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The Jailhouse (JAIL)

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First and foremost - watch this:

Then go here to see if this helps you undersand why you're here:

Then read this if you're still confused:

Then read the stickies at the top of this board.

This thread is designed to allow those members who get suspended a place to cool off, figure out what they did wrong, and eventually, possibly, get out.

Instructions for those new to the Jail:
1) If you have gone to post and see the red alert saying "Your account has been suspended. You can only post to the Jail," then you are in the right place.
2) Figure out what you did wrong (often, you already know).

You can be here in two different scenarios:
1) We could be using the Jail as a temporary holding tank while you cool off and we get a few things straight (this is often the case)
2) We've thrown you in here because you are spamming, being a dolt, using multiple aliases, etc. and need to serve your time

Whatever you do, do NOT sign up for another account to circumvent your suspension.

Q: Should I send you a private msg to discuss this? Why are you ignoring me?
A: You can send a PM to IH Admin or you can post here. Be advised to leave out any vulgarity or reference to nazis and the like. We're not interested in either.

Q: Do you warn before you suspend people?
A: Generally, you've been warned.  But, if egregious actions, then, no, no warning. You're likely absolutely aware of what you did to get suspended so please don't waste any of our time pleading ingorance or innoncence of what you've done to violate the rules.  Just do your time.

Q: What if I think you are wrong about suspending me?
A: We are rarely wrong, but you are welcome to ask.

Current List of Invited Guests:

This board is read-only, except to Invited Guests and Admins.

You are at a fork in the road:

The Long Road Home:

"I didn't do it."  "The other guy made me do it."  "You busted the wrong guy,"  "You just want to harass me."  "I'm going to sue."  "I'm reporting you to [insert favorite acronyms here]" "I don't need this site."  "You all suck."  "I'll just (try to) post from a new account." "You are violating my constitutional rights (and I failed high school civics)."

The Path of Least Resistance:

"Yep, guilty as charged. I acknowledge and regret my actions and I am prepared to accept the consequences. I commit to modify my bad behavior in the future."

Finally, do you resemble the following? If so, you should seriously rethink your approach or you will be spending much time here.


Free Speech

#108394  Sticky Note New Jailhouse Rule: Satan 12/18/13 02:03:11 PM
#108246  Sticky Note David, I have made the change you requested Satan 12/01/13 02:28:09 PM
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#93890  Sticky Note iHub allows only one account per User. IH Admin [Shelly] 11/16/09 07:10:05 PM
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#117648   Save your breath,,,,or u can make a public peteypickem 05/14/17 07:47:18 PM