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Heavy political and governmental policy debate is encouraged. Argument dodging is frowned upon. The tenor of this board is antipartisanship. Tags, such as liberal or conservative, hold no special meaning for us. It is about personal liberty verses state control. Partisan posts, whether advancing a party or public-consumption ideology, will be attacked, as such posts are truly religious, in nature. These artificial tools of division assist tyranny. Think about the relevancy of what you post to your own personal liberty and/or the threat of its demise.

Humor is always welcome, especially political humor.

This a political board. Religion plays a massive part of politics and history. That has an integrated place here. Personal theology does not. There are boards for personal theology discussions. Again, partisanism and ideologyism are considered religious.

To this end of understanding, please consider Hegelian Dialectic in most everything put out for public consumption. Orwell, in 1984, demonstrated planned opposition. We see this principle quite clearly in most radio talk shows; planned or unwittingly.

Pink Floyd and any parts, there of, are the official musical group of this board. This is no slight to King Crimson and their parts. They can still be our mascot. This is based on their cogent social and political awareness in their music.

The Matrix and V for Vendetta have many thought provoking and useful quotes. Here are some resources.

"We have met the enemy and he is us." (Pogo) 

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