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WELCOME TO THE MUTUAL FUND EXCHANGE! For those of us who don’t have time to trade our portfolios on a daily basis, don’t want to risk our money on one individual company, or want to trade a particular segment of our economy or world, there are mutual funds. There are many other reasons to trade mutual funds. Mainly, though, investors trade mutual funds because they involve somewhat less risk than individual stocks with extremely comparable returns, and give a little more of something that is highly valuable to investors – time. The purpose of this board will be to identify the best performing funds, funds that may significantly increase in value according to market movement, and funds that absolutely no one should own. This Information Box will contain a lot of information to get you started and will be updated from time to time. Some of you may find this helpful if you aren’t familiar with Mutual Funds. The rest of us can use the Information Box as a resource to refine our skills. If you have something to contribute, please do. That’s the whole purpose of this board. Investors Hub now has a Mutual Fund trading board. I hope you like it. As always, the IHUB Official rules of conduct apply to this board. If you violate those rules, then take your business elsewhere. There will be a zero tolerance policy on this board for personal attacks. Disclaimer: The funds and ideas on this board are not to be taken as financial advice. You should consult a Financial Advisor or a licensed broker before making any financial decisions. You are responsible for the investments you make. Happy Investing! ThanksLouie ______________________________ Note: Mutual Fund prices are updated at 5:30 PM after market close. ______________________________ DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE CLASSES OF SHARES A SHARES: If you buy an "A" share Mutual fund, you pay a load (fee) at the beginning of the investment. Expense ratios, or what the company charges you yearly to hold the fund, are generally the lowest of all the classes. You may exchange "A" shares for any other "A" share mutual fund for free as long as the other fund you are exchanging to is within the same fund family (i.e. exchange eaton vance "A" share for another eaton vance "A" share for free). There is no cost to sell an A share. B SHARES: If you buy a "B" share mutual fund, you do not pay a load up front. However, the expense ratios are generally the highest for "B" share mutual funds. There is no fee to exchange "B" shares. If you sell within one year, you are charged five percent, the year after that four, and so on. After a certain time, your "B" shares will turn into "A" shares because there is no back end load to sell them. C SHARES: If you buy a "C" share mutual fund, there is no cost to buy. There is a back end load if you sell within a year. "C" shares may be exchanged within the same fund family without cost to you. ______________________________ Websites to discover and analyze funds: 1. cnbc.com 2. finance.yahoo.com 3. morningstar.com 4. sharpcharts.com 5. www.usatoday.com/money/front.htm $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Another Up Year for Equity Funds Fund Investment Style 2005 Return Small-Cap Value 6.17% Small-Cap Growth 6.35% Small-Cap Blend 6.06% Midcap Value 9.07% Midcap Growth 9.60% Midcap Blend 9.65% Large-Cap Growth 5.96% Large-Cap Blend 5.34% Large-Cap Value 5.74% Domestic Equity Funds (excluding sector and balanced funds) 7.32% S&P 500 Index (with dividends reinvested) 4.92%
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