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Triple 000 & Sub-Penny Traders Assosciation

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Triple 000 & Sub-Penny Traders Association 

This board is dedicated to those who actively trade stocks that are below .01, and those who would like to learn more about this niche of the market that very few know about.

"We don't buy Penny Stocks, We Sell them!"

I have just created this board, and association, to establish a group of like minded traders who know the true benefits (and downfalls) in the sub-penny and triple 000 market. This group has commenced today (9/21/2018) and will continue to develop and expand moving forward. 
If you are a sub-penny trader, follow this board, and we promise to give you unparalleled coverage of this market segment. Coverage that is virtually inexistent at the present moment.

FACT: Triple 000 and Sub-Penny stocks have the potential to make extremely high returns on investment. There price rises and falls, and each small tick often represents a large % change, therefore, only a 1 or 2 tick move can give you a double, sometimes triple digit return on investment, furthermore, many of these end up moving many hundreds of ticks up to .01+ and beyond, and this is where some have made more money than they know what to do with. Additionally, there is a small amount of capital to risk that enables you the potential to make huge returns (in $ terms). I've had $50 trades turn into 4 digit sums on liquidation.

FACT: The converse is also true, that Sub-Pennies and Trip 000 stocks are inherently risky. Yes, of course! How else do you think they got to under .01 PPS?! However, we've noticed the many signs of a "Bad" sub-penny (& manaegement) as well as the "good" potentially luctrative plays that can make you serious $$$ money. That is what this boards goal is to do: alert traders of the "bad" ones, and promete/spread awaresness of the good ones.

I hope this board helps you in your sub-penny endeavers.

We will cover pros of the sub-penny market, and promote awareness and active trading in those certain "Good" stocks, as well as, we will alert you of the exceedingly "Bad" and risky (relative to this market segment as a whole) stocks that many traders lose money on and scare them away from the market (i.e., SEC Suspension, Reverse Splits, Dilution Machines, etc.).

(This board is currently under creation, please feel free to reach out if you should feel so compelled to do so.)

                                                                                                                                                                                Triple-0's (aka Trip-Zips) 
Bid x Ask
no bid x .0001
.0001 x .0002
.0002 x .0003 / .0004
.0003 x .0005 / .0004                      *.0004 - .0006 occurs now and again but not frequently
.0005 x .0007                                 .0007 x .0009 happens as well, but not as common as the others
.0009 x .0012 / .0013
Ranges/Trading Boxes                                                                                                                                                 Sub-Pennies
.0012 - .0018
.0018 - .0024
.0027 - .0033
.0035 - .0045
.005 - .006

.007 - .008/ .009
.008 - .01
.01 - .012                                                                                                                                                             PENNY-LAND
.012 - .015
.015 - .018

.02+ (And Beyond!)

*These are not all exacts. And are instead, a loose framework, that occurs commpnly in the market. Remember, each stock is unique, and follows its own pattern of Resistance/Support & Ranges. Not everyone will be hit, some may get blown by if there's a run or cinsiderable hype.

Happy Trading! More to come!!!
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