executed it can be stored to Visionvault as PDF. Visionpad can even allow users to auto-populate forms from your company's ERP without any redundant manual entries. Today - time is consistently lost in the field; as well as the office when documents and forms cannot be accessed, edited, and signed in real time. VISIONPAD CREATES COST EFFECTIVENESS AND SAVES VALUABLE TIME. VISIONPAD IS YOUR SOLUTION!?

"Virtual Documents...Digital Signatures...Operations in the Cloud!"
Virtual Supply Chain Management


For manufacturing and distribution companies, Vsr8shop-- a native Cloud Transportation Management System -- manages every aspect of the Supply Chain . Further, with Visionpad users can convert their entire transportation & distribution Supply Chain into a PAPER FREE environment.


With 'Zero Footprint' integration all user documents are accessible from a mobile application called Visionpad. The Visionpad application today is available to any iPad. Once the application is in use, user documents can be virtually managed executed - including signatures. All in process and completed documents are securely stored for future access and recall. The user documents are exportable in a number of ways (eMail, FTP, API, etc..), and the export can be automated. Never has there been a faster more secure way to access your company's Global Supply Chain data. Vsr8shop's virtual automation eliminates manual error. Greatly reduces or eliminates Printing, Faxing, Filing, Scanning and Lost Documents.
And, of course, NO MORE PAPER!!!


Click here for a free quote on your next shipment. It costs you nothing to find out how quickly you can save money using our carriers while automating your operations in real time.
Pic of IPad or Visionpad, with man standing on the dock pier. Visionpad login screen shot Visionpad Login

Any document can be searched, selected and edited from your wireless Visionpad in multiple ways. For example, with a Bill of Lading (BOL)? you can select your virtual image of the named document by Order Number, Carrier name, or Consignee name. Visionpad retrieves and displays completed documents, bringing them to the Visionpad screen for final edits and electronic signatures.?
The user has the ability to edit the following fields:
  • reference fields;
  • the product description in multiple areas: piece count, unit count, pallet count, and
    shipment weight;
  • comments from both the shipper and carrier can be made on Visionpad;
  • users can add shipment charges coded for accounting and billing;
  • and lastly -- each signature is recorded with a time and date stamp. These edits can all be
    done prior to the carrier's arrival. The BOL can be edited and saved to Visionship's cloud (Visionvault) for later access.
These edits can all be done prior to the carrier's arrival. The BOL can be edited and saved to Visioncloud for later access. Edits can be made on Visionpad until the virtual document has two (2) signatures"saved" to the cloud.This video shows a BOL that requires either a "Shipper & Carrier" signature; or, in the case where Visionpad is with the carrier, the BOL will require "Driver & Consignee" signatures.


Image of an iPad, Visionpad showing a screen shot of a Bill of Lading with digital signatures Visionpad Bill of Lading with Digital Signatures

After a document has two signatures it is "locked down", complete - and considered final. No more
editing can be made to the document on Visionpad. After two signatures have been captured and saved, Visionpad can email the document to any known address. Visionpad even prints the BOL to an Air printer for the carrier to take with the shipment.

If the BOL is being used as a POD by a carrier; then, after both signatures are captured the user can send the signed POD by email to the consignee saving hundreds of costly man-hours spent filing, faxing, scanning, and retrieving data. When saved and printed, each BOL will get a unique bar code applied by Visionpad to allow for accurate real time recall from the cloud.
Evolve your company today with Visionpad. Take your supply chain virtual and realize an   improved bottom line   as you begin to save thousands of dollars each year with Visionpad's paperless supply chain management. The simple cost-effective setup often takes less than a day. It costs you nothing to find out how quickly and efficiently Visionpad can cut costs, improve accuracy and save money.
To learn how Visionpad can easily and cost-effectively turn your supply chain into a paperless environment, please contact our sales team at:   vspadsales@visionship.net   ; or, call us today at 877-993-6787 Ext. 1

Visionpad is Your Company's Solution -- Simple and Green

Convert to a virtual office in less than a day!

Convert your operations into a virtual real time environment and realize an improved bottom line and increased accuracy. Save thousands of dollars each year with Visionpad's paperless supply chain management solution. Evolve your company today with Visionpad! ?The simple cost-effective setup often takes less than a day. It costs you nothing to find out how quickly and efficiently Visionpad can improve your company's botttom line. To learn how Visionpad can easily and cost-effectively turn your operations into a paperless environment, please call us today at 877-993-6787 Ext. 1 or email our customer service team at: sales@visionpad.com.

What We Do

"Visionship provides supply chain management operational expertise, paper-free supply chain operations, cloud native TMS, and custom technology applications. Visionship is a valuable resource to each our clients - helping them manage and control all aspects of their supply chains - physical, informational and financial - within one secure database.
Visionship provides solutions, services and customized transportation management applications that give clients more control, improved efficiency across multiple platforms, and a cost effective process that deliver increased bottom line profits for each of our clients.
Click here   for a free quote on your next shipment and compare savings using our carriers.  



NorthgateArinso (Northgate), a leader in providing specialist software and information technology (IT) service. Northgate currently employs over 12,500 staff and operates in 46 countries across 5 continents. Northgate's technology is at use in nearly every language globally. With US technology headquarters in Irvine, CA - Pro IV Technology (Pro IV, a technology division of NorthgateArinso) is ideally located near the Visionship, Inc. corporate headquarters. This proximity allows VS management and field agents to work closely with Pro IV engineers in designing cloud solutions which can be rapidly deployed to our platform.
Visionship,Inc.'s suite of products, including Visionpad, was designed and developed in tandem with Pro IV and Master Mobile Products. All maintenance and system support is suported by Pro IV.
Charter Transportation (Charter) is a premier Operations specialist with over 40 years of transportation supply chain experience. Charter Operations supports each and every shipment made through Visionship. From shipment dispatch through to delivery, Charter Operations will have their eyes on client shipments to help insure an on time - and without incidence -delivery.



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