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Trader's Rehabilitation Center

Have you been losing money?

Getting married to your stocks?

Do you have the urge to panic sell?

Are you making emotionally based trades?

You may need to be checked into Trader's Rehab!


Because you are not alone...
Here at TRC, we specialize in therapeutic methods that can help traders make better decision's.
We provide you with a diagnosis, a support group, and a 12-step program to make yourself a better trader. We can help you make a speedy recovery from emotional trading habits.


Providing a circle of hope, because emotional trading can be cured...



You may have been referred to the Trader's Rehabilitation Center because you were flagged for making an emotional post. One of your fellow I-hubbers saw you posting, and possibly showing the symptoms of a bi-polar or emo-trader (emotional trader). This is a serious trading disorder and can not be taken lightly. This message board has been designed as a place to tell your stories, educate others, and seek help. Emotional trading can cost you money while trading penny stocks, here at TRC, we like to focus on preventing you from making emotional decisions. Follow this twelve step program from now on, and you can become a better trader, make more money, and never become emotional about stocks again.

-Step One-
Admitting and Identifying your problem

There are several reason traders become emotional, Identifying your personal problem can save you a-lot of money. If you know what your doing wrong, admit it.

-Step Two-
Sticking to the facts

Do not allow opinions to influence decisions.

-Step Three-
Creating a Set of Rules

Create a set of rules to use while trading penny stocks. Buy and sell on those rules alone. Do not allow for exceptions. Discipline is key to being a smart trader.

-Step Four-
Having a Strategy to Buy

Select which style of trading works best for you and stick with it.

-Step Five-
Preforming Due Diligence

It is essential to have confidence in the penny stock you are buying. Do your homework! Know the share structure, the players involved, and all information about the stock.

-Step Six-
Having an Exit Plan

Setting a goal, being able to predict stock movement based on reasonable expectations, and then executing a trade when you reach your goal.

-Step Seven-
Preserving Capital

Capital preservation is one of the most important skills a trader can develop. Knowing when to set limits, minimize your risk, and take losses is essential to not becoming emotional while trading.

-Step Eight-
Taking Profit

Knowing when to take money off the table in order to minimize risk.

-Step Nine-
Practicing Patience

Realizing that daily movements are sometimes a minor part of the overall longterm movements of a stock. Having patience may also be something as simple as selling on the ask instead of hitting a bid price. Sometimes you have to just "Walk away from the computer."

-Step Ten-
Learning to Focus

You must be focused when executing trades and monitoring stocks

-Step Eleven-
Accepting Responsibility

Be prepared to possibly lose your entire investment. 

-Step Twelve-
Trading with a Purpose

We buy and sell stocks to make money. Do not marry stocks. Especially if you can't stand holding the bag.

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