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About UniPixel

UniPixel, Inc. (NASDAQ: UNXL) makes innovative performance-engineered films that enhance and protect touchscreen and flexible electronics products. We give our customers a competitive advantage by helping them make new touchscreen devices that are thinner, lighter, more durable, and less expensive.

Read more about our XTouch touch panel sensors, and Diamond Guard cover glass replacement and protective cover film applications.

What Can We Do for You?

Contact UniPixel to find out how we can help you enhance your next product with a cost-effective, custom-designed touch sensor or lightweight, flexible protective coating.

In-House Design & Manufacturing

Our customers count on UniPixel to deliver the latest touch sensor and hard coat technologies to meet their budget and schedule requirements. We help reduce the complexity, cost, and risk of sourcing touchscreen and hard coat technologies while providing value-added innovation and support.

Read more about our design and manufacturing capabilities.


UniPixel has sixteen issued patents and 58 patent applications covering key areas. Additionally, UniPixel has 44 issued patents and 93 patent applications under exclusive license from Atmel and CIT.

Advanced (Unique) Process Technology

  • Large area printed patterns
    Micro-resolution printed patterns
    Roll-to-roll flexible printed electronics

Novel Touch Sensor Architectures

  • Improved performance
    Micro-fine line invisibility
    New options for touch sensor location


  • Ink formulation
    Ink process


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XTouch Sensors

Open a new world of possibilities for your innovative touch-based products with UniPixel’s highly flexible XTouch sensor film. XTouch sensors support narrow borders, curved surfaces, and even edgeless designs, all with thinner sensor stacks and improved linearity and reliability. Our alternative to traditional touch sensors lets you turn your unique touch-based concept into a functional design at a lower total system cost than legacy technologies.

So go ahead and innovate.

We’ll help you create sleek, edgeless, lightweight smartphones, tablets, notebook PCs, and 2-in-1s. And we’ll give you unlimited potential for exciting new consumer, industrial, and automotive applications. All with engaging touch interfaces and the competitive advantage of lower cost and higher performance.

XTouch Advantages

  • Wrap flexible sensors around curved surfaces to create unique touch-based products with exceptional optical clarity.
    Get better noise immunity and lower power consumption via very low sheet resistance.
    Create larger active screen areas with narrow borders that maximize the touchscreen’s surface.
    Experience improved device reliability and reduced material cost with our narrow bond area.
    Offer a richer user experience with support for both active and passive stylus interaction.
    Deliver improved touch accuracy and stylus performance at lower total system cost.

XTouch Specifications

  • Film Specification: 50µm optically clear PET film
    Sensor Metallization: Copper, secondary metal plating
    Sensor Format: Double sided (1 film; both sides)
    Touch Module Transmission: 90% (typical)
    Adhesion: Passes 3M600 tape peel adhesion test
    Operating Temperature: 0°C to +70°C
    Mesh Sheet Resistance: <10 ohm/sq.

image description


Hardcoat Resin Cover Glass Replacement

Exceptional scratch resistance and durability without compromising optical clarity

Diamond Guard provides glass-like performance and optical clarity in a thin, flexible, and shatterproof format. Now you can create durable consumer and industrial products in almost any size or shape, and that are lighter and less expensive to manufacture than was possible with traditional hard coat solutions.

Diamond Guard is an ideal alternative to glass or plastic cover lenses. See how you can make your device thinner, lighter, and less expensive to manufacture, while improving durability. Diamond Guard replaces expensive film on the backside of the touch panel module, can replace cover glass on top of a touch sensor, or can be used in add-on protective shield products for mobile phones and other devices.

Glass vs. Diamond Guard
  Glass Diamond Guard
Shatterproof No Yes
Scratch Resistance Very Good Good
Weight Heavy Light
Minimum Effective Thickness 0.4mm 0.12mm
Materials Cost High Low
Handling Cost High Low
Yield Low High
Shapes Limited Almost Any Shape
Film Roll Limited High Volume

Diamond Guard is a liquid resin that is suitable for spray, slot die, inkjet, and gravure coating.

Diamond Guard Advantages

  • Hard coat protection for glass and polymer film and sheets provides chemically strengthened glass-like performance at lower cost.
    Depending on the underlying substrate, up to 9H available scratch resistance improves product service life while maintaining product aesthetics.
    Diamond Guard resin is available by the barrel to meet immediate supply chain requirements.

Diamond Guard Specifications

Optically Clear
  • >90.5% Transmission (free-standing film)
    <0.6% Haze (PET haze – 0.6%)
Glass-Like Surface
  • Rq = 13.9 nm
Hard Wear-Resistant Surface
  • ASTM 6H
    Taber – CS-10 wheel – 500 cycles – 500g – Haze – no change
    Wyzenbeek – Denim – 1000 cycles – 500g – Haze – no change
    Bayer – Luminous Transmission – post Bayer – no change
Product Application Options
  • Slot Die Coat, Spray Coat, Inkjet Coat, Curtain Coat, Gravure Coat
Demonstrated Surface Hardness Improvement Diamond Guard creates a thin coating over the target base material that increases its surface performance up to eight hardness levels.

Cover Glass Replacement

The disadvantages of heavy, easily damaged glass in consumer electronic products has highlighted an industry demand for thinner, lighter, more durable, and less expensive alternatives. Unfortunately, typical hard coat resin technologies can’t offer the scratch resistance, clarity, or flexibility to be considered as a replacement for glass in the cover lens assembly.

Until now.

Diamond Guard resin offers:
  • Improved product durability and scratch resistance that maintains product appearance and usability
    Reduced weight that meets customer demands, reduces shipping costs, and improves ease of use for handheld devices
    Support and protection for emerging flexible display designs
    Glass-like display performance without sacrificing high definition and optical clarity
Diamond Guard is ideal for use as cover glass, case parts, fingerprint sensors, and touch-activated capacitive or membrane switches and has multiple manufacturing options:
  • Diamond Guard coated film laminated to lens assembly
    Diamond Guard resin directly coated to lens substrate
    Diamond Guard coated film laminated to LCD panel
    Diamond Guard coated films used to build entire cover lens assemblies

Product Protection & Decoration

Diamond Guard coatings extend the service life and preserve the aesthetics of consumer, industrial, medical, and automotive products while allowing new, innovative design elements. Diamond Guard offers improved protection for membrane and capacitive switches as well as molded decorative surfaces including in-mold lamination (IML), white goods, and automotive trim.

Diamond Guard coated films are easily printable on the non-coated side for cover glass border patterns or decorative surface features that are protected by the hard coat and film layers. Die-cut film parts can be directly inserted for in-mold lamination to softer plastic parts, which adds a scratch-resistant and decorative outer shell layer to the molded part.

image description

Board of Directors

Jeff Hawthorne Director
  • President and CEO – Uni-Pixel Displays, Inc.
    Sr. VP and GM – Veeco MOCVD Business
    President and CEO – Photon Dynamics
Ross Young Director
  • SVP Displays, LEDs and Lighting, IMS Research
    Director of Akhan Technologies
    VP New Market Creation, Samsung LCD Business
    Founder and President of DisplaySearch
    Director of Westar Display Tech.
    VLSI Research Exec All-Star Team
    Owl Displays
    Brooks Automation
    Fusion Semiconductor GCA
Malcolm J. Thompson Ph.D.Co-Chairman
  • Founder and CEO of Nano-Bio Manufacturing Consortium
    President of MJT Associates
    Chairman and CEO of RPO
    President and CEO of Novalux
    Chairman of Photon Dynamics
    Board member of Cambridge Display Technology
    Founder and Chairman of USDC consortium
    Founder, President and CEO of dpiX
    Chief Technologist at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
Anthony LeVecchioEsq., CPA Co-Chairman
  • Pres. & owner of The James Group, Inc.?
    Sr. VP/CFO for VHA Southwest
    Financial Management at:
    Phillips Information Systems
    Exxon Office Systems, and Xerox Corporation
    DG FastChannel
    ViewPoint Fin. Group
Sam Young Director
  • President, Young & Associates
    Founder and CEO, NuEnerchi
    Co-founder, Hyundai Electronics Flash Memory Division
    Co-founder, Corsair Microsystems
    Co-founder, Exel Microelectronics
    Former Chairman of EIA-JEDEC JC42 Committee for memory
James DoranDirector
  • Chief Operating Officer, Spansion
    Senior VP Worldwide Operations, Global Foundries
    Group VP of Technology Development and Operations and GM of AMD Saxony, AMD
    Fab Director, Intel


Management Team

Jeff Hawthorne President and CEO
  • Sr. VP and GM – Veeco MOCVD Business
    President and CEO – Photon Dynamics
Christine A. Russell CFO
  • Served as Chief Financial Officer of the following companies:
    CFO and EVP of Business Development at Virage Logic
    OuterBay Technologies
    Persistence Software
    Cygnus Solutions
    Valence Technology
    Currently Serves as Director and Audit Committee Chair of QuickLogic Corporation
    Served as Director and Audit Committee Chair of Peak International
    Currently Serves as the Chairman of Silicon Valley Directors Exchange (SVDX)
Jalil Shaikh COO
  • VP and GM of Atmel
    CEO and Board Member of Ranch Energy Systems
    CEO and board member of Validity Sensors (sold to Synaptics)
    VP and GM at Broadcom
    CEO of Zeevo
    Sr. VP of operations at Silicon Image
    Director of Operations at Trident Microsystems

Press Releases

Feb 07, 2017 —
UniPixel Prepares for Flexible Display Market
Jan 31, 2017 —
UniPixel Ships Half Million XTouch Sensors for Major U.S. Wireless Carrier Consumer Tablet since Q3 2016
Jan 18, 2017 —
UniPixel Enters into Memorandum of Understanding with GIS
Jan 18, 2017 —
UniPixel Announces Preferred Equity Financing for $3 Million
Jan 05, 2017 —
UniPixel Preliminary Q4 2016 Revenue Increases 53% Sequentially Over Q3 2016
Dec 06, 2016 —
UniPixel Announces 25th Design Win in 2016
Dec 01, 2016 —
UniPixel Announces Production Updates and Milestones
Nov 10, 2016 —
UniPixel Reports Third Quarter 2016 Financial Results
Nov 10, 2016 —
Microsoft Pen Certification Awarded to Consumer Market Laptop Computer with UniPixel Touchscreen
Nov 09, 2016 —
UniPixel Management to Meet with New and Existing Customers, Partners and Investors Attending the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show
Oct 28, 2016 —
UniPixel Announces $2.5 Million Accounts Receivable Credit Facility With Bridge Bank
Oct 27, 2016 —
UniPixel Sets Third Quarter 2016 Conference Call for Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. ET
Oct 11, 2016 —
UniPixel Awarded 15.6-inch Consumer Laptop Program for 24th Design Win of 2016
Sep 27, 2016---
UniPixel Announces 23rd Design Win of 2016 for 14-inch Consumer Market Laptop Program
Sep 20, 2016 —
UniPixel Awarded 11.6-inch Consumer Market Laptop Program for 22nd Design Win of 2016
Sep 15, 2016 —
UniPixel to Present at the 2016 Aegis Growth Conference
Sep 12, 2016 —
UniPixel Awarded 13.3-inch Consumer Market Laptop Program for 21st Design Win of 2016
Sep 08, 2016 —
UniPixel Awarded 20th Design Win of 2016 To Include XTouch™ and Diamond Guard™
Aug 11, 2016 —
UniPixel Reports Second Quarter 2016 Financial Results
Aug 11, 2016 —
UniPixel Awarded 19th Design Win of 2016
Aug 09, 2016 —
UniPixel Awarded 18th Design Win of 2016
Aug 03, 2016 —
UniPixel Sets Second Quarter 2016 Conference Call for Thursday, August 11, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. ET
Jul 06, 2016 —
UniPixel Announces Election of Two New Board Members
Jun 09, 2016 —
UniPixel Awarded 17th Design Win in 2016

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Stock Transfer Agent

Securities Transfer Corporation
2591 Dallas Parkway, Suite 102
Frisco, TX 75034
Phone: 469-633-0101
Fax: 469-633-0088

$UNXL share structure
Authorized Shares 100,000,000
Issued Shares 32,170,778
Outstanding Shares: 12,350,715 s

Day Range:
Last Trade Time:
Total Trades:
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