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Who is Tetragenex Pharmaceuticals? 


Tetragenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (formerly Innapharma, Inc.) is a publicly held biopharmaceutical company working to discover, develop and commercialize proprietary pharmaceutical products that treat serious diseases for which current therapies are inadequate. We have synthesized and patented a novel platform of pharmaceutical “small chain” peptides that treat depression, and may treat anxiety and other central nervous system disorders. Our leading product candidate is the antidepressant compound nemifitide, is in advanced, late Phase II, human clinical trials.

The Company, has also synthesized and is developing a platform of new and unique chemically-modified tetracycline molecules to be used in the treatment of certain types of cancer and antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections. These tetracycline-based product candidates are in the pre-clinical development stage. 

Our objective is to license our platform of CNS compounds to a pharmaceutical company that is capable of completing the development and eventually distributing these compounds once they are registered.  As we proceed on this front we will continue the expansion of our clinical program. 

We intend to expand our scientific staff and attempt to become a fully integrated pharmaceutical company, primarily through our expertise in the identification, acquisition, and development of pharmaceutical products and technologies.



What are some of the details on "Nemifitide"?


Early pre-clinical animal studies demonstrated the powerful potential of nemifitide as a treatment for patients suffering from depression. These pre-clinical results have been confirmed by the clinical studies that we have conducted on over 400 individuals who have received nemifitide to date.

In double-blinded placebo controlled trials, nemifitide has demonstrated strong eveidence of efficacy in depressed patients.  The clinical profile included a more robust and rapid onset of action with long duration and minimal adverse side effects. Extensive testing over the last ten years has demonstrated that nemifitide has distinct advantages over other drugs currently marketed to treat depression.


Rapid onset of action and symptomatic relief.The initial effects of nemifitide are observable in the first three to five days of treatment. Peak effects occur within one to two weeks, versus four to eight weeks for currently available antidepressants. Nemifitide may be used for severely depressed patients who require rapid symptomatic relief, as effectiveness can be clinically measured within 3-5 days of initiating treatment.

Little or no side effects. Nemifitide, to date, has been administered to over 400 patients and volunteers with only one patient discontinuing treatment due to side effects. This is in marked contrast to all other currently available antidepressants, which often cause short and long-term side effects frequently resulting in the premature discontinuation of treatment.

Many patients experience complete symptomatic relief. Many patients who respond to nemifitide enter into complete remission from their depression, as opposed to simply experiencing some improvement in their condition. 

Potential to treat severely refractory patients. Preliminary results from an open-label pilot study (a clinical trial without the use of a placebo) in severely refractory patients(patients who have not responded to several classes of antidepressant therapy over long periods of time) have shown a response rate of over 40%.  This generated a considerable amount of interest in the scientific community and, we believe, this could give nemifitide a novel role in treating this debilitating illness. It is estimated that approximately 5% to 10% of patients suffering from major depression have the refractory form of the illness.

Freedom from regular daily treatment. Because nemifitide is administered via ten to fifteen subcutaneous or needleless injections over a two to three week period, and has a long duration of effective action, it allows for intermittent clinical treatment (every four to six months) versus the chronic daily dosing required with most existing antidepressant medications.  This may result in dramatically improved patient complience.

Potential to treat other CNS disorders. In addition to treating major depression, nemifitide and other patented peptides we intend to develop may be effective in the treatment of mild depression, anxiety disorders, as well as other central nervous system disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, panic disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Potential for alternative forms of administration. Preliminary evidence indicates that nemifitide may be administered through needleless injections. We also intend to explore other forms of delivery, including a transdermal patch (through the skin by way of a patch) as well as nasal inhilation.


Little or no potential for adverse reactions with other drugs. Based on studies conducted to   date,  nemifitide is not expected to show significant drug-drug interaction in human beings. This is especially beneficial in the treatment in the geriatric population and cardiac patients with depression.

We believe nemifitide has the potential to revolutionize the antidepressant market.  Antidepressant sales constitute the largest segment of the CNS market,  approximately 24%. In 2004, global sales of antidepressant agents exceeded $15 billionBased on the sales of other antidepressants, we believe that nemifitide, properly marketed, has the potential to become the treatment of choice for depression and to capture a substantial portion of the worldwide market after commercialization.

In addition, Tetragenex Pharmaceuticals Inc. continues to synthesize and test compounds in its platform of small peptides. To date, we have evaluated more than 200 of these compounds, and our efforts are ongoing. This work has already identified several drug candidates that are believed to show even greater activity in pre-clinical testing than nemifitide, and these compounds have been designated as potential second-generation drugs.



Stock Information
Symbol: TTRX.OB
15.9 M O/S.
Link to SEC Filings:

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