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Contact Us:


Third Floor, 7-8 Conduit Street
London W1S 2XF

England Tel: +442072906919

Fax: +442077607227


Officers & Directors:



Richard Elliot-Square

President, Chief Executive Officer

During the past twenty years, Mr. Elliot-Square has been an investment banker based in London, Vancouver and Zurich specializing in the introduction of investment banking and venture capital projects. Recently, Mr. Elliot-Square has been successful in the re-structuring and funding of several publicly traded companies in the United Kingdom and North American. He also acts as an advisor to a number of international companies. During the course of his career, Mr. Eliot-Square has been involved in many ventures that have provided him direct access to a wide network of contacts in the financial markets and banking sectors. He has been a director of several companies in the United Kingdom and the United States, and a founder of several publicly traded corporations, including Telecom Plus PLC (UK) and Channel I Limited (USA). Mr. Elliot-Square was a founding director of iCrave productions Limited and also of Thurlestone Associates Limited. He also serves as the London office representative of the Maltese based CSB Group.

Mr. Elliot-Square was commissioned as an army officer in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and since leaving the Army, has been involved in many aspects of international business, including trade funding, the manufacture of motor vehicles, banking and brokering, import and export, as well as being invested in oil and gas and other resource companies.


Richard Elliot-Square


Company - Overview:


TagLikeMe Corp. is an Internet media and digital information technology company. The Company is developing online properties through its subsidiary, Glob Media Works Inc. Formed in 2012 to capture emerging opportunities in the search engine and social media sectors, TagLikeMe Corp. is investing in the development of existing operations and building out its foundational property to include online and mobile solutions.

TagLikeMe Corp. is headquartered with corporate offices in London, England and supported technology centers in the Western United States.
Our core website, www.TagLikeMe represents the next generation of Internet search engine and offers cloud based solutions to store and share interests online. We believe it is the vital center of what will become known as Common Information Networks. Using TagLikeMe, individuals can search, tag, store and share all forms of digital information in a single, easy to use interface.

Our Model

Taglikeme is in the business of connecting online users with others while looking for online information and making it easy to collect and share that information publicly or privately as desired. In turn, Taglikeme creates population centers of topic specific audiences that the Company plans to make available to third party ad publishers and information content providers.

Solving A Problem

Today, the new phrase of "Web 3.0" is all about sorting, deciphering and making sense of all the information made available to people over the Internet. Moreover, the Internet has become a vast space of floating information with tens of millions of different destinations that may reflect the same topic. Where would one start? Search engines are excellent in assembling key topics, words and search results. But if you were to search specifically for "alternative cancer treatments in California" you would receive 281,000 search results from Google and 2,750,000 results from Bing and Yahoo.

What if I really meant "treatment centers" and "non chemo related treatments"?How would I refine my search? There are advanced search functions that the typical Internet user would not normally find or know how to do.

So now I decide that I am just going to find someone that can possibly relate to what I am looking for, let's find a discussion group. When we search in Bing we receive over 238,000 results in the United States alone and further isolating it to California, we receive over 231,000 additional results.

Where to start?

Typically, a person would abandon their search within 5 to 15 minutes but if they are absolutely insistent on finding information relevant to this topic, it could take them several hours without any significant results. So the fundamental question remains: is the lack of finding accurate information a dysfunction of the search engine, or the lack of searching skills of the individual?

We believe it's a bit of both. Though the user interface of giant search engines are welcoming and simple to use, to gain complex search results you must understand how to perform advanced queries and instructions are often hidden or outright confusing to the simple user. The majority of common search users don't clearly know how to articulate their search therefore are not maximizing the true usefulness of their search engines.


In order to solve the problems associated with search and social interaction, TagLikeMe has evolved a human experience based solution. TagLikeMe represents the next generation of development and a dynamic addition to the knowledge based Internet. Like Wikipedia, Google, Bing and other digital information sharing sites, TagLikeMe is a disruptive technology with the ability to change the search and social landscape forever.



TagLikeMe Corp intends to become a leading provider of Internet media and social information solutions that deliver value to the public through meaningful online and mobile content derived using search and sharing technology.


TagLikeMe Corp. will continually return increased shareholder value through the effective execution of its corporate vision.


The concept of TagLikeMe began in 2010 with the intent that the focus must always concentrate on servicing one key attribute:

"People will generally go somewhere that has been recommended by someone they know or have interacted with through some form of common interest."

In addition, though we use functional attributes of search and social networking, we strive to ensure that our destination is not simply a "new search engine" or cross over to becoming just another "social network site".

These two critical aspects of development have powered the vision for TagLikeMe to become a Common Information Network where individuals can share and store information across all forms of digital media in a public or private manner. They are the driving force of our Internet properties and support our corporate vision for developing unique properties with inherent ongoing value.

Market snapshot:


Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing display approximately 30 billion search pages each day. There are approximately 1.8 billion global Internet users that are growing at a rate of almost 30% annually. The primary function of search engines is to deliver mass quantities of information related to a specific topic or key word. The primary business of search engines is to deliver and provide advertising and other business services to mass populations of Internet traffic in order to quantify their business model.

The average Internet user between the ages of 30 to 45 spends approximately 2.5 hours per day, while heavy Internet users between the ages of 13 to 29 spend approximately 4.0 hours per day. Of these statistics approximately 57% of their daily Internet use is performing search related functions and remaining time is spent on various social networking and other online interests.

Our markets:


There are over 100+ different social networks with over 1 billion plus members and giant Facebook alone represents over 800 million+ of that social interaction space. For business networks and other curate information sites such as Twitter, Linkedin, Plaxo, Digg, Declicious, Quora, Aardvark and over 200 other sites visitors now number over 200+ million worldwide users annually.

Social Networks are primarily large pockets of users congregating to interact based on specific interests such as family, friends, dating, shopping, business networking and general socialization. These replicate in much larger masses what real world social circles conduct on daily basis. Today social networks are the largest online population. That's primarily because they cater to two very fundamental real world activities; social communication and human interaction.

TagLikeMe participates in both of these very large and dynamic growth markets equally by providing a multiplatform search solution that is directly integrated with virtually all social networks.

What is TagLikeMe?


TagLikeMe Share Your World
TagLikeMe is a social search tool that let's you find, compile and share multi-media content for your school, business or personal projects and interests.

Watch HERE:

Taglikeme is not a search engine nor do we intend to become one. It's a hybrid site we refer to as a "Common Information Network" where we leverage the existing search capabilities of major search engines, cross reference the search information with real population remarks from major social and wiki networks, while giving our users the capability to collect, publish, share or collaborate their search information with whomever they choose in a public or private manner.

As more and more users collect and tag search results, Taglikeme will ultimately become a destination where people can look for already filtered and shared web information as well as connect, message and interact with other people searching for the same or related information as them.

What makes us really different in a nutshell?

Taglikeme did not create a new way of:

Presenting information you find searching…

nor did we reinvent the social network. We simply married search with social and real human interaction features using our own unique methods and architectures. We display the information without clutter and in a very easy to view and interactive manner.

The way you control information you find…

You can preview sites before you go to them or view other sites that other users have already tagged. We enable you to easily "tag" information on topic boards for easy organization and display either publicly for everyone or for your own private archives. We give you the ability to sort your tagboards into folders that you define and can easily access or share with whom you choose.

The way you share your information…

You choose whom you want your collection of information to be seen, shared or contributed to. We make it easy to start and manage group projects or collaborations on search information or other media that you might want to publish. We understand that there are certain things that you just can't do or want to share on Facebook™ or achieve on typical search engines.

Other features make Taglikeme unique:

Taglikeme offers proprietary methods, and innovative architectures in combining existing search, online social networks with real person-to-person networking. Unlike our competitors we do not rely on a registered member base as a means for other users to interact. We've modified very commonly known social features with unique techniques that enable the user to have direct control over their information gathering, sharing and interactive activities. Our methods include behind the scenes semantic functions to display simplified content recommendations on search results from all major search engines including the various social networks that we have included so that our users receive the best possible combination of information from their activities.

As an information network, Taglikeme uses location and common interest methods to attract and connect users by similar interests and by allowing them to communicate directly in real time. We do not ask for personal information and use of our personal workspace can be accessed using existing email or social network memberships. We do not share our user behaviors and allow users to "opt" out of displaying their location or identity when communicating with other users or posting public tagboards on our site.

Take the Tour

  • Search

    The best of three worlds: TagLikeMe brings Google, Bing, and Yahoo together under one roof. Use all three, or choose your favourite search engine to find what you need, when you need it.
  • Tags

    Tag the useful information, trash the rest. Drag and drop information you need to your tagboard and keep it for as long as you want! TagLikeMe helps you keep the information you need, stop letting valuable searches and time slip through the cracks.
  • Organize

    Now it's time to do a little bit of work (only a little, we promise). Move your tags into Projects and decide if you want to keep the information to yourself, hide it from the world, or share with the community. Keep your projects organized by putting them in folders to keep track of all your vital searches.
  • Share

    When you publish your projects on TagLikeMe, the Images, Videos, Webpages and discussions you have created are visible to the entire community, but only if you want them to be public. Allow others to add to your project and multiply your search power by harnessing the power of others with common interests.
  • Collaborate

    Private and hidden projects are hidden from the prying eyes of others. By inviting others to collaborate you can work on secure (private projects) for corporate, academic or just personal research with colleagues, co-workers and friends. Working on hidden projects you can prepare a project to perfection before you take it public, or keep it hidden, it's all up to you.
  • Go Viral

    We're all looking for something. It might a cute kitten, or the next piece of statistical data regarding crude oil futures. Share your research with others, and who knows where it will go.
  • Publish

    TagLikeMe isn't just a search site, it's something new. A Place where you can store your searches, and discuss them. Its flexibility and social features makes it the place to learn what's going on, not just around you but in all the subjects you're interested in.
  • Go Mobile

    Tired of leaving your bookmarks at home? Can't find what you searched for at the office? Don't worry, we have you covered. Go mobile with our iPad app, or keep what you found on TagLikeMe its available on any computer! Keep your eyes peeled for our iPhone and Android applications coming soon.
Start Now

Mobile Apps:


TagLikeMe Corp. recognizes that it products and offerings are perfectly aligned with the movement toward mobile media and what has been characterized as an Ap Nation, where software aps provide the largest shift in computing since the opening of the Internet.

To that end, TagLikeMe Corp. is developing the strategic deployment of TagLikeMe properties via all mobile platforms including iphone, ipad, droid, droid tablet, and blackberry devices.



TagLikeMe Corp. recognizes that it products and offerings are perfectly aligned with the movement toward mobile media and what has been characterized as an Ap Nation, where software aps provide the largest shift in computing since the opening of the Internet.

To that end, TagLikeMe Corp. is developing the strategic deployment of TagLikeMe properties via all mobile platforms including iphone, ipad, droid, droid tablet, and blackberry devices.

Investment Highlights:


TagLikeMe Corp, subsidiary, Glob Media Inc. fully developed the TagLikeMe website and social / search property and launched its beta version in 2012 prior to emerging as a public company. The site is the result of several years of trial and development of leading technology.

The common interest social network site Pinterest received $100 million in financing and is now the third largest social network as measured by audience with a market value of $1.5 billion. TagLikeMe shares many similarities with Pinterest and its ability to connect and share common interest.

Online social networks continue to demonstrate strong year over year growth and the largest growth since the emergence of social media revolution took place in 2011 to 2012. Facebook now has over 1 billion users.

TagLikeMe Corp. is investing in the mobile application of its technology in order to move its social search and sharing technology into all mobile platforms (ie, iphone, ipad, android, etc.).

New development stage companies with dynamic and disruptive technologies like those being offered by TagLikeMe have become strong acquisition targets in 2012. Several companies, including Instagram, have been acquired in the early growth stages at high multiples based on solely on subscriber numbers.

TagLikeMe is a relatively unknown social interest and search site at present giving early followers an opportunity to participate at the ground floor.

TagLikeMe Completes Share Exchange Agreement And Acquires Glob Media Works Inc.


TagLikeMe Corp. (the "Company," "TagLikeMe") (OTC-BB: TAGG, Frankfurt: M6C1) announces that effective June 29, 2012, the Company completed the share exchange agreement, dated May 14, 2012 (the "Agreement"), with Glob Media Works Inc. ("Glob Media"), a Washington company, and each of the shareholders of Glob Media (each a "Vendor" and collectively, the "Vendors"), whereby TagLikeMe has acquired all of the issued and outstanding shares of Glob Media in exchange for the issuance of 9,075,734 restricted shares of common stock of the Company to the Vendors on a pro rata basis in accordance with each Vendor's percentage ownership in Glob Media.

Glob Media owns intellectual property rights to its Internet cloud based software application related to online search and social media developed by Glob Media. As a result of the closing of the Agreement, Glob Media has become TagLikeMe Corp.'s direct wholly owned subsidiary.

The securities of TagLikeMe issued to the Vendors upon the closing of the Agreement have not been registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or under the securities laws of any state in the United States, and were issued in reliance upon an exemption from registration under the Securities Act of 1933. The securities may not be offered or sold in the United States absent registration under the Securities Act of 1933 or an applicable exemption from such registration requirements.

TagLikeMe Corp. President, Richard Elliot-Square states, "The completion of the acquisition of Glob Media paves the way for TagLikeMe Corp. to begin growing our search and social site TagLike.Me on an unprecedented scale. We intend to use our wider access to capital and public market support to build TagLike.Me into a leading Internet destination in a comparatively short period."

"We are focused on driving significant eyeballs that will result in tremendous short and long term value to TagLikeMe," Elliot-Square adds.

About Glob Media 

Glob Media's primary business is a social search destination called TagLike.Me or TagLikeMe.com which is an Internet services platform that combines the most commonly used functions of search and social media interaction in one destination. TagLike.Me allows individuals to search the Internet by using the top two search engines of Bing™ and Google™ in addition to viewing related activities from popular social media based sites such as Facebook™, YouTube™, Twitter™ and Wikipedia ™ with regard to their search inquiry. In addition, TagLike.Me gives the opportunity of searchers to connect and chat with others worldwide that might be searching similar topics as them. This adds a much-needed human element to search and online social interaction. TagLike.Me is ideal for any online pedestrian or seasoned researcher that conducts significant search activities for personal or organization based interests.

The site has also incorporated sophisticated search refinement and semantic recommendation functions further allowing searchers to perform search inquiries more accurately and efficiently. In addition, the unique design of the site gives anyone the ability to preview a live snap shot of any web site, including images or videos, within their search results and users can simply drag and drop those results to their tagboards for later use, project organization or sharing.

Press Releases:


Share Structure:

(Seems to me Insiders/Glob Media owns most of the O/S as this trades very Thin on L2)



330,940,630 O/S
 333,333,330 A/S

Richard Elliot-Square Our CEO/President bought 2M shares @ .03 on 6.15.12

Transfer Agent:

Transfer Online, Inc.
512 SE Salmon Street
Portland, OR, 97214

Capital Structure:

Financial Reporting/Disclosure

Reporting Status U.S. Reporting: SEC Filer
Audited Financials Audited
CIK 0001323143
Fiscal Year End 5/30

Incorporated In: NV, USA


De Joya Griffith & Company, LLC
2580 Anthem Village Drive
Henderson, NV, 89052
United States


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