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On October 18, 2013, our wonderful TEMN EXPLODED back to Life!!$$$$

     Stay tuned for further iBox updates!

TEMN Contact Info: (As Updated on the OTC ("PinkSheets") on Oct. 17, 2013, and Updated there on March 21, 2014.)

Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., Inc.
Bank of America Center,
700 Louisiana Street, Suite 3950,
Houston, TX 77002. 

Website: http://www.drinktopshelf.com

Telephone: 832-390-2787

email: apierce@emperialamericas.com

email: corp.info@drinktopshelf.com

PO Box 88278
Houston, TX 77288

Website: http://www.emperialamericas.com

Telephone: 281- 402-6668

email: apierce@emperialamericas.com

...It's all right here ------> http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/TEMN/company-info


TEMN Share Structure: (AS UPDATED on the OTC ("PinkSheets") Oct. 17, 2013, and Posted there on Oct. 18, 2013.)

Shares Outstanding: 1,509,914,790 as of August 20, 2014
Float: .........................1,009,914,790 as of August 20, 2014
Authorized Shares: ..2,000,000,000 as of July 28, 2014

Shareholders of Record: ...416 as of March 10, 2014

Go HERE -- http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/TEMN/company-info


Transfer Agent:  (New Transfer Agent as of January 14, 2014.)

VStock Transfer

77 Spruce Street
Suite 201
Cedarhurst, NY 11516


Toll-Free: 855-9VSTOCK

Fax: 646-536-3179



Corporate Attorneys:
Sonfield & Sonfield
Sonfield & Sonfield
           Since 1898  

7070 South Post Oak Lane
Suite 435
Houston, Texas 77056



Corporate PR Agency:  (Became "Official" and was Announced Sept. 15, 2014)
Simply the Best PR
(561) 210-4411    

Contact: Kim Morgan    



Corporate Website:  (Became functional on July 23, 2014.)


On August 21, 2014, Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp. Officially Launched its all-NEW Investor Relations (IR) Website! 



NEWS Releases, PRs, Announcements, and Financial Reports 

Top Shelf Brands Announces Receipt of Letter of Intent

Date: 05/04/2015
Time: 1:00pm Eastern Time
Houston, Texas

Houston, TX, May 04, 2015 / ACCESSWIRE - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., Inc. (a Nev. Corp.) (OTCBB: DKTS)

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCPK: DKTS), is pleased
to inform its current Shareholders that the Company's Management has received an Offer from International
Spirit and Beverage Group, Inc.
(OTCPK:ISBG), to purchase certain Assets.

This transaction includes but is not limited to all Properties, Trademarks, Distribution Rights, Licenses, and Copyrights
pertaining to the Besado Tequilas and Dziaq Spirits Brands.

The Offer includes issuance of International Spirits and Beverage Group, Inc. (ISBG) Common Stock, a number
as yet not agreed upon, which shall be proportionally distributed to the Common Shareholders of Top Shelf
Brands Holdings, Inc. 

If the offer is accepted, DKTS Shareholders will retain all their current Shares in DKTS in addition to receiving
the Issued ISBG Shares.

"At this point we are looking at all options before we accept this Letter of Intent," Mr. Pierce said.  "I have the
responsibility of not only doing what is best for the Company, but for all of the Shareholders as well.  There are not
many clear-cut decisions when it comes to something of this magnitude.

Pierce's frustrations with the DKTS Corporate Shell stem from issues that began long before he took over the helm
at Top Shelf Brands (TSB).

"I knew there would be obstacles to overcome, but never dreamed the issues with the Corporate Shell would turn
out as they did," Pierce said.  "Regardless of the decision on the Letter of Intent, the Company will work diligently
to resolve these problems and move to clean-up this Shell so that we will have a much smoother path to success
when subsequent Assets are acquired,
Pierce continued.

Issues with the Corporate Shell aside, Pierce is extremely happy with the model used to bring about the Besado Brand.

"This is the culmination of what a Holding Company does - acquire Assets below Market Value, develop those Assets,
and sell them for a profit,
" said Top Shelf Brands CEO, Alonzo Pierce. 

"If it is in the best interest of the Company and its Shareholders to accept the offer, we will. 

"Regardless, I do want to stress this model worked for DKTS, and we will continue to use and develop this
model in the future to purchase new Assets
and therefore continue to increase Shareholder value for DKTS

About TSB:


Top Shelf Provides Corporate Update to DKTS Shareholders

Date: 04/21/2015
Time: 12:00pm Eastern Time
Houston, Texas

Houston, TX, April 21, 2015 / ACCESSWIRE - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., Inc. (a Nev. Corp.) (OTCBB: DKTS) 

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCPK: DKTS), is pleased
to provide this Update to its Shareholders.

Since Top Shelf received the full go-ahead for the Branding of Besado Tequila from the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax
and Trade Bureau) with our flavors, Formulas, and Labels (COLAS ) all Approved, Top Shelf Brands has shifted into
high gear.

The Company faced a few minor speed bumps and hurdles throughout the last 12 months.  We absolutely expected
some challenges, but despite our best intentions and efforts, delays occurred.  Nonetheless, we met every challenge
head-on.  We have done so and our efforts and persistency paid off when we received full TTB Approvals for both
Besado Oro and Besado Platinum Brands.

Along the way, we have grown and we have learned.  Each and every consumer interaction has given us invaluable
feedback.  Beyond our early consumer group testing, it has been the direct real-world interactions throughout our
targeted events that have provided us with the greatest insight. 

Our Branding has been incredibly well received for its unique look, but equally important has been people's genuine
excitement for the smooth taste of our Besado products.  Our packaging will catch people's eyes, but it will be
smooth, premium taste that will keep them coming back.  We need to be on point and in touch with what consumers
want and desire.

Here is an Update to provide you with a better understanding of what the next 30-90 days looks like:


Phase One - Pre-Production / Pre-Launch

Aside from securing the earliest available production time to sync with the arrival of our glass and closures, we must
also commence the following:

  -- A new
Besado-dot-com Website designed and developed immediately, with Phase One completion within 30 days.
  -- Social Media channels established and developed -- and populated within 30 days.
  -- POS and POP merchandise designed, developed, and ready-for-market within 30 days.
  -- Secure and purchase initial Premium Tequila allotment as well as first-run herbal ingredient minimums.

Before we can successfully engage both media and consumers (both trade and actual), we must have our Website
and Social channels activated.  This will provide our customers, retailers, distributors, and on-premise Accounts alike
with a far better understanding of our Brand and the opportunity.


I'm happy to Announce we are making great headway with the slight re-Brand of our Dziaq Liqueur. We are
re-engineering the product to be wine-based.  This will provide us with double the retail reach
in comparison to
its previous Spirit-based formulation.   We will, in fact, have two (2) Offerings (see below) that are lightly carbonated;
wine-based ready-to-serve style beverages in both 750ml and single-serve formats. 

This will allow activations throughout multi-channel store systems including both National grocers/supermarkets and
National gas/convenience.  Vibrant re-packaging and formulation is underway that not only provides us a fresh modern
look, but also reduces our original unit cost by over 40%.

Pomegranate, Lychee, and Dragon Fruit.  A premium wine-based cocktail lightly-infused with pomegranate, lychee,
and dragon fruit, and then lightly carbonated (frizz ante-style).  Light...refreshing...delicious!

Mango, Goji Berry, and Passion Fruit.  A premium wine-based cocktail lightly-infused with mango, goji berry, and
passion fruit, and then lightly carbonated (frizz ante-style).  Light...refreshing...delicious!

Our plan is to launch Besado Tequila in select markets -- initially focused on key targeted accounts -- over the
course of this Summer.  We then plan on Launching Dziaq Liqueur in the early Fall, in time for the solid OND

Here are a few additional items to Update:

-- Supply Chain and Logistics

Top Shelf is in late-stage talks with a firm to come in and run our complete back-of-house National
Logistics, Compliance warehousing, inventory, shipping, and receivables.

Climate-controlled warehousing will be placed within TX, FL, NJ, and CA.  Upon completion of this Agreement,
we will have a fully-scalable, National infrastructure, a 50-State Wholesale platform and, equally as important,
the ability to place our focus on growing effective Brand awareness and selling product.

-- Online Retail
We plan on Announcing a National 50-State Online Sales platform that will allow consumers in all Zip Codes
to purchase our products directly off of our own Website.  It has been renewed and improved to allow additional
consumer shipping options.  We are also in the midst of preliminary talks with Amazon.com to carry our complete
Dziaq Liqueur (being wine-based) Line commencing for fall 2015.
  NOTE: currently only wine
-based products
are available via Amazon.

-- Media, PR, and  Publicity
We will be Announcing a new PR Firm shortly that has strong experience in both CPG and the Alcohol Industry.
Editorial efforts will be for both lifestyle- and business-based.  Celebrity programming will be included.

-- Websites, Social Media, Ads, and Events 
All efforts will be targeted to support not only Brand awareness, but have direct retail tie-in.  Within each event
or ad will be retail push direction designed to maximize not only awareness, but to fundamentally Link to ROI
objectives with Social strategy integrated throughout.

-- Financing and Capital Markets 
This has been one of our greatest challenges.  As a result of issues at the Company prior to my involvement,
the Company remains in a "DTC Chill" status.  In addition to the DTC Chill, issues with the Corporate shell have
made the Company ineligible for Restricted Shares to be Sold under Rule 144. 

This has made raising Capital Funds very problematical. In the past, we have been successful in raising Capital
through the issuance of Convertible Debt; however, this has become very difficult since the Company is not
Rule 144-eligible. 

Our funding ability has been compromised and we are reviewing many alternative forms of Financing in the hope
that one may be available to us.  If our efforts are not successful, we may be forced to identify a Joint Venture
Partner or an outright sSale of the Distribution Rights for the products.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.  More updates will follow shortly as we go through
production and initial market entry.  Your ongoing support has been greatly appreciated, and I very much look
forward to sharing with you what this year has to bring.

About TSB: www.drinktopshelf.com

Golden Day for DKTS: Besado Oro Approved!

Date: 04/15/2015
Time: 11:00am Eastern Time
Source: PRNewswire
Houston, Texas

Houston, TX, April 15, 2015 / PRNewswire - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., Inc. (a Nev. Corp.) (OTCBB: DKTS)

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCPK: DKTS), is pleased
to Announce that the Company has received Label Approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade
Bureau (TTB)
for its Premium, erotic flavored Besado Oro Tequila.

The "Oro" fanciful name was chosen to replace "Anejo" so that the marketing of Besado Oro and Besado Platinum
could be streamlined into a single edgy campaign.  For those not familiar with Spanish, Oro means gold.

"It truly is time to release the passion," said a jubilant Pierce. "The world's first erotic herbal-flavored Tequila is on
the precipice of making history.

As mentioned in the Besado Platinum Announcement from yesterday, DKTS will now Register Besado Oro, which is
made from 100% Blue Agave, and will be distributed in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia and Nevada.

With the Label Approvals in hand, Top Shelf management and advisors are set to roll-out a new Besado Website.

Development of the Website has been underway for a few weeks and will be unveiled sometime in May.
Top Shelf Brands will make sure that Besado has a strong Social Media presence as well.

"Before we can successfully engage both the media and our Consumers, we must have our Website and
Social Media channels activated,
" Pierce said. "This will provide our Distributors, Retailers, on-premise Account
holders, and Consumers with a far better understanding of our Brands so that when Besado Oro and Besado
Tequilas hit the top shelf, the demand for product will already be in place.

Point of Sale promotional items for both products are also in the production stage. Besado Oro Tequila will be hitting
the shelves with a competitive suggested retail price.

About TSB: www.drinktopshelf.com

Besado Platinum Tequila Label Approved by the TTB!

Date: 04/14/2015
Time: 11:00am Eastern Time
Source: PRNewswire
Houston, Texas

Houston, TX, April 14, 2015 / PRNewswire - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., Inc. (a Nev. Corp.) (OTCBB: DKTS) 

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCPK: DKTS), is pleased
to Announce that the Company has received Label Approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade
Bureau (TTB)
for its Premium, herbal-flavored Besado Platinum Tequila made from 100% Blue Agave. The "Platinum"
fanciful name replaces the "Silver" to emphasize the Premium nature of this very high-end and unique Brand.

"This product is the first of its kind, so Besado was scrutinized much more so than an established alcoholic
" Pierce said. "By working with the TTB Agents through our Distiller, we were able to sail through the
process smoothly, but it obviously took longer than anybody expected.

With this final TTB Approval, Top Shelf Brands is cleared to register Besado Platinum with its respective Distributors
and States identified as "key markets" deemed optimal to Launch this cutting-edge one-of-a-kind Tequila.  The key
marketsin which Besado will initially be available are Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and Nevada.

"I am so excited for everyone, including our Shareholders, who have been involved with bringing our Besado to life,"
Pierce said. "Without question we faced a few minor speed bumps and hurdles throughout the last 12 months.
Clearly some challenges are to be expected, and some arise despite best intentions and efforts, nonetheless each
challenge must be met head-on.  Now the fun really begins for everyone who had the intestinal fortitude to weather
a few storms along the way.  On to the top shelf at bars and retailers for Besado!  It is truly time to see why she
liked IT before she liked you, or why she considers you having a dark side.

The decision to focus on obtaining the Approval for Besado Platinum first was a matter of timing. The season for Spring
and Summer mixed drinks is fast approaching, and Pierce noted that Besado Platinum's marvelous reception by the
tasting public made the choice an easy one.

"When our consumers have their toes in the sand, we want them to have a Besado Platinum drink in their hand,"
Pierce mused. "Seriously, tasters raved about the Besado Platinum cocktails and the demand for such drinks really
begins to pick up in May, so we felt it was prudent to get the Platinum Approved first.

While the main focus was on the Besado Platinum Approval, concurrent Approval work was also being done on the
full-Line extensions.  Top Shelf management and the Distillers will once again work with TTB Agents to complete the final
phases of the Approval process for other formats as well.

Besado Platinum Tequila will be hitting the shelves with a competitive suggested retail price.  Enjoy and drink responsibly!!!!!

About TSB: www.drinktopshelf.com

Top Shelf CEO Announces Agreement with Company Debt Holders
Date: 03/31/2015
Time: 9:00am Eastern Time
Source: Access Wire
Houston, Texas

Houston, TX, March 31, 2015 / Access Wire - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., Inc. (a Nev. Corp.) (OTCBB: DKTS) 


Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nevada Corporation) (PINKSHEETS:DKTS), is pleased
to Announce that the Company has reached an accord with all of the DKTS Debt Holders to extend the Terms
of the Notes without any additional consideration.  Under the revised Agreement, the Debt Holders
cannot convert debt into equity for at least one year or until there is a Registration Statement.

"The two most important things to take away from this Agreement are that every single Debt Holder unequivocally
supports the direction of the Company by their agreement to the Term extension and secondly, they agreed to
do so at no peril to the Company,
" said Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands.  "This truly is a united group
of Investors who believe that the Company is on the verge of a bright future and that they will be rewarded for
their patience.

Pierce would like to thank the Lenders for their unwavering support and understanding.  Pierce also noted that he
is quite aware that the extended period of time that it has taken to acquire Label Approval has put enormous pressure
on Shareholders, but he foresees it all coming together for the Common Shareholder.

"Relatively speaking, we have very little Convertible Debt, but the added Financial support from these folks has
helped the Company weather some very
interesting storms along the way," Pierce said.

"I look forward to all the
supporters of Top Shelf Brands being rewarded for their investments."

About TSB: http://www.drinktopshelf.com/

Top Shelf Brands Provides Update on Besado Tequila Label Approval

Date: 02/23/2015
Time: 2:25pm Eastern Time
Source: Access Wire (via COMTEX)
Houston, Texas

Houston, TX, Feb. 23, 2015 / Access Wire - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., Inc. (a Nev. Corp.) (OTCBB: DKTS)  

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCBB: DKTS), is pleased
to confirm that the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is in the midst of processing the
Application for Approval for Besado Tequila.

Upon receiving Approval, Top Shelf Brands will release details concerning the Besado Tequila marketing campaign. 
Details will include information not only about plans for retail, bar, and nightclub Distribution, but also how the
Company will use Chain Distribution Networks.

Meanwhile, TSB continues to blaze a trail around the Country hosting Besado Tequila tasting parties.  The next stop
on the Besado Tequila Tasting Event Tour will be in Las Vegas at the annual Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas
on March 31st and April 1st.  The Las Vegas Convention Center plays host to one of the largest events of its kind,
and Top Shelf Brands looks forward to presenting Besado Tequila to the attendees of the Show.

About TSB: http://www.drinktopshelf.com

Top Shelf Brands Provides Update for 2014 Corporate Year

Date: 02/06/2015
Time: 11:18am Eastern Time
Source: Access Wire
Houston, Texas

Houston, TX, Feb. 06, 2015 / Access Wire - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., Inc. (a Nev. Corp.) (OTCBB: DKTS)

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCBB: DKTS), is pleased
to provide a look back at the 2014 Corporate Year as well as provide a few updates from its current operations.

2014 was a year of tremendous trial and tribulation for Top Shelf Brands, but the Company is pleased to report
that it is now more solvent and stronger than ever and is poised to move forward in 2015 with the implement-
ation of its aggressive Corporate business plan.

The headline news for the Year was clearly the Settlement Agreement reached with Victory Partners, LLC that avoided
a potentially lengthy and costly Court battle.  The Company is pleased to Announce that all 125,000,000 Shares issued
to Victory Partners have been absorbed into the Market.  All of these Shares were sold directly from Victory Partners,
via Private Placements using the 3-A (10) Exemption, and subsequently sold into the Market. 

The positive news was extremely strong in the latter part of the Year.  FINRA gave the Company complete legitimacy
by validating all of the Corporate actions taken by CEO Alonzo Pierce.  The Company will File a Form-10 by the
end of the First Quarter of 2015, and continue toward having the DTCC Chill removed.

About TSB: www.drinktopshelf.com

Top Shelf Brands Secures Music Mogul Partners to Head Product Branding;
Makes Deal with Rapper Akon


Date: 01/13/2015
Time: 11:00am Eastern Time
Source: PR Newswire (via COMTEX)
Houston, Texas

Houston, TX, Jan. 13, 2015 / PR Newswire (via COMTEX) - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., Inc. (a Nev. Corp.) (OTCBB: DKTS)

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCBB: DKTS),
is pleased to Announce that Big Tent Group has secured a Partnership for Top Shelf Brands with
Groovlyne/Konlive Distribution/Konvict Records that will create a competitive edge for Top Shelf Brands
in the Alcohol Beverage Industry.

This Partnership is the latest score for Top Shelf Brands (TSB) as the Company continues to carve-out a path to
move forward as a successful long-term entity.  The Konvict Music family has years of decorated success.  While
the Konvict Music family boasts a past that features multiple Award-winning Artists, they are even more proud to
still be a force as one of the most successful record labels in the Music Industry. 

They have produced, managed, and collaborated with some of the most iconic Music Artists of our time such as
Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Gwen Stefani, David Guetta and Michael Jackson.

"We are poised to change the face of the Tequila Industry with Besado Tequila, so it makes perfect sense to
Partner-up with the biggest innovators in the Music Business,
" said Top Shelf Brands' CEO Alonzo Pierce. 
"This is a real testament to the collective efforts of all the parties involved, and we are very excited about this
Partnership and what this does for Top Shelf Brands moving forward.

Konvict Music was founded by CEO Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam, known in the music scene as the rapper "Akon.

Akon is one of two Artists in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 to hold down the top two spots on the chart on two
separate occasions.  The Company is a family affair; Akon's brother, Omar Thiam, is President of Groovlyne/Konvict. 
Music has deep roots in the family which includes their father, who was a Percussionist and worked with legends like
James Brown and B.B. King.  

As veterans of the Music Business, the Thiam brothers understand the importance of working with people of good
character, and know that Big Tent Group  co-founder Jeff Frieberger is a rarity.

"Music has always been a love for us and we've been very successful with it," said Omar Thiam.  "I've worked
with Jeff for many years on various projects and one thing is certain -- if he is behind a project, it will be successful
for all of us.  He has a great reputation for doing good business in our Industry and that doesn't come easy.  He
has our full support and we are greatly looking forward to the many things we have lined up for Top Shelf and its
Brands with our many upcoming concerts, videos, and song projects.

Top Shelf Brands has arranged a Launch party for both Besado Tequila and Dziaq Liqueur during the first week
of March
with the Groovlyne/Konlive Team at one of Punta Cana's premier nightclubs, Club Jewel, recently opened
by Akon.  Akon is also set to release a new CD, and both entities will be looking to take advantage of the new release
with several co-promotions.

"This will be a party like no other to introduce these fresh Brands to the world," says Omar Thiam.  "We will
have many Celebrities and Music Artists in attendance, and we will be shooting a concert video of the
whole experience.

This Partnership will give Top Shelf Brands not only the ability to open additional streams of revenue through
traditional Music Marketing practices, but also allow for Product sales at concert venues and related retail

Additionally, the Partnership with the Konvict Music family provides unprecedented Music Industry expertise
and also gives TSB access to some of the best Advisors and relationships in the Music Industry today with
years of proven success.

"Recruiting the best experts in Music only made sense as that gave us the ability to monetize most of our
Brand building efforts with Groovlyne via concerts, promotions, after parties, and other events,
" Frieberger
said.  "This will be a key factor in generating additional streams of revenue for Top Shelf Brands while putting
our Brands on a Marketing platform with which most cannot compete.

"All our projects with Groovlyne are positioned to see a profitable return, making this Partnership a game changer,"
Frieberger continued.  "In short, we're going to Market our Product with A-List Celebrities and make money doing it. 
It's a no brainer!

About TSB: www.drinktopshelf.com

Industry Veterans Join Forces with Top Shelf Brands

Date: 01/09/2015
Time: 4:00pm Eastern Time
Source: PR Newswire (via COMTEX)
Houston, Texas

Houston, TX, Jan. 09, 2015 / PR Newswire (via COMTEX) - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., Inc. (a Nev. Corp.) (OTCBB: DKTS)

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCBB: DKTS), is pleased
to Announce that the Company has Partnered with Big Tent Group, a Louisville-based beverage development
Company, to promote Besado Tequila as well as the entire line of Top Shelf Brands' premium Alcoholic Beverages.

Big Tent Group and its Affiliates possess a wealth of resources unparalleled in the Alcohol Beverage, Entertainment,
and Production Industries.  Big Tent Group has consistently gained the attention of consumers worldwide by using
Celebrities to grab notoriety and visibility, acquire political support, and, of course, increase sales. 

Big Tent Group has an outstanding track record of successfully growing sales and gaining global exposure for
its Partners in the Alcohol Beverage Industry (ABI).

"We are very excited about working with Alonzo, as his vision for Top Shelf Brands is right in line with how we
best see fit to Market our products and successfully reach the masses in today's fast-paced, high tech world,
said Big Tent Group co-Founder Jeff Frieberger.  "We will be transparent in our efforts, and will provide the
Shareholders of Top Shelf Brands updates on our Celebrity endorsements, increases in sales volume, and any
developments that will have an impact on the Company bottom line.

For Pierce, this was clearly a "now and later" opportunity.  With Besado Tequila set to hit the market, pending
Label Approval, Big Tent will play an integral part in helping grab an immediate share of the market for this cutting
edge, erotic herbal-infused Tequila.  From a future development standpoint, Big Tent will have a synergistic role in
securing a bright future for Top Shelf Brands.

"What can I say?  This is the perfect Partnership for Top Shelf Brands," Pierce said. "Big Tent has a tremendous
reputation for designing and implementing successful Branding and sales campaigns, and this fills an obvious
need for Top Shelf with the impending release of our Besado Tequila.

Frieberger and his Partners took great care in building an Industry "Dream Team" featuring some of the best
Marketers, Distribution Relationship Managers, and Sales Staff in the Industry.  Frieberger is quite confident that
Big Tent Group brings to the Partnership the experience that will benefit Top Shelf Brands for many years to come.

"The majority of our Team have been in the Industry for many years and have held senior positions at some of the
most successful Spirits companies in the world,
" Frieberger said.  "Sales is the ultimate measurement tool, and
we are the best, bar none, at creating increases in sales volume for our brands -- new or existing.  Whether it's
promoting a Product that has sold a few thousand cases in a year or a few hundred thousand, I can tell you with
confidence that we have produced results.  One thing is for certain: growth is inevitable with our newly formed
Partnership with Top Shelf Brands.

Big Tent Group and its Affiliates work regularly with many A-List Celebrities and Music Artists and have a track record
of successful marketing campaign efforts that have featured the following Artists: Li'l Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Akon,
Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Rick Ross, T-Pain, P. Diddy, Flo Rida, Busta Rhymes, and Kelly Rowland
in addition to
many others. 

The Team has hosted some of the highest profile parties at the Kentucky Derby, Playboy Mansion, and top nightclubs
with Celebrity friends LMFAO, Hugh Hefner, Gene Simmons, Jenny McCarthy, and others. 

The Team, Advisors, and Directors of the Group have designed and managed campaigns that brought awareness and
growth to many staple Brands in various categories of the ABI today such as Hpnotiq Liqueur, Rhythm Liqueur, and
Maker's Mark Bourbon, just to name a few.  Big Tent Group Advisors have Senior Management backgrounds at
Brown Forman and Heaven Hill as well as many other credible Spirits companies.

"Having a solid Team is a determining factor in the success of any Brand in our Industry.  We are founded on the
idea that we can do it bigger and better than any Brand has done it yet, and our current results to date tell our story,
Frieberger said.  

"We have ton of experience in the Bar and Nightclub Industry, and we understand our craft better than anyone in
the Business.

About TSB: www.drinktopshelf.com

Besado Tequila Flavor Recipe Approved by TTB!

Date: 11/20/2014
Time: 9:00am Eastern Time
Source: PR Newswire (US)
Houston, Texas

Houston, TX, Nov. 20, 2014 / PR Newswire (US) - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., Inc. (a Nev. Corp.) (OTCBB: DKTS)

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. is pleased to Announce that the Company received
notice from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) that its Advertising, Labeling, and
Formulation Division (AFLD) has Approved, without changes, the flavor recipe for Besado Tequila.

The TTB requires any alcoholic beverage maker that infuses "non-traditional" ingredients into its products to submit
the flavor recipe for Federal Approval.  The recipe for Besado Tequila includes the erotic herbal stimulants Maca
and Damiana as well as Ginseng. 

Now that the flavor recipe is Approved, the AFLD will review the Application for and Certification/Exemption of
Label/Bottle Approval (COLA) submitted by Top Shelf Brands as the final step in the Approval process.

"Obviously we are thrilled that the TTB approved the Besado Tequila recipe as it was submitted," Pierce said.
"We went to great lengths to create a recipe for a cutting edge tequila that would meet the standards for Approval
by the TTB.

Pierce was in attendance for the inaugural Besado Tequila tasting review party last night at the Blue Martini in
Boca Raton.  With over 250 people at the tasting, Pierce was pleased with how Besado Tequila was received
and the air of excitement that it created at the Blue Martini.

"It was a first-class event that could have not been managed any better by the Blue Martini staff and Simply the Best
PR Firm,
" Pierce said. "The sense of pride that I feel right now can only be topped by the sale of our first bottle
of Besado Tequila.

Pierce also noted that he will be Filing Disclosure Statements and Quarterly Financial Reports by the end
of the month,
to get Top Shelf Brands Current with the OTC Markets.  Pierce stated that it was prudent for the Company
to wait for FINRA's Approval of the Company
name change and Corporate actions before Filing the requisite materials
with the OTC.

About TSB:  www.drinktopshelf.com

It's OFFICIAL!  FINRA Approves Top Shelf's Corporate Actions

Date: 11/17/2014
Time: 9:00am Eastern Time
Source: PR Newswire (US)
Houston, Texas 

Houston, Texas, Nov. 17, 2014 / PR Newswire (US) - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., Inc. (a Nev. Corp.) (OTCBB: DKTS)

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCBB: DKTS), is pleased to
Announce that on Friday, Nov. 14, the Company received final Approval from FINRA for the Corporate Name Change,
Stock Ticker Symbol Change and CUSIP Number Change.

More importantly, the Approval from the Regulatory Agency charged with protecting Investors validates all the Corporate
actions previously recognized by the State of Nevada.  The path is now clear for Top Shelf Brands to move forward with
its aggressive Company business plan.  Pierce had put the implementation of any business initiatives on hold until
FINRA gave its Approval.

"We have successfully completed yet another step toward making this Company viable for the long haul," Pierce said.
"This was a total team effort and I want to thank those loyal Shareholders who stood strong with the Company throughout
this entire arduous process.

In addition to the inaugural Besado Tequila tasting on Wednesday, Top Shelf has scheduled four additional tasting review
parties at Blue Martini locations.
  The tasting review party will make an encore appearance in Boca Raton on Dec. 3,
and then moves to Ft. Lauderdale on Dec. 17, and goes across the state to West Palm Beach on Dec. 17. The first party
of 2015 will be at the Brickell site on Jan. 21.

"The Besado Tequila party set for Wednesday at the Blue Martini in Boca Raton is just the tip of the iceberg," Pierce
said.  "We will soon be Announcing additional promotions and giveaways as well as the specifics of the search to find
the first 'Cover Girl' for Besado Tequila.

Harry Mehta, Owner of the Silo .5% Wine Bar & Restaurant (www.silo.5winebar.com) and multiple liquor stores
in Baltimore, heard about Besado Tequila from a Distributor and sees Besado as a game-changer in the Tequila
market, especially in the way that it will be received by the female consumer.

"There is no question that tequila has long carried the perception of being a shot liquor, mainly purchased by the
male consumer,
" said Mehta, who is recognized by many as a connoisseur of Tequila. "Everything about Besado
from the bottle design to the aphrodisiac herbs, says that this cutting edge Tequila will appeal to consumers
of both sexes.

Mehta was so impressed with Besado Tequila that he asked Pierce to schedule a tasting event in Baltimore in
December.  Although the date has not yet been finalized, Pierce confirmed that Silo .5% will be the Host of the first
tasting review party outside the State of Florida.

"This really says something about Besado Tequila that people are reaching out to us so early in the marketing
" Pierce said. "I look forward to introducing   to the mid-Atlantic region.  Maryland blue crabs and
Besado Tequila – I like the sound of that combination!

About TSB:  www.drinktopshelf.com

Release the Passion!  Besado Tequila to make its Debut Nov. 19 at the Boca Raton Blue Martini!

Date: 11/10/2014
Time: 9:30am Eastern Time
Source: Accesswire (via COMTEX)
Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas, Nov. 10, 2014 / Accesswire (via COMTEX) - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., Inc. (a Nev. Corp.) (OTCBB: TEMN)

Management is pleased to Announce that it has signed an Agreement with Blue Martini, Inc. to co-promote
the Debut of Top Shelf's exciting new Brand, the erotic herbal-infused Besado Tequila.  The unveiling party
will be held on November 19 at the Blue Martini in Boca Raton.

Blue Martini, Inc. operates a chain of premier martini lounges, which collectively rank as the fourth-highest retail
establishment-seller of alcohol in Florida. There are 12 Blue Martini locations throughout the Country, eight of which
are in Florida.  These lounges feature over 40 martini specialty drinks, with an excellent quality Tapas food menu
and live entertainment complementing its energetic atmosphere.

"We are thrilled to help promote this new exciting brand of tequila," said Steve Day, a Blue Martini, Inc. Partner.
"The buzz around the release of Besado Tequila will surely result in more traffic to our locations."

Subsequent to the unveiling party, there will be several more Besado Tequila promotional events at each location
over the next few months.  It should also be noted that a Company "Mixologist" has created the "Besado Blue," a
great tasty, tantalizing new cocktail which also will Debut at the November 19 party and will be exclusively sold
only at Blue Martini locations.

"We are very excited to team up with the talented people at Blue Martini and the demographics of their clientele
match our target market from our business model,
" said Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands, Inc. 
"This truly is an example of a symbiotic relationship that will benefit both companies well into the future."

In addition to the eight locations in Florida, Blue Martinis can be found in Las Vegas, Nevada; Bellevue, Washington;
Plano, Texas; and Phoenix, Arizona.

In conjunction with the release of Besado Tequila, Top Shelf has signed-on for Besado to be a Co-Sponsor of
97.9 WRMF's "No Snow Ball Concert" featuring Christina Perri, Gavin DeGraw, The American Authors, Nico and Vinz,
and Matt Nathanson.  The concert is set for December 13 at the Mizner Park Amphitheatre in Boca Raton.

"This is just how I envisioned that the Besado product would be introduced to the world," Pierce said. "The
opportunity to be a Sponsor of the star-studded "No Snow Ball Concert" is just simply the icing on the cake.

About TSB: www.drinktopshelf.com

Top Shelf Brands Provides Corporate Update

Date: 10/22/2014
Time: 12:30pm Eastern Time
Source: PR Newswire (US)
Houston, Texas

HOUSTON, Texas, Oct. 22, 2014 / PR Newswire - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., Inc. (a Nev. Corp.) (OTCBB: TEMN)

The Management of Top Shelf feels obligated to provide a Corporate Update to its current Shareholders and
potential Investors.

The Management of Top Shelf is in the final stages of submitting documents requested by FINRA to complete
the Corporate Name change, Ticker Symbol change, and CUSIP Acceptance for the Company. The quest for this
has been a detailed and time consuming string of back-and-forth exchanges with FINRA.

"This has been a meticulous process that has entailed a tremendous amount of due diligence," CEO Alonzo Pierce
said. "I must say that the people at FINRA have been extremely helpful in working with us throughout this important
time.  The future of Top Shelf Brands begins with this Approval, and without the help of those at FINRA, navigating
through this very unusual set of circumstances would have been very difficult to say the least.

"Everything we have planned for the Top Shelf Experience is still set to go," said Pierce. "Unfortunately, the efforts
required to meet all of FINRA's compulsory requests has forced us to focus all resources, both human and financial,
on satisfying these requirements.

"On a positive note, our first shipment of Besado to be used for promotions and tastings has arrived!  We will be
adding several scheduled Events throughout the Southeast;
these will appear on our Website shortly,
" said Pierce.

About TSB:  www.drinktopshelf.com

EO Pierce Excited to Move into Launch Phase for Besado Tequila!

Date: 09/24/2014
Time: 2:55pm Eastern Time
Source: PR Newswire (US)
Houston, Texas   

HOUSTON, Texas, Sept. 24, 2014 / PR Newswire - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., Inc. (a Nev. Corp.) (OTCBB: TEMN).  

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. is pleased to provide the following Corporate Update to its
Shareholders and potential Shareholders.

Final preparations are being made by the Company to begin implementing the Launch phase of its business plan for
Besado Tequila, the much anticipated premium, aphrodisiac herb-infused tequila.  As the initial step in this process, it
was Announced last week that Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. has retained Simply The Best PR, an award-winning boutique
Public Relations firm based in Boca Raton, Fla., to provide Marketing support for Besado tasting parties in Florida and Texas.

Simply The Best PR will be getting the Besado party started in October with a series of promotional events in South
Florida, labeled "The Top Shelf Experience.Every weekend in October and November, a luxury charter bus will
chauffeur tasters to many of the hottest clubs and bars in South Florida,
all while enjoying Besado en route to and
inside the destinations planned for each "Top Shelf Experience."

"We are looking to go into the Holiday Season creating a huge buzz," Pierce said. "40% of hard alcohol sales in the
U.S. takes place in the last three months of the year.  The Holiday Season is our "Super Bowl," and we are going
to be ready to play.

Pierce noted further that Social Media will be used to highlight current events as well as promote future events.  As soon as
the promotional schedule is finalized for "The Top Shelf Experience," a schedule of events will be posted on the
Company Website,

"During the promotional weekends in October and November, we encourage people to visit our Website and see
where we are and where we are going next," said Pierce. "Social Media outlets such as Twitter™, Instagram™,
and Facebook™ will be avenues for us to share the "Top Shelf Experience" as we will be posting
real-time pictures, videos, and testimonials for those who are unable to attend.

Pierce also wanted to update the status of the 8k Filing covering the Joint Settlement between Top Shelf Brands
Holdings, Inc. and Victory Partners, LLP.   At this point, the Company is simply waiting for documentation from
the Court.  As soon as the Company receives Certified Copies of the Court-Approved Settlement from the
13th Circuit Court of Florida, Management will File the promised 8k and submit the Court documents to FINRA.

Additionally, Top Shelf Brands Management is continuing to work diligently with the various Regulatory Agencies to achieve
status as a fully-Compliant and Reporting business entity.   

It should be noted that the Company is currently a Voluntary SEC Filer and that Top Shelf Brands recognizes its main
Investor goal is to provide value and transparency to its Shareholders.


Court Signs Off on Top Shelf Brands Lawsuit Settlement

Date: 09/17/2014
Time: 7:24am Eastern Time
Source: PR Newswire (US)
Houston, Texas

HOUSTON, Texas, Sept. 17, 2014 / PRNewswire - Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nev. Corporation) (OTCBB: TEMN).

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands, is pleased to Announce that on Tuesday Judge Claudia R. Isom from
Florida's 13th Circuit Court signed off on the Settlement between Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. and
Victory Partners, LLC.

The Settlement has provided an avenue for Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc., and Victory Partners, LLC to reach an accord
regarding the validity and ownership of the Shares that were the crux of the embroiled Court case.

"We are thrilled to have this behind us as it allows us to move forward and implement the Company's business plan,"
Pierce said. "Although we were confident in our case, prudence dictated that we settle this litigation. This case could have
been tied up in the Courts for quite some time and it would have continued to be a huge drag on Company resources.

The Settlement Agreement states that the 1 billion Shares of Common Stock and the 60 shares of Preferred A
Stock are valid and that the aforementioned Shares will be simultaneously exchanged for 125 million Shares
of Restricted Common Stock.  Additionally, a friendly Shareholder of Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. has agreed
to surrender 125 million Shares back to the Company's treasury.  These 125 million Common Shares will be used
to offset the issuance of the new Restricted Stock being granted to Victory Partners, LLC in return for both parties
granting a full release of liability.

Once returned, the 1 billion Common Shares and 60 shares of Preferred A Stock will be permanently retired.

After the transactions of the Settlement are complete, the Company is happy to Announce that the Share Structure
will remain the same. The current Outstanding Shares and float level will be the same as those recorded in
the Company's last Financial Reports.
  In addition, there have been no new free-trading Shares of Stock added to
the float since Pierce took over as CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings in 2012.

"It says a lot about where we are and where we are going as a Company that a Shareholder would step up and make
such a gesture," said Pierce. "Top Shelf Brands is on the cusp of some great things and the Company is blessed
to have such loyal Shareholders.

With the suit behind Top Shelf Brands, Pierce has his sights set on the continued production and upcoming
Launch of the highly anticipated Besado Tequila, the removal of the DTC Chill, and the Stock ticker change
for the Company.

Top Shelf Brand Holdings will also move quickly to work with the necessary Regulatory Agencies, such as FINRA,
to bring the Company into full Corporate Compliance.

"We would like to thank the principals of Victory Partners for moving quickly to settle this lawsuit," Pierce said.  

"This settlement is clearly in the best of all parties involved, especially for Shareholders. Everything is in motion
now and our people are energized to bring to fruition years of hard work. Our time is now – it is a great day to be a
Top Shelf Brands Shareholder.

Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. will file an 8K in regards to the information contained in this Release.

Top Shelf Brands Working with Regulators to Expedite Formula and Label Approval
Required to Begin Distribution of Besado Tequila


Date: 08/25/2014
Time: 10:00am Eastern Time
Source: Marketwired (via COMTEX)
Houston, Texas 

HOUSTON, Texas, August 25, 2014 / Marketwired via COMTEX -- Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc.
(a Nevada Corporation) (PINKSHEETS: TEMN).

Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corporation, Inc. is excited to Announce to existing and future Shareholders that
the Company continues to make strides in bringing the Herbal=Infused Besado Tequila to market.  The
process of Label and Formula Approval is the last major step required for Top Shelf Holdings to
begin Distribution.
The Company has developed what is believed to be an exciting proprietary bottle, label,
AND proprietary Tequila formula.

The 3 necessary steps are: 1) Formula submission...2) Submission with Manufacturer, and...
...3) Label Submission. 

This is a very extensive process and takes an extraordinary amount of time due to the great, thorough job
of the Regulators. The Company has a state-of-the-art and fully-scalable Distillery that can meet the
the Company intends to have as well as a logistic and supply chain with a 50-State Wholesale
License provider.

While Top Shelf Brands awaits for the Approvals to release the products through Retail, events and
awareness kick-off initiatives will take place, as mentioned before, to grow Brand awareness for both
Consumer and Trade.

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands said, "We will begin to send out presentation Media Kits
to PR Firms in our Target Markets, Brand our Websites and social media platforms, and target events
in our select markets. 

"We also plan on Launching interactive consumer Tastings and other Brand awareness opportunities,"
continued Pierce.

Discus reports a nearly five-fold growth in the "Super Premium" Tequila category over the last decade.
The consumers of these high-end Tequilas understand that they are designed FOR SIPPING rather than
being mixed in cocktails or done as shots.

"The revolution in Tequila is through the emergence of the 'Premium' and 'Super Premium' categories
over the past 20 years,
" says Spirits expert Mark Spivak, Author of the new book "Moonshine Nation.

"Once upon a time, Tequila was too harsh to drink on its own."

Top Shelf Brands to Focus on Implementing Distribution of Besado Tequila

Date: 08/18/2014
Time: 11:30am Eastern Time
Source: PR Newswire (US)
Houston, Texas   

HOUSTON, Texas, August 18, 2014 / PRNewswire -- Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nev. Corporation) (OTCBB: TEMN),
is pleased to inform its Shareholders and the public today that the Company is focused on its imminent Release of the
long-awaited Besado Tequila.  

Besado will be released initially in Florida, Texas, and New York as Top Shelf continues to build-out its Distribution
territories.  It takes time to get all of the Approvals for Distribution of Alcoholic Beverages in each state.  The Company
is as committed as ever to carry-out its mission to "Create brands people talk about," and as a part of this plan over
the coming months, the Company will be creating new social media pages including a Shareholder Page on Twitter
and other social media outlets. 

"In the wake of the Besado Launch, we want to make one thing clear: we will not let anyone take away the energy
and excitement we have created that will be very special for Tequila drinkers worldwide
by distracting us in the
Courts and with their personal agendas,
" stated Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands.  

"We are building a Company that will have long-lasting Brands and a strong Distribution model with National
and International Partners.

Top Shelf Brands Updates Shareholders on Legal Case with Former Officers, and Reiterates
its Focus on Imminent Product Launches


Date: 08/15/2014
Time: 1:00pm Eastern Time
Source: Accesswire (via COMTEX)
Houston, Texas   

Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., Inc., (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCBB: TEMN)

Top Shelf Brands is pleased to Announce today that the long-awaited Summary Judgment Court Case
regarding the permanent Cancellation of the 1-Billion Shares that we believe to be fraudulent
was Cancelled.

The Shares in question will continue to be held in safekeeping with the Courts indefinitely until
proven otherwise.

CEO Alonzo Pierce stated, "I am shocked that the opposition has decided submit Affidavits and subject themselves
to litigation which may lead to possible investigation related to alleged fraudulent activity.  We have hired a Team of
highly experienced Attorneys
who are extremely confident that the non-Registered Shares in question are not valid
and will indeed, in time, be Canceled. 

"We will move to the next stage in this matter which will include “Discovery” which we believe will clear this
matter up completely.

Mr. Pierce continued to state, "My main priority is to focus all of my time on building our Brands, and increasing
top line Revenue growth and profitability which will result in an increase to Shareholder value. 

"There is NO REVERSE SPLIT in our plan as we move forward, as we value our loyal Shareholders. Our new,
highly anticipated Tequila mark, Besado, is currently in production and is scheduled to Launch imminently. The first
shipment of 25,000 bottles of Besado and additional inventory of Dziaq will be dispersed to Florida, Texas, New York,
and Georgia.

"Finally, we are still on track to successfully achieve our 2015 top line Revenue target of fifteen million Dollars."


Top Shelf Brands Holdings Continues to Build its Team

Date: 07/31/2014
Time: 11:44pm Eastern Time
Source: PR Newswire (US)
Houston, Texas 

HOUSTON, Texas, July 31, 2014 / PR Newswire -- Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nev. Corporation) (OTCPK:TEMN).  

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf, is pleased to Announce to its Shareholders that it has added another
strong Advisor to its Advisory Board. 
The addition of this Advisor builds on Top Shelf's Team of talented executives
that is being assembled to build a top-tier Producer and Distributor of Distilled Spirits. 

Mr. Pierce said, "By adding a position to the Advisory Board, we strengthen our position, which is critical at
this point, because it will also help form the Corporate Board of Directors.  The Members we choose for the
Advisory Board are Specialists in their field, and they all possess extensive knowledge and capabilities to
expand our business plan.  Although this process has taken some time, we want our Shareholders to know that
not only are all of our Financials current, but our goal is to significantly increase Shareholder value
our loyal Investor base.

"In addition to our previous Announcement of Scott Vanis of Minerco, we have added Ross Graham,
President of Miami Cocktail,
http://www.miamicocktail.com and formerly of Allied Domecq (Canada),
which today is Pernod Ricard.  

"Mr. Graham has engineered Brands from initial concept, and has worked with National Distributors marketing
some of the hottest-Branding concepts with top Artists.  These trade relationships are secured and ready to be
pushed forward. They are significant to our story in a way that speaks volumes.  We will soon advertise our
business model and practices through an OTC video stream and through our internal Website.

"In addition, we have engaged Pearson & Pearson http://www.pearsonandpearson.org to help with
development and consulting of our Brands' warehousing, logistics, and shipping.  Pearson and Pearson also
presents its clients' Brands to over 1800 wholesalers, instantly providing access to retailers across the U.S.,
and targeting both on- and off-premise retail accounts as well as actual consumers.

Top Shelf Brands Holdings Announces New Corporate Website and Product Placement
Marketing Plan


Date: 07/24/2014
Time: 8:45am Eastern Time
Source: Accesswire (US)
Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas, July 24, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE -- Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nev. Corporation) (TEMN)
Announced today that its Corporate Website has been launched and the Product Placement Marketing
plan has started.

CEO Alonzo Pierce said,  "This is very exciting for us.  We have now strengthened our foundation and
improved our Marketing strategy starting with the Corporate Website --

"The advanced Website allows the Company to be more transparent and expand its awareness from the
boardroom to the On- and Off-Premise sector where our products are sold.

The Company went on to say that it is in negotiations regarding product placement for the herbal-infused
Besado Tequila in an upcoming music video by a current Top-Ten pop chart Artist.  The spokesperson
will also appear in TV, Radio, and Print ads that will drive traffic to the Company's upcoming consumer
Website “Tequila Nation.” 

Mr. Pierce exclaimed that, "The advertising and marketing budget will be used on static billboards, top-rated
radio stations, national magazine publications, promotions, and live events.  Additionally, we will kick off our
on-premise promotional campaign in Florida, Texas, Georgia, Chicago, and New York through an aggressive
Social Media campaign.

About TSB: http://www.drinktopshelf.com/

Top Shelf Brands Holdings objectives are to incubate, create, market, and supply customized Branded
Alcoholic Beverages.  Initially, we are offering Tequila, Liqueur, and Bourbon. 

Being a Federally Licensed Importer and Supplier of Alcoholic Beverages gives Top Shelf Brands Holdings a
competitive edge.  Top Shelf Brands is dedicated to "Incubating and Creating Brands People Talk About". 

Finally, Top Shelf Brands is positioned to capitalize on the one trillion-Dollar Spirits Industry, where the
strongest growth in the Industry is anticipated in Premium Liquor categories.

TSB Discusses Business Strategy for the Public Company

Date: 06/26/2014
Time: 9:00am Eastern Time
Source: PR Newswire (US)
Houston, Texas

HOUSTON, Texas, June 26, 2014 / PRNewswire -- Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCBB: TEMN)
today disclosed its Operating strategy as Management begins implementing its business plan. 

Several months ago, Flavorman (www.flavorman.com), one of the world's leading Beverage Architecture
Consulting Firms, was hired to help the Company Develop and Market its flagship Brands. 

CEO Alonzo Pierce said, "We are happy to Announce at this time that most of our work is complete, and
we are prepared to Launch our flagship products this Summer.  We will leverage our relationship with Flavorman,
to increase Sales and awareness of our products as we execute our tactical and strategic business plan.

"In addition, as we recently Announced that we have begun to form an Advisory Board of which
Mr. Scott Vanis from Level 5 Beverages was initially named.
 We plan on Announcing at least 4 more
Members in the next few months, with one being a former NFL superstar.

"Lastly, when we resolve the DTC Chill issue and receive our new Stock Symbol, we will form and Announce
a Board of Directors
as we move to a fully-compliant SEC Reporting Company.

CEO Alonzo Pierce continued, "Top Shelf Brands Holdings differentiates itself form other small, 
emerging-growth Beverage companies
due to its Corporate structure.  We established a Subsidiary Company
as a Licensed U.S. Importer of Alcoholic Beverages.

"Under this Federal License, Top Shelf Brands is able to reduce its costs based on a 'self-importation model.' 
These cost savings will be in excess of $50.00 per sold case of Top Shelf Brands Holdings product,
which equates to about a 25% increase in the Company's average Gross Margin, giving the Company
a huge competitive pricing advantage. 

"The specific Market we participate in, "Fine Spirits," generates about $300 Billion Dollars per year globally,
and is growing at an Annual Rate of 5-8%.
  We have previously Announced that we believe we will Sell
our initial $1.3 MM worth of inventory quickly as we go to market, based on the orders we are seeing.

"In addition, we are confident that we can attain a Market Share that will generate Annual Revenues of
at least $20-Million Dollars over the next three years.

"In order to achieve this growth, Top Shelf Brands plans to build upon its existing Distribution channels and
to expand the Sales of its new Line of Branded Liquors.  In the opinion of the Directors, Specialty Spirits
Import's relationships with existing Distributors will enable it to achieve its Sales objectives.

Pierce further commented, "Top Shelf Brands will establish itself as one of the fastest growing Spirits Companies
in the Industry for Strategic Marketing that produces pull-through of its Brands. The value of each flagship Brand
within the Company will be established by increasing Sales volume through Regional expansion.

"Lastly, the Company is sharply focused on increasing Shareholder value by managing the activity of each of
its Partners.

Pierce continued, "In the opinion of the Company, the product line's most significant advantage in the current
Alcoholic Spirits Market, is its appeal to the new generation of female consumers, who have been attracted to
Tequilas and Liqueurs with herbal infusions because of their flavors and suitability for mixing in exotic cocktail drinks.

"Women now form a major consumer base for Liqueurs and Spirits, as they are more responsive to Marketing and
product innovation activity, and are less tied to traditional consumption patterns.  Studies indicate that the number of
adult female Alcohol consumers has been increasing for 15 years, growing 25% in the last five years alone.


Top Shelf Brands Holdings Forms Advisory Board

Date: 06/23/2014
Time: 9:00am Eastern Time
Source: PR Newswire (US)
Houston, Texas

Houston, TX, June 23, 2014 / PR Newswire -- Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCBB:TEMN). 
a progressive Developer and Marketer of Fine Spirits, is happy to Announce the formation of an Advisory Board. 

The primary role of the Advisory Board will be to advise Management on issues related to execution of the business plan,
and to help bring new customers to the Company.  The Board of Directors will be expanded once the Company receives
its new Stock Symbol and its SEC Filings are all updated.

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. said, "We are proud to Announce that Mr. Scott Vanis,
Chairman of Minerco, Inc. (OTCQB:MINE) , the Holding Company for Level 5 Beverage Company,
has agreed to be the initial Member of our Advisory Board.

"Mr. Vanis has extensive experience in the Microcap and Small Cap Markets, having successfully guided the
successful Launch  and expansion of Level 5's flagship brands (see http://www.level5beverage.com), which along with
the much anticipated Launch of the Company's VitaminFizz® Brand (see http://www.vitamin-fizz.com), has lifted
the Market Capitalization of MINE stock by tenfold this Calendar Year. 

"Mr. Vanis will also be able to call upon the expertise of his Advisors and Partners
which include one of the largest and well known global beverage Consultants, Power Brands Consulting, LLC.

Mr. Pierce added, "We are extremely excited to Announce that Mr. Vanis will be joining our newly formed Advisory Board. 
Mr. Vanis has extensive experience in the Microcap and Beverage space.  We both hail from Houston, Texas,
and have met and see many synergies.

"As we have previously Announced - and of particular interest to Mr. Vanis - is our upcoming Launch of
our "herbal infused" Tequila.  Level 5 Beverage has a Line called, The Herbal Collection™ ("THC"), so I will be
looking to Scott for his advice on the our initial Launch.

Mr. Vanis said, "I am honored and excited to be on the Top Shelf team.  I admire Mr. Pierce's vision and enthusiasm,
and I look forward to continuing the Company's impressive growth and making Top Shelf's vision a reality!

"As a fellow Small Cap Executive, I am very familiar with the challenges (and rewards) associated with
running a Public Beverage Company, and hope to help streamline Top Shelf's expansion.
With our similar visions, yet differing expertise and contacts, I am confident that, together,
we will achieve un-paralleled success.

Exclusive Acquisitions Make Top Shelf Brands Holdings (TEMN)
an Entry Investment Into the World Spirits Industry


Date: 06/16/2014
Time: 11:00am Eastern Time
Source: Accesswire
Houston, Texas

Houston, TX, June 16, 2014 / (ACCESSWIRE via COMTEX) -- TEMN: (OTC: PK) Offers High-End,
cutting-edge Wines & Spirits Products to growing Markets, competing with big players in the Industry such as
Diageo plc (DEO)-NYSE, Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV (BUD)-NYSE, Constellation Brands Inc. (STZ)-NYSE/

In the competitive Wines & Spirits industry, originality and exclusivity are rarities that can prove to be
the difference between a big seller and just another bottom-shelf bottle with a drab label. 
Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp. (TEMN) has gradually revealed its progressive and original Marketing campaign
that takes full advantage of current trends like celebrity endorsement, eco-friendly packaging, and luxury Branding.

Trading below a penny with a 7.27M market cap, TEMN presents itself to Investors as an inexpensive gateway
into a Market filled with high-end consumers -- one that has historically seen consistent growth and shows
no signs of slowing.  Between 2010 and 2011, the World Spirits Market experienced a 7% volume expansion
and 10% growth in sales value, and those numbers are expected to rise exponentially over the next decade.

TEMN offers Major Brand quality and exclusivity at a minor cost to Investors.  Not only are Top Shelf's Brands
ready-made for sophisticated, informed consumers, but a couple of recent acquisitions have provided the
Company with proprietary U.S. Ownership of some second-to-none Products with near-limitless market potential.  

One of these recent acquisitions will be paying dividends this Summer when the Company Launches
its Besado Tequila and begins taking orders for the widely-coveted drink at several special event Tastings.

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf, believes the Tastings are an important stepping stone toward
determining an accurate rate of Distribution, although the Company has already prepared initial expectations.

"Our first run is limited to 25,000 bottles that we believe will sell out quickly," said Pierce.
"The risk of our business has been greatly reduced due to the use of an outsourcing model that allows for
production runs with no overhead and minimal lead times.  The initial run for the Silver and Anejo
Besado Tequila
is valued at $1.3 million Dollars, with 45% Gross Profit Margins."

In April, Top Shelf acquired both Dziaq Liqueur and Besado Ultra Premium Tequila, two quality-Brands with
built-in customer bases eagerly awaiting Top Shelf's one-of-a-kind makeover with the re-Launch of these fine drinks. 

Top Shelf's ownership of Besado in particular includes exclusive rights to import and sell any Tequila that
bears the name of "Besado Tequila," which is known worldwide and in the U.S.
The company retains rights to the Besado Label through the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

Pierce described Besado Tequila as "...an Ultra Premium Tequila with a unique proprietary blend of exotic herbs
in a cherry oak barrel finish.
" It features a "...revolutionary cork top design with raised lettering," making it
a prime candidate to live up to the Top Shelf name, as the drink is tailor-made for upscale clubs and bars. 
Besado will make its debut this Summer with a Launch in Florida, followed by Distribution in a slew of other States
including California, Nevada, and Top Shelf's native state of Texas.

Along with the Besado Brand, Top Shelf also acquired Dziaq Liquer, an all-natural fruit blend mixed with
high-end vodka and Mezcal, which has been setting trends in the Miami Beach scene, including among high-profile
celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke.  Pierce stated that the Dziaq Brand already has numerous requests
due to a burgeoning popularity across digital media, including massive YouTube exposure.

Dziaq's low-calorie, non-synthetic taste is one example of Top Shelf's unique Marketing strategy which caters to the
eco-conscious consumer, right down to their use of eco-friendly packaging.  With the Organic Food Market
growing 20% annually, and with more than 60% of Americans claiming they had purposefully purchased Organic produce
in the last year, according to Time magazine, evidence is everywhere of the growing needs of health-conscious consumers. 

Nearly 40% of all Americans said they make purchases based on the social and political values of the producing company.
Top Shelf certainly has those values in mind when releasing its Products!

Top Shelf Brands Holdings (TEMN) is a fast-growing Company that speculators can own MOW at below a penny-per-Share. 

The Company expects to Market and feature at least six to 10 Nationally-recognized Brands within two to three years, and
with the invaluable acquisitions of Besado Tequila and Dziaq Liqueur, Top Shelf is well on its way toward accomplishing that goal.

More about TEMN : www.drinktopshelf.com

Top Shelf Brands featuring Besado Tequila will Begin Taking Orders
at Special Release Party Tastings Prior to Summer Launch


Date: 06/09/2014
Time: 9:00am Eastern Time
Source: Marketwired
Houston, Texas

HOUSTON, TX, June 09, 2014 / Marketwired - Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a Nevada Corporation) (PinkSheets: TEMN)
Announced that it will be featuring Besado Tequila at special event Tastings this Summer prior to the official Launch. 
Distributors will be taking orders in anticipation of making shipments this Summer.

CEO Alonzo Pierce said, "These Tastings will give us some initial demand feedback on the product
in some of our key markets so we can determine proper stocking levels throughout the Distribution area,
thereby limiting shortages as much as possible. 

"We will be setting the schedule and alerting all of our Shareholder Partners of the locations and times
of the samplings to be sure that our followers have the firrst opportunity to try Besado. 

"Our first run is limited to 25,000 bottles, and we believe that will sell out quickly.  The risk of our business has been
greatly reduced due to the primary use of an outsourcing model that allows for production runs with no overhead
and minimal lead times. 

"The initial run for both the Silver and Anejo Besado Tequila is valued at $1.3 million Dollars,
with 45% Gross Profit Margins.
We anticipate this margin rate for all or our products.

In addition, Top Shelf Brands has secured priceless support and placements in future music videos, radio, and
release party Sponsorships to help in Marketing Company products. 

"We will continue to update our Shareholders to the many significant events we have planned,
as the Launch of our products is rolled out,
" CEO Pierce concluded.


Top Shelf Brands (TEMN) Management Discusses Besado Tequila and Business

Date: 06/03/2014
Time: 8:30am Eastern Time
Source: PR Newswire (US)
Houston, Texas

HOUSTON, TX, June 3, 2014 / PR Newswire (US) - Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. (a NV Corporation) (OTC: TEMN) 
today Announced its initial Launch and plans.

Top Shelf Brands Announced that this Summer they will Launch the long-awaited herbal-infused Besado Tequila
Florida, to concentrate initially on building a significant Market share, followed by Texas,
Nevada, California, Louisiana, and Georgia.

Because Revenues and consumption rates for Tequila in those Markets are growth-building, CEO Alonzo Pierce
says, "Management believes by executing progressively in those Markets for Tequila, that Branding will send
a message that will be a great service to our consumers -- "We won't leave a job undone."

Besado Tequila, created by award-winning Packaging Designers, also comes with a revolutionary cork top design
with raised lettering for ease of handling by consumers as well as by bar and nightclub staff.
The taste profile is what every Tequila aficionado would enjoy.

The Company emphasises and underscores its Ownership of three Federally Registered Trademarks,
proprietary bottle designs, two Market-proven successful products, and proprietary formulae
for expansions
together with exciting Press, Public Relations, and Media opportunities --
including A-List Celebrities and Athletes. 

The Company's state-of-the-art award-winning Besado Tequila -- which includes the Import and Distribution
of any Tequila bearing the Label "Besado Tequila" worldwide (including Mexico) --
has obtained the Approval of the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. 
This assures that Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Inc. holds full Ownership and Rights to Import and sell Tequila
in the United States
under the Trade Name Besado Tequila.

Alonzo Pierce CEO added that, "We have a proven concept, proven Management and Advisors, and have created
substantial consumer demand for two Brands that are in categories experiencing exponential growth. 
All of our products are based on considerable research and analysis.  We have placed our feet in the
consumers' shoes in order to improve not only the specific product, but the experience that surrounds it by
leveraging consumer insight to power our Brands and business.

CEO Alonzo Pierce continued, "Products in the United States Alcoholic Beverage Industry consist of
three distinct segments: Distilled Spirits, Beer, and Wine.  Distilled Spirits consist of three primary categories:
White Goods, Whiskey, and Specialties. 

"White Goods, representing 33% of Alcoholic Beverage sales in the United States, consist of
some Tequila. Vodka, Rum, and Gin, but Aged Tequila (Añejo)
is considered to be in the same category as Whiskey (Brown Goods).

"Vodka is the largest product within the Distilled Spirits Industry.  Tequila is the second largest product
within the Distilled Spirits Industry, and is the fastest-growing Distilled Spirit.

Top Shelf Brands Holdings Inc. develops, imports, and markets Premium Spirits, and supplies
Branded alcoholic beverages, with an initial offering of Tequila, Liqueurs, and Bourbon in the $300-plus Billion
U.S. Alcoholic Beverage Industry that is comprised of over 500 million consumers.  Top Shelf has begun to build
an outstanding collection of Alcoholic Beverage Brands across all categories of Spirits.


Contact Info:
Website: http://www.drinktopshelf.com
Phone: +1-832-390-2787
Email: apierce@emperialamericas.com


Texas-Based Top Shelf Brands Holdings Offers High-End, Cutting-Edge
Wine and Spirit Products to Growing Market


Date: 05/29/2014
Time: 8:30am Eastern Time
Source: PR Newswire (US)
Houston, Texas

HOUSTON, TX,  May 29, 2014 / PR Newswire (US) - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp. (OTC: TEMN) is a Houston, Texas-based
Marketer and Supplier of Alcohol Beverage Brands, with an initial offering of premium Champagne, Tequila, and Liqueur.
With a focus on environmentally conscious packaging of unique and innovative all-natural ingredients, Top Shelf is specializing
in dynamic Brand creation and strategic Identity Marketing for its products to the expanding U.S Marketplace.

The global Wine & Spirits Market currently accounts for $391 Billion U.S. Dollars per year.  World Spirits consumption
is expected to increase by 24% in Volume and 22.5% in Value over the next decade (IWSR forecast).  It is also a
consistent and stable Industry that grows almost solely through acquisition, hence Top Shelf's multi-faceted business model.

Within the next two to three years, TEMN aims to create, acquire, or represent six to 10 Nationally-recognized Brands,
each attaining the 50,000 cases Depletion Mark, with double-digit growth.

"We have reviewed the business model, and it's as sufficient as one can get," said Top Shelf Brands President Alonzo Pierce,
"With the equity purchase of the Assets of a Distributor - Imperial Beverage LLC - our profits should increase and
allow more Dollars toward the boxes for Marketing.  With the purchase of a Wholesaler, we will control not only our Brands
but also, we can Distribute for other Suppliers who aren't big enough for a big Distributor and are serious about getting
their Brands in the largest market in the U.S.,
" said Pierce.

TEMN aims to corner the increasingly "green," sophisticated, and health-conscious Consumer such as Generation Y. 
On top of going to great lengths to work with Suppliers and Manufacturers who exceed Regulatory practice by
implementing the use of organic and biodynamic ingredients, TEMN is embracing eco-friendly packaging of
its Besado Tequila and Archangel Champagne to minimize the Company's carbon footprint.

Besado Tequila is award-winning anejo tequila infused with "Herbal Erotic Stimulants" including Ginseng, Damiana,
and Maca, while Archangel Champagne is a sparkling beverage imported from France.

TEMN's product line-up is Dziaq Liqueur — a 100% natural and low-calorie blend of Mediterranean pomegranate,
Asian lychee, and Latin American dragon fruit mixed with high-end Vodka and a splash of Mezcal.  

Dziaq Liqueur is currently sweeping across the jet-setting, health-conscious Miami Beach party scene by
sponsoring a recent Robin Thicke concert and making appearances in several high-profile music videos
featuring Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams amongst others.  The Brand has received over $2 Million
in initial investment and more than 50 million hits on YouTube.

Contact Info:
Website: http://www.drinktopshelf.com
Phone: 832-390-2787
Email: apierce@emperialamericas.com

Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp. Provides Shareholder Update

Date: 05/23/2014
Time: 11:40am Eastern Time
Source: Access Wire
Houston, Texas

Nevada, May 23, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCBB: TEMN),
an emerging Distributor of Distilled Spirits and herbal-infused Spirits would like to update Shareholders on its recent progress.

Several Shareholders have asked about the status of the Case in Florida regarding the illegal issuance of Stock and
Preferred securities brought by the Plaintiffs. 

We filed a Motion for Summary Judgment on May 1, 2014 and waited the requisite 20 days for the Plaintiffs to respond. 
Upon receiving no Response, protocol states that we request a Summary Judgment Hearing in order to put closure
on the illegal issuance of Stock. The final Hearing has been set for August 14, 2014,
which was the earliest open date on the Docket.

Separately, Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp. has been cooperating with FINRA, and has recently been
in contact in order to finally receive clearance for the new Stock Symbol.  We are also working
with DTC to have any and all Chills removed.

Lastly, and most importantly, we want to make it clear that this Legal Case has not -- and will not --
prevent us from moving our Business Plan forward.  We have been aggressively executing
our Business Plan, and will continue to do so.

We have previously Announced the Acquisition of several Brands that we will be bringing to Market shortly,
and are actively pursuing additional Brands to add to our Portfolio.  We are in advanced discussions regarding
such new Acquisitions, and will update the Market in a timely manner on our progress. 

We will also update the Market on our initial Launch of the products we have already acquired. 
This is truly an exciting time for Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp.

"We are looking forward to finally getting closure on the illegal activities that occurred with prior Management.  
The Legal process has not interfered with our Business Plan, and we are still on track to Launch our new,
highly anticipated Tequila mark by August, 2014.

"We believe our herbal-infused Besado Tequila mark will be an immediate success and a game changer.
We have received overwhelmingly positive response from our Distributor relationships;
they are eagerly waiting for the product rollout. 

"Additionally, we have projected triple-digit Revenue growth Annually over the next several years,
starting with the introduction of five new innovative Spirits.

"We have sufficient working capital in place to meet our aggressive growth projections."  

Mr. Pierce continued to state, "We have been working closely with FINRA over the last few weeks, and
expect to get the Symbol changed, and we have been working with DTC to remove the Chill.

Upon the removal of the Chill, we will File all of the necessary paperwork which has already been completed, 
to become a fully Reporting OTCQB Status.

Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp.
(832) 390-2787

Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp. Files for Summary Judgment in Florida Court

Date: 05/06/2014
Time: 9:00am Eastern Time
Source: Marketwired
Houston, Texas

HOUSTON, TX, May 06, 2014 / Marketwired - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., (a Nevada Corporation) (PINKSHEETS: TEMN)
Announces it has Filed a Motion for Summary Judgment in the case pending in Florida, asking the Court that is
holding the Shares to agree the Certificates were improperly issued and are void.
  These Shares have been deposited to
the Court's Registry, and the Suit was Filed after initially asking Clear Trust Transfer to cancel 1 billion Shares and
60 Preferred Class A Shares that were improperly issued to former Directors. 

Clear Trust Transfer initially failed to cancel the Shares that were returned, requiring the Filing of this Suit to protect
the Company's Shareholders. 

"We're fighting for our Shareholders due to former Directors creating a new series of Stock purely to regain control of
the public entity.  This move didn't add value to the Company, and was done explicitly to protect their own interests,
not the interests of the existing Shareholders. 

"As we move closer to cleaning-up the Company, there are a couple of things that just should not be allowed," Alonzo Pierce, CEO stated. 
"As a steward of this Company, in order to be taken seriously, we have to attack our obstacles head on, and not allow anything to
get in the way of the Company's Shareholders or the Company's business plan. 

"We won't sit by idly and watch as unscrupulous individuals try to take advantage of the Common Shareholder," continued Pierce. 

"Top Shelf Brands has first class Legal representation in Florida, Texas, and Nevada -- and we will do everything we can
to grow an exciting Company that has tremendous upside and has been long awaiting an opportunity for growth. 
We will stop at nothing to protect value for our Shareholders moving forward.

About TSB:

Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp. incubates, creates, markets, and supplies Branded alcoholic beverages, with an initial offering
of Tequila, Liqueur, and Bourbon.  Being a Federally Licensed Importer and supplier of alcoholic beverages gives us
a competitive edge.
  Top Shelf Brands is dedicated to "Incubating and Creating Brands People Talk About".

Top Shelf Brands is positioned to capitalize on the $1 Trillion Spirits Industry. Strong growth in the Industry is anticipated,
primarily in the Premium category.

Top Shelf Brands 

Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp. Finalizes Acquisition of Dziaq and Besado!

Date: 04/28/2014
Time: 10:00am Eastern Time
Source: Marketwired
Houston, Texas

HOUSTON, TX, April 28, 2014 / Marketwired - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., (a Nevada Corporation) (PINKSHEETS: TEMN),
Announced today it has completed the acquisition of the Dziaq Liqueur and Besado Ultra Premium Tequila brands from OTR. 

Top Shelf Brands has also secured the transfer of Ownership Rights for the Trademarks of Dziaq and Besado
through Legal Filings with the USPTO. 

The original investment of over two million dollars, and the existing Goodwill created by the originators of Dziaq and Besado,
will be leveraged through the re-launch with exciting Websites and Social Media activations. 

"Dziaq is an innovative calorie reduced liqueur brand that has had targeted market penetration over the last few years,
with a strong underground following with requests from across the country and overseas.

"We have newly formulated additional entries that will be added for the re-launch in the next few months. 
Check us out at http://www.dziaq.com,
" stated Alonzo Pierce, CEO, Top Shelf Brands Holdings, Corp.   

"Besado is an Ultra Premium Tequila with a unique propriety blend of exotic herbs in a
cherry oak barrel finish,
" continued Mr. Pierce. 

Financial terms of the agreement with OTR will be disclosed through an SEC 8k Filing.

Top Shelp Brands Holdings Corp. Announces the Upcoming Launch of
                             its new Investor Relations Website


Date: 04/17/2014
Time: 9:14am Eastern Time
Source: Marketwired
Houston, Texas

HOUSTON, TX, April 17, 2014 / Marketwired - Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp. (a Nevada Corporation) (PINKSHEETS: TEMN) 
today Announces the Upcoming Launch of its New Investor Relations Website.  The new IR Website offers Investors
quick access to important information while maximizing Corporate transparency.
The Website incorporates numerous
features to make browsing for investment information a much faster and informative experience for
the Company's current and potential Investors.

The new IR Website features immediate posting of the Company's Press Releases as they are issued as well as the automated
posting of SEC filings, XBRL data, Insider Section 16 Filings, and detailed Annual as well as Quarterly Financial Statements.
Stock information data such as quotes, charts, and historical prices are updated on demand with a 20-minute delay
and the Company's Financial tear sheet is updated daily after the Market Close. There is also an IR Calendar
featuring upcoming events, conference calls, Investor presentations, CEO interviews, media coverage, Corporate videos,
and an up-to-date Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section.

Alonzo Pierce, Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp.'s CEO, said, "A significant part of our mission is presenting current and
potential Investors with the information they want in the quickest and most organized way. We believe our new IR Website
advances this goal by presenting our Investor information in an attractive and easy-to-access format.

Mr. Pierce continued, "A priority for the IR Website is to maximize Corporate transparency for the benefit of our Investors,
and we are confident that the new IR Website succeeds in providing this transparency.  Furthermore, the IR Website
allows us to archive an extensive range of Corporate materials and information that can be easily searched and accessed
by any Investor at any time.

Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp. engaged Equisolve, LLC to design, develop, and provide ongoing management for
the new IR Website. Equisolve is the leading company delivering cutting edge communications solutions
for Public Companies
by integrating the Company's Corporate Website, IR Website, and IR Mobile App on a single platform.

Mr. Pierce further stated, "Our business model and plan is gaining traction, and events continue to unfold quickly. 
We will continue to update the Investment Community as these events occur.

Top Shelf Brands

Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp. Announces an Agreement with ABAC Glass Co., Ltd., for
       a Revolutionary Bottle Design for the Highly Anticipated Herbal-Infused Tequila


Date: 04/15/2014
Time: 2:02pm Eastern Time
Source: PR Newswire (US)
Houston, Texas

HOUSTON, April 15, 2014 / PRNewswire -- Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCBB: TEMN),
would like to Announce that it will begin to release News related to the execution of its business plan. 

Today, Management is happy to Announce that it has entered into an agreement with ABAC Glass Co. Ltd., a premier manufacturer
of glass packaging for the $1 trillion alcoholic beverage industry.
"Sealing this business relationship was an extremely important step
for the development of our revolutionary bottle design that is poised to win several Design Awards for the Company in 2014. 
Bottle design is well recognized within the Alcoholic Beverage Business as the key to marketing the Brand,
" said Alonzo Pierce, CEO of
Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corporation. 

"After several months of research and development and testing, the design will complement the herbal infused Tequila
that's going to shock the spirits industry.
We will also own the Patent which will enhance the assets on our balance sheet
and increase Shareholder value,
" stated Pierce.

Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp. is establishing itself to be a premier Manufacturer and Distributor of
the highest quality Distilled Spirits -- both domestically and globally.

We look forward to announcing more News as we move our business plan forward.

Top Shelf Brands

About ABAC:

ABACGLASS is a rapidly-growing Industrial Manufacturer that has been committed to manufacturing innovative and
high quality glass containers across the globe. Their innovative technologies and manufacturing expertise have made them
leader of Bottle Manufacturers in East-Asia.  ABACGLASS is more than just a glass supplier; they are a partner in
effectively driving innovation and positioning a Brand.

Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp. Secures $5 Million Credit Facility!

Date: 04/07/2014
Time: 10:04am Eastern Time
Source: PR Newswire (US)
Houston, Texas

HOUSTON, April 7, 2014 / PRNewswire -- Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp., (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCBB: TEMN),
today Announced that it has signed a Financing Agreement for $5 Million with River North Equity, LLC,
a  Private Investment firm
focusing on investing in small- and micro-capitalized Public growth companies.

"Securing a Financing Facility through an Institutional Investor provides Management with great leverage as our business plan
is implemented,
" said Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holding Corp. 

"Management can draw-down on this Financing at any time, giving the flexibility to make strategic decisions on
growing our business,
" continued Pierce. 

"We anticipate using these funds for acquisitions, and for other business activities that will directly result in
generating Revenue and Earnings.  This Credit Facility will not be used for working capital or Corporate overhead.
We currently have enough cash on hand
to tactically move our business plan forward.

Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp. is establishing itself to be a premier Manufacturer and Distributor of
the highest quality Distilled Spirits -- both domestically and globally.

"We look forward to Announcing more News as we move our business plan forward."


Team Nation Holdings Corp. Announces Name Change and CUSIP Change,
             Authorized Share Reduction, and Omnibus Stock Option Plan

Date: 03/27/2014
Time: 10:24am Eastern Time
Source: PR Newswire (US)
Houston, Texas

HOUSTON, Texas / PR Newswire (US) / March 27, 2014 / Team Nation Holdings Corp., (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCBB: TEMN),
today Announced that it has officially changed its name with the State of Nevada to Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp.
in order to reflect the true business of the Company.  The Company has also received a new CUSIP Number
in preparation for a new Trading Symbol and Uplisting in the near future. 

Management has also Filed the paperwork required to reduce the Company's Authorized Shares from 5 billion to 2 billion,
thereby protecting current Shareholder value by significantly reducing the ability to dilute Shareholders.  

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp, commented, "These changes are essential for us to achieve the goals
we set when embarking on the task of becoming a fully Reporting Public Company and gaining access to the public Capital Markets.
Our new name reflects on our belief that our Brands are some of the best tasting Distilled and Herbal-infused Spirits engineered in
the Market that will capitalize in the Alcoholic Beverage Industry that is expected to exceed $1 trillion Dollars and 210 billion liters. 

"The Share Authorization reduction confirms my commitment to build Shareholder value." 

Management has also adopted an Omnibus Stock Option Plan for its employees.  "Our Stock Option Plan was implemented
to give us the ability to attract and maintain key employees while executing our business plan.  It is important for a small company
to be able to compete for the best talent available, and Stock Options give us that competitive edge,
" continued Pierce.

Team Nation Holdings Corp. Reports Removal of CE Status and OTC Pink CURRENT Updates

Date: 03/21/2014
Time: 3:30pm Eastern Time

Source: Access Wire
Houston, Texas

Nevada / ACCESSWIRE / March 21, 2014 / Team Nation Holdings Corp., (a Nevada Corporation) (TEMN), today Announced
that it has Updated all Financials and Disclosures required by OTC Markets to remove the Caveat Emptor (CE) status
and it has been Updated to OTC Pink CURRENT status.

Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Team Nation Holdings Corp. commented, “This is a big step in the process of becoming a fully Reporting
Company with the OTC.  We are in the process of applying for a name change and Symbol change with FINRA and
moving forward with the Audits required to be a fully Reporting Company.  It is my intent to uplist to the OTCQB as soon as we
finalize the Audits and File our Super 8k.



Team Nation Holdings Corp. to Exit Reorganization  

Date: 02/19/2014
Time: 9:00am

Source: Access Wire
Houston, Texas

Nevada / ACCESSWIRE / February 19, 2014 / Team Nation Holdings Corp. (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCBB: TEMN), today announced
that, after several months of preparation, it plans to exit out of Reorganization and Report updated Financial Statements and Assets
in the coming weeks.

Upon exiting, Team Nation Holdings Corp., through its retained Corporate Counsel, will submit to the State of Nevada and government
offices for a Corporate name change and a Stock Market Symbol change that better reflects its business Industry.
Shortly thereafter, the Company is poised to Announce the acquisition of two new Brands, a premium Tequila mark,
Champagne, and an innovative low-calorie Liqueur mark
to its portfolio.

In addition, the Company will immediately hire key additional Officers, Operational, and Sales employees to assist
the Company with the new Branding, new product launches, and their debuts. Alonzo Pierce, President, stated,
"We are extremely excited about the positive feedback and results we have received from our product and the market testing
related to our product roll-outs.

"Our upcoming portfolio represents true innovation, complements identified category opportunities, and results in 
a well-rounded, competitive portfolio.

"We are prepared to shock the Spirits Industry with a new-to-Market herbal-infused mark. We also expect to add to
our current distribution network with a National Wholesaler Platform in addition to new strategic export Partnerships
within Central America, South America, and Puerto Rico.



Team Nation Holdings Corp. to Engage Texas Securities Law Firm

Date: 11/06/2013 @ 9:00am
Source: Access Wire
Houston, Texas

Team Nation Holdings Corp. (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCBB: TEMN), today announced that it will sign an Engagement Letter with
Houston Law Firm Sonfield & Sonfield
as stated in the Release dated 10/25/2013. The historical Texas firm will represent
the Company as Special Counsel in both
Corporate and United States Securities Regulation matters
as may be required in connection with the organization.

The areas being addressed immediately are getting Current status filings completed in the State of Nevada
and assisting the Independent Auditors in bringing the Company into compliance with the rules and regulations of the
Financial Industries Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the Depository Trust Company (DTCC), the Securities and Exchange
Commission (SEC), the stock Transfer Agent (T/A), and OTC Markets.
  Upon completion of returning to Current status in Nevada,
the Company will appoint its new Board of Directors and begin implementing a new business plan.

The Company is continuing its negotiations with a Texas-based alcoholic beverage supplier for the purpose
of completing a Share exchange between the Company and TEMN.  Once consummated, the Company
will begin operating in Texas as an Importer and Distributor of distilled alcoholic beverages.


Team Nation Holdings Corp. Begins Reorganization and Issues Shareholder Update.

Date: 10/25/2013 @ 7:39am
Source: Access Wire

Houston, Texas

Team Nation Holdings Corp., (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCBB: TEMN), today announced that it has begun the reorganization process
for the Corporation, which will include the appointment of new Directors within the next 30 days.

The process started with the Update to current Share Structure on OTC Markets.
The Company has hired a new Attorney to assist in bringing itself Current in its Corporate Filings in the State of Nevada. 
The Company is also in the process of retaining a Securities Attorney to address the DTCC Chill placed on the Company's
Common Shares that occurred with past Management, and to bring its SEC Filings current.

The Company has begun the process of updating its Financial Statements, with the intent of becoming a
Fully-Reporting Company again in the future.  The Financial updates will show no debt on the books of TEMN.

The Company is currently in negotiations with a privately held Texas-based Liquor Company for the purpose of
completing a Share exchange between the Company and TEMN.  Once consummated, the Company will begin
operating in Texas as an Importer and Distributor of distilled alcoholic beverages.

Additionally, there is no plan for a Reverse Split, as the Issued and Outstanding Shares
only represent about one-half of the Authorized Shares of the Company.

The Company will not respond to emails or phone calls with regard to this Update (or other information) in order to
comply with SEC Rules, but will make readily available information pertaining to its progress.

CEO Alonzo Pierce commented, "I am truly grateful for the opportunities that have presented themselves within TEMN. 
I feel that the new structure of the Company is very solid and will serve as an excellent platform for the
proposed acquisition, which will allow us to be a viable Spirits Company and provide increased Shareholder Value."


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