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The Hypocrisy of Christianity

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Last Post: 4/16/2017 3:03:44 PM - Followers: 3 - Board type: Premium - Posts Today: 0

I have noticed a growing trend of Christianity and their rigid views and thinking. Everything is God this and Jesus that. Personally I think Christianity is an intolerant, shove it n your face type of religion. Almost no other religion looks for converts like Christianity does.  The Jesus freaks are always shoving this stuff in our faces. Extremely cultist.  Christians tend to think they are the only religion.  They are robotic clones like Stepford wives.  Almost no other religion looks for converts like Christianity does.  

Discussion on this board is fine but quoting scripture will be deleted as will preaching!  Going forward as of 2/20/17, all videos talking about converting to Christianity will be deleted as well some selected past ones wil be deleted too.  Christianity by the extreme, always quoting scripture is extremely cultist.  Christians tend to think they are the only religion on the planet.  The ones spouting scripture and Jesus this or Jesus that are robotic clones like Stepford wives.   How many people have died in wars throughout time or persecuted because of Christianity?

Do we really need scripture and the Bible thrown in our faces? Do we need more 3:16 signs held up at sporting events by nut jobs?  I prefer the Buddhist or Judaic view of religion. Just about any religion other than Christianity and their intolerant and unforgiving views to those who don't believe.   Do we really  need the Christian nut jobs saving us?   Feel free to express your beliefs here but scripture will be deleted as well as Jesus this and that quotes.  Discussion allowed, preaching not.  
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#250   Why? ROTFLMAO Who cares? It's lakers17 04/16/17 03:03:44 PM
#249   I hope all of you folks are having SaltyMutt 04/16/17 01:32:04 PM
#247   56Chevy 04/06/17 08:08:32 PM
#238   Per this threads rules, no preaching from the lakers17 04/02/17 11:29:36 PM
#236   Just like the robot you are. Go lakers17 04/02/17 09:23:18 PM
#234   You know nothing. You are a robot. lakers17 04/02/17 09:15:27 PM
#232   Hilarious Same stupid Christian line over and over. lakers17 04/02/17 07:32:55 PM
#231   Nope. Jesus and his followers win. Long2Retire 04/02/17 07:25:32 PM
#230   Yep, same ending for all. There is lakers17 04/02/17 07:22:09 PM
#229   Haha! Keep trying what? I addressed Your assertions Long2Retire 04/02/17 07:19:38 PM
#228   Keep trying. That what all Christians do like lakers17 04/02/17 07:14:49 PM
#227   Others religions don't actually recruit. Long2Retire 04/02/17 07:11:33 PM
#226   Others religions don't actually recruit. Christianity does. lakers17 04/02/17 06:57:23 PM
#225   Other religious don't try for converts. Long2Retire 04/02/17 06:53:43 PM
#224   All you Christians are seed planters. Other lakers17 04/02/17 06:49:38 PM
#223   Yes. Jesus is a Person. Long2Retire 04/02/17 06:46:26 PM
#222   Please! Jesus was a person. That's it. lakers17 04/02/17 06:42:43 PM
#221   You are the one who asked for numbers: Long2Retire 04/02/17 06:40:47 PM
#220   Screw Jesus! All you brainwashed morons. lakers17 04/02/17 06:18:47 PM
#219   A buddhist becomes a christian: One powerful testimony Long2Retire 04/02/17 06:09:41 PM
#218   Tell me how many Buddhists convert to Christianity Long2Retire 04/02/17 06:07:18 PM
#217   Wonderful article. Thanks. Long2Retire 04/02/17 06:02:50 PM
#216   noun, plural hypocrisies. lakers17 04/02/17 05:09:53 PM
#214   Same Christian robots and brainwashing. Believe what lakers17 04/01/17 12:10:57 PM
#213   Massive! SaltyMutt 03/22/17 10:38:01 PM
#212   Watch: Refugees leaving Islam en masse for Jesus 56Chevy 03/22/17 05:03:48 PM
#211   China on course to become 'world's most Christian 56Chevy 03/19/17 11:55:56 AM
#210   All you Christian hypocrites, psycho babblers and robots lakers17 03/18/17 02:20:14 PM
#209   Psycho babble. LOL Like a robot but lakers17 03/15/17 06:20:56 AM
#208   I have other beliefs I strongly believe in. 56Chevy 03/15/17 01:15:32 AM
#207   A free spirit. Not another dumb ass lakers17 03/12/17 06:03:12 PM
#206   And who programmed you? 56Chevy 03/12/17 05:35:41 PM
#205   You are programmed just like a robot. lakers17 03/12/17 04:16:15 PM
#204   It could be that 100% of us are SaltyMutt 03/12/17 04:12:40 PM
#203   90% of you are full of crap. lakers17 03/12/17 04:08:22 PM
#202   I have read them. There are none and SaltyMutt 03/12/17 04:05:07 PM
#201   Read the thread. Find them yourself. lakers17 03/12/17 03:43:36 PM
#200   Could you point out even one post that SaltyMutt 03/12/17 03:16:24 PM
#199   Nice psycho babble. I have no anger lakers17 03/12/17 02:39:22 PM
#198   Good morning y'all. SaltyMutt 03/12/17 10:26:29 AM
#197   I have other beliefs I strongly believe in. 56Chevy 03/12/17 10:06:19 AM
#196   The fastest growing Christian countries today are China SaltyMutt 03/11/17 08:56:09 PM
#195   Christians bring it all on themselves. The only lakers17 03/11/17 01:43:00 PM
#194   Malice from detractors towards Christians has existed since 56Chevy 03/11/17 01:24:49 PM
#193   Well it ain't Jesus and Jews don't believe lakers17 03/10/17 05:23:43 PM
#192   Judaism's ultimate anticipation is the coming of a 56Chevy 03/10/17 04:55:37 PM
#191   Ridiculous. Manic depressions have visions as well. lakers17 03/10/17 04:45:37 PM
#190   I wouldn't say it won't ever happen. He's 56Chevy 03/10/17 04:41:11 PM
#189   Play it by ear. Who knows. lakers17 03/10/17 03:44:02 PM
#188   Ok ..that was an honest answer...and we now 56Chevy 03/10/17 02:04:53 PM