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The Betting Window (Sports betting)

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Nothing fancy here, just a board for other degenerates like myself who enjoy gambling on sports. Will drop a few basic defintions and whatnot into the ibox here, but before I do, there are rules. 

1. This is not the place to discuss your shitty stocks or politics, I can find garbage on my own, so can everyone else

2. No credit given for your "winners" after the fact, sack up and drop your picks ahead of time and lead an honest life. Either take your credit or take your medicine.

3. This is not a daily fantasy thing, but feel free to discuss amongst yourselves, I will not be any help with that shit

The folks who make a living at betting sports are winning roughly 55% of their bets, that's how thin the margin is between winning and losing, please spare us all the bullshit about your inflated success rates (see rule 2). 

Basic definitions/slang to assist the unfamiliar in joining the convo (other additions will be made as need be)

Bettor: the person making the bet. I am aware this is obvious, this is just to minimize the better/bettor spelling issue

Straight Bet: this is a single bet on a singe line

Parlay: this is a single bet on multiple lines, usually capped at 10 legs, brings very high returns but with much lower odds than a straight bet

Teaser: A teaser bet is a bit of a parlay bet, which allows players to reduce their risk. A teaser bet offers the opportunity to bet on point spreads or game totals, and then “tease” or adjust the line to give them a better chance of winning. Of course, their chances to win come at a cost, reduced odds/payout. This is often referred to as "buying points"

Push: a push occurs when you tie the house essentially. If the point total line for a game is 48 and the actual total ends up being 48, it's a push, same as if you took a team -3 points and they end up winning by exactly 3 points, its a push. Different places handle pushes differently depending on the situations. In a straight bet, a push is a loss for the bettor. It differs in a parlay, some houses still consider a push to be a loss for the bettor, other places will simply remove a push from your parlay to allow you to stay alive but reducing the value of your ticket

Totals (over/under): this refers to the total number of points/goals for a given game where one would bet the final total would be over or under the number. Example: Cowboys/Eagles 46.5. this is as obvious as it looks, either the teams combine for more or less than 46.5 points, whichever side you picked wins. 

The Spread: the purpose of Vegas etc. setting a spread is to get as close to equal money on both sides as possible, it's how they guarantee themselves profit. The spread is points/goals added to one side and subtracted from the other in order to make the matchup as even as possible. Example: Ravens (-3) vs Browns. This means the Ravens are favored to win by 3 points, so if you place your wager on the Ravens, they need to win by MORE than 3pts for you to win the bet. If you bet the other side and take the Browns, you get those points, so to win the bet, you don't necessarily need the Browns to win the game, you just need them to lose by less than 3 to win the bet. 

The Money Line: the money line allows the bettor to just pick a winner, cut and dry, no point spread. This results is lower payouts for the favorites and higher payouts for the underdogs becasue no points are being awarded in advance to even it out

Prop Bets: Prop bets are those ones you usually hear a lot about during Super Bowl time. They are odds that are set on things happening or not happening and rarely involve the outcome of the game itself. A popular prop bet for the Super Bowl is the length of the singing of the National Anthem, or how many times a certain celebrity will be shown on camera, or what color Gatorade will be dumped onto the winning coach, etc... While that sort of silliness is fun, every game played usually has DOZENS of prop bets associated with each. NFL games for example, there will be props based on certain player's performances such as pass yds, total TDs, rush attempts, FG made, etc....

Understanding the Odds:

Odds are set to a $100 principle

Any favorite will be negative value to that $100, because in theory, its an easier bet to win. So you may see a favorite at -150 odds. This means that in order to win $100, you must risk $150 up front.
Any underdog will be positive value to the $100. You may see an underdog at +175, this means that you will win $175 for every $100 you wager. 
You do the payout/risk math on wagers that are either over or under $100 using your middle school multiplication/division skills for yourselves. wink

This is where the spreads and money lines are separated. The Money Line odds will be more drastic to both sides of even. The heavy underdog might pay +400 for your $100 bet if they win, while the heavy favorite may require you risk $750 to win $100 (-750)
The spread, as menitoned above, awards points to the underdog while taking points form the favorite in order to make the lines as close as possible. That same money line underdog at +400 may be given 6 points to bring the odds down around +115, while the favorite will have points taken from them to bring that -750 up to maybe a -105. Again, this is all done in an effort to have the money at the sportsbooks spread as evenly as possible on both sides and to level the playing field between opponents of differing strengths. 

Quick Slang defined:

ATS: against the spread (as opposed to taking the money line)
Push: a tie (explained above)
O/U: the over/under
ML: the money line
Line: the point spread
Hook: half a point (just an annoying way of saying a half without actually saying it. 6 and a hook = 6.5)
Hammering: betting heavy
Fading: going the opposite way (ex. Wow, everyone seems to think the Chiefs are going to win, I'm fading that)
Lock: a guarantee (be careful assigning this adjective to your bets, nothing is ever really a lock wink  )
LFG: let's f*****g go (just me being excited)

Good luck

#4  Sticky Note These are my season-long/futures bets for the NFL; Hattori Hanzo 12/11/21 09:36:40 AM
#1  Sticky Note Welcome to the window fellow degenerates, see the ibox Hattori Hanzo 12/11/21 09:01:09 AM
#52   6-7-1 Hattori Hanzo 03/20/22 08:34:33 AM
#51   NBA Wizards -2.5 Lakers Hornets +1.5 Mavericks NCAA Tournament Murray State-S Hattori Hanzo 03/19/22 10:42:22 AM
#50   4-2 in NCAAM 3-0 in NBA 0-1 in NHL 7-3 overall, Hattori Hanzo 03/19/22 05:51:29 AM
#49   NHL Winnipeg +100 NBA IND/HOU o235.5 MIA -115 NO +3.5 NCAAM ND/ALA o152 Col Hattori Hanzo 03/18/22 09:10:42 AM
#48   Hit the NBA and NHL bets, the CBB Hattori Hanzo 03/18/22 05:01:58 AM
#47   3/17/22 NBA Pistons-Magic over 219 NCAA Tournament San Diego State -2 Hattori Hanzo 03/17/22 11:13:27 AM
#46   Matsuyama over Hovland R2 heads up -110 Hattori Hanzo 02/18/22 10:35:54 AM
#45   6-6 in the playoffs, need to hit the Hattori Hanzo 01/31/22 09:38:13 AM
#44   Bang bang Winner on both $$$$$$$$$$ Free money Hattori Hanzo 01/29/22 06:18:55 AM
#43   Sneaking in a NHL bet, reverse lock situation CAPS Hattori Hanzo 01/28/22 01:09:28 PM
#42   Love the favorites to cover this weekend KC -7 LAR -3.5 Hattori Hanzo 01/28/22 06:34:17 AM
#41   2-2 here 6-4 for the playoffs so far Hattori Hanzo 01/23/22 09:59:59 PM
#40   Divisional NFL CIN +3.5 GB -5.5 LAR +2.5 BUF +2.5 Hattori Hanzo 01/21/22 08:58:06 AM
#39   4-2 ATS for the wildcard round Free money Weeeeeeeeeeeeee Hattori Hanzo 01/18/22 07:02:46 AM
#38   2-1 Sunday 4-1 overall so far Easy money Hattori Hanzo 01/17/22 06:17:26 AM
#37   2-0 on Saturday weeeeeeeeeeee Hattori Hanzo 01/16/22 12:18:39 PM
#36   NFL Wildcard Weekend CIN -5.5 BUF -3.5 PHI +8.5 SF +2.5 KC -11.5 ARZ +4.5 Hattori Hanzo 01/15/22 10:15:38 AM
#35   Loss, came in at 51 Hattori Hanzo 01/15/22 10:13:14 AM
#34   It’s 52.5 Hattori Hanzo 01/10/22 08:12:31 PM
#33   Taking the over UGA/ALA Hattori Hanzo 01/10/22 09:14:19 AM
#32   The Bears are…..not good Hattori Hanzo 12/21/21 07:55:39 AM
#31   Gimme CHI +6.5 Hattori Hanzo 12/20/21 07:27:42 PM
#30   This was a winner at +237 :-) Hattori Hanzo 12/19/21 07:35:33 PM
#29   Loss here Hattori Hanzo 12/19/21 07:35:07 PM
#28   Bowl Game parlay today Jackson St ML Fresno St Hattori Hanzo 12/18/21 10:55:35 AM
#27   Thank you! Koog 12/18/21 10:37:26 AM
#26   Taking the Pats ML at +105 Hattori Hanzo 12/18/21 10:35:30 AM
#25   There’s a loose definition in the iBox. A Hattori Hanzo 12/18/21 07:26:06 AM
#24   I only bet on sports once in my Koog 12/17/21 07:04:27 PM
#23   Ravens +7.5 parlayed with the O43.5 Hattori Hanzo 12/17/21 06:49:24 PM
#22   Gross, L Hattori Hanzo 12/17/21 11:39:10 AM
#21   Taking LAC +3.5 at -130 Hattori Hanzo 12/16/21 04:48:56 PM
#20   URB IS DONE, this flyer at +600 just Hattori Hanzo 12/16/21 05:20:50 AM
#19   9-1 here, gawd dammit Hattori Hanzo 12/16/21 05:19:49 AM
#18   CBB ML +614 USC -600 Abilene Christian -480 So. Illinois -775 Mississippi Hattori Hanzo 12/15/21 10:42:19 AM
#17   Loss on this one, still a net win Hattori Hanzo 12/14/21 05:42:59 AM
#16   MNF ARZ -2.5 parlay with the U51.5 +240 Hattori Hanzo 12/13/21 08:07:43 PM
#15   Bets 1 and 2 were winners. There were Hattori Hanzo 12/13/21 07:29:50 AM
#14   Bets 1 and 2 are still alive Hattori Hanzo 12/12/21 08:17:19 PM
#13   L on the prop and WFT Hattori Hanzo 12/12/21 07:56:55 PM
#11   Oops, that’s WFT +6 Hattori Hanzo 12/12/21 12:09:40 PM
#10   Also taking a prop BAL to score on its Hattori Hanzo 12/12/21 11:12:18 AM
#9   12/12 NFL slips so far 8 team ML Hattori Hanzo 12/12/21 10:33:33 AM
#8   Lots of NFL parlays today, probably gonna lose Hattori Hanzo 12/12/21 10:28:51 AM
#7   This one was a big fat L Hattori Hanzo 12/11/21 06:30:48 PM
#6   This is why https://www.nfl.com/news/tension-boiling-over-between-coach-urban- Hattori Hanzo 12/11/21 12:22:09 PM
#5   Dropped a bit on Urban Meyer to be Hattori Hanzo 12/11/21 12:14:49 PM
#4   These are my season-long/futures bets for the NFL; Hattori Hanzo 12/11/21 09:36:40 AM
#2   Would love to kick things off here with Hattori Hanzo 12/11/21 09:07:31 AM
#1   Welcome to the window fellow degenerates, see the ibox Hattori Hanzo 12/11/21 09:01:09 AM
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