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The International Traders Expo - Vegas - November 12-14, 2018

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Learn the Necessary Skills to Make Profitable Trading Decisions

The International Traders Expo Las Vegas, November 12-14, 2018 at Bally's


Four Days That Can Make All the Difference for 2019 and Beyond
At the Annual Traders Expo - Las Vegas, you will gain step-by-step information on how to execute a successful trading plan.  Topics such as how to save taxes, keep the IRS off your back, and how to set-up your own trading company and/or Hedge Fund will be highlighted.  Exchange ideas, discuss new indicators and learn the strategies top traders are using to make their living in the markets.  Review your trading skills to better prepare you for 2019.
Learn How Top Traders Pull Profits from the Markets Each Day
Trading in highly volatile markets requires a disciplined approach and there are techniques you can learn to use now that minimize your risk and increase your profits. The secret lies in knowing how consistent traders find trades and manage them well from start to finish. Anyone can learn these strategies-all you need is a commitment to learn what works and the confidence to implement them. Every speaker at The Traders Expo is carefully selected because of their proven ability to teach trading techniques that can lead to a lifetime of success. Register now and prepare for three days that will get you on track for a profitable 2019.

If you're planning to attend the BIG, BIG Traders Expo in Las Vegas (11/12 -- 11/14), this would be a good place to state your intentions. That way, people who don't like you will know, and they can make alternate plans for the weekend.

The Have Your Picture Taken with Matt Brown photo kiosk will be located directly opposite Cleopatra's Barge at Caesar's Place and will be open Friday and Saturday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Please try to arrive early to avoid the anticipated lengthy lines. UPDATE - never mind, this event has been cancelled.

Early Bird Special: The Churak Dunking Booth will be located in the central lobby of the Mandalay Bay Resort on Thursday from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. For three tosses, a donation of $10 or 35,000 shares of BioAmber Inc.

New Workshop Offering: Ask Phil If You're an Asshole Q&A Session(Date and Time TBD). In this exciting and highly innovative workshop, audience members will be able to reveal a single fact about themselves and then ask Phil (Bullrider) if they are assholes. He will answer yes to all and tell each of them to have fun. Seating will be limited. UPDATE - this event has also been cancelled

Update: Lance Berger's seminar, Syntax Free Trading, will cancel because it didn't the necessity forms submit on a timely basis enough.

***Updated Update***: Mr. Berger has agreed to join GOTMILK's panel discussion "Communication - the Clear & Concise Way." Time and place TBA.

Book Signing: EVO will be signing copies of his autobiography, They're Jealous Bastards, All of Them!, (Simon & Shuster, 45 pp.) on Sunday morning poolside at the Mirage Resort and Casino. Pop Tarts and chocolate milk will be served.

Concert under the Stars: Bob Zumbrunnen, his daughter, Darth, and the IHub's own acting troupe, the Jailhouse Merry Soapsters, will perform the lively operetta, Oh, Boogerville, My Boogerville, Friday at 9:00 PM on The Venetian Hotel's rooftop terrace. Contact Meatloaf for ticket information.UPDATE - this event has also been cancelled

CMKX-Aid Charity Golf Tourney: This match play tournament will raise desperately needed bus fares for CMKX true longs who will have been stranded in Vegas since 10/31. Wayne Newton will present the winner with the coveted Uncle Melvie Cup.

IHub Cocktail Party: Like swing? Momo and the Bollinger Band will be performing. Caesar's Palace, Thursday at 7:00. Don't miss this one.

JMHollen Memorial 5K Race: Shake off those early morning D.T.'s and raise money to cure megalomania, a disorder affecting hundreds of IHub members, at the same time. Contact Churak for details.

Sign up for MATT and MMMARY's Big Bike Tour of the "local scene" behind the Strip on Saturday. $10 to join the tour with your own bike; to ride as Matt's passenger, $50 guys, gals (price upon request); to ride as MMMARY's passenger (auction pricing).

He was born a default. He became a legend. Be there for An Evening with No Moderator. Born without head, limbs or torso -- indeed, not existing at all -- but he never gave up! Today, he moderates over 9871 boards and has 57+ Person Marks. Hear his incredible tale as you join us for what promises to be a magical evening, Friday at 8:30 in the IHub Hospitality Suite. (A word to the wise: Bring a hankie or two to this one.)

The "Guess the Size of Olico's Kidneys" Challenge is back by popular demand. Submit your guess at the Guest Services desk in the lobby of The Luxor, Friday and Saturday 8 AM to 6 PM. (Free Advice: Guess high...No, higher than that...A little higher...Good. Now multiply by pi.)

If you would like tickets to the taping of the new pilot for Food TV, Cooking Chez Cintrix: Recipes That Destroyed the Nuclear Family, contact Meatloaf. (Oh, the irony of that.)

Tragic Pic -- This post captures a picture that was snapped just before the 2004 attendees met an untimely end due to a runaway giant cogwheel (Bob, who wisely distanced himself from the other attendees, was the only survivor). #msg-4622850 Oh, the humanity!


Satan will be hosting a pool party at Bare at Mirage complete with munchies & a DJ. All iHubettes are asked to attend to cast their vote for the "Best Set of Male Boobs" Award. The early favorite to win this award is DREAM. As is usual when Diabolus puts on the Ritz, there are sure to be surprises. so make your reservations early for what promises to be the social event of the Fall season.


Update - due to the overwhelming success of his first book "They're Jealous Bastards, All of Them"  Evo will be signing copies of his new book "Life On The Lam" at - well, due to circumstances within his control, the date and time will be announced at a later date. Plan B calls for you to send $39.95 to Evo's PayPal account and he will send you a signed copy.

 Paranoia in the Sun! fourkids_9pets will do a reading from her recently published memoirs, "<<Affectations>> and *Befuddlement* in the Bozone" (Friday Noon at the Cabal of the SEC Pool Oasis).

On Thursday, sharp at 8:00 AM, Gail will be delivering the Opening Welcome Address followed up by her always popular "The need for a five day chart and my other suggestions rejected by iHub" presentation. This could stretch  into Friday so pack some food & Depends because you surely wouldn't want to miss anything.

For your Saturday night program, be sure not to miss Tina & Ally and their TA for Dummies seminar with an emphasis on webcam usage (NB - the first 50 registrants will receive a free webcam). Highlights include the importance of the golden cross & the 200 MA. A bonus this year will be a brief (but concise) presentation of Japanese Candlestick Charting.  For those of you that may have seen snippets of this presentation on other websites over the past couple of years, we have been advised that there will be some frank & mind-boggling topics revealed. In order to accommodate the anticipated interest in this always entertaining duo, the venue will be the Las Vegas Convention Center & accordingly, seating will be limited to the first 10,000 registrants so book early.

Under the majestic lights of the Fremont Experience, ZARDIW will be handing out leaflets to a live demonstration of a P2O machine outside Mermaids Slot Parlor on Fremont Street. RAWNOC will then rush the freshly made oil inside to be used for those delectable deep fried twinkies and deep fried oreos. Oh wait, it's not THAT kind of oil; who cares as it can't be any worse for you than what they already crank out. There will be a strict wrist band policy in effect and anyone trying to cut into line will have the crap beat out of them by BRIG.

Throughout the Expo, Ken Scordo (aka Mother Theresa) will be holding court at the OC Securities booth pontificating about his savvy skills of picking business partners. Instead of thanking his lucky stars the way things turned out and unable to move forward, he will dwell in the past and stomp on people when they are down. So, for a really fun filled experience, all are invited to attend the OSC booth wearing a name tag with their iHub alias so he can take his shot at you. Good times for all!  UPDATE - this event has also been cancelled


On Friday & Saturday nights starting @ 10:00 PM, Komando Robot will be hosting the first ever Splash Bash @ Blue Moon Resort. Komando is inviting all his pals (especially those coming out of the closet) to what promises to be one of the most interesting events of the Expo. There will be several fondue stations for your dining pleasure and lotsa fruity drinks with pretty umbrellas. Leather attire optional. 

To start the Expo off, on Tuesday night, don't miss a special opportunity to dine with Paulie Cashews at Ellis Island, home of the $7.99 steak special. Paulie is sparing no expense to give his vic-, er guests, the opportunity to be interviewed for his forthcoming Mockumentary "I Make Fun of the Mullets And They Come Back For More". There will be an extra fee for pictures and no royalties will be paid for use of your likeness. Appropriate dress (including tin foil hats) mandatory. 

And finally (last but not least) to top off the Expo, don't miss the "Angry booted ihubbers Revenge Booth." Please nominate those to be beheaded to a moderator (booted members will have to respond by eluding admin and creating a new ID on their smart phones). Afterwards, please join the lynch mob for some tasty PAPA's Pizza.

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#1509   If you liked the NYNY casino floor space, Rawnoc 07/27/10 03:16:38 PM
#1508   no, i havent attended. ABIGIDIOT 07/27/10 03:11:09 PM
#1507   Have you been before Hammer? Tina 07/27/10 02:44:39 PM
#1506   Rawnoc (will be giving out JBII tshirts Th/Fri) ABIGIDIOT 07/27/10 02:39:44 PM
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#1490   "If you're planning to attend the BIG, BIG ZarGhost 10/23/09 12:07:12 PM
#1489   open inviation to those that are not going timhyma 10/18/09 07:31:19 PM
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