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THE          DD


**UPDATED 7/11/18--  WELCOME to the 2018 SUMMER Edition of The Forum!  

Follow the DD and Embrace the OTC!    

FROM NOW...UNTIL AUGUST 2018 - The SuperStocks Research Forum will be bringing on board the best DD minds together to analyze and identify intriguing opportunities in the OTC.   It takes a village.    Please read the RULES sticky before posting.   

*******NOTE TO THE FORUM MEMBERS --- on  JULY 15th, 2018- we will be RELEASING AN UPDATED SUPER STOCKS ENTRY LIST (put through the algo again) that we recommend all should DD and research.  THE GOAL IS TO FIND THOSE UNDERVALUED or UNDISCOVERED GEMS now BEFORE the market as a whole.  Below are the current stocks to research: 


(As of 7/11/18)- update coming --- MANY ENTRIES SET FOR MATERIAL EVENTS 

After applying our 2018 algorithm weekly, the 20+ Intriguing Stocks below are ALL strongly recommended to DD and research to be named a SUPER STOCK: 

(In no particular order...)



GMGI    MSPC    UNVC     **VMGI    **STSC   LCLP 


  RMRK    TSOI    MCGI    USEI    BYSD    __?__


New in 2018:  Super SUMMER SWING Stocks are back!!!   

 Next one is announced :   ___ ___  

*Recent news event / material event (past week)


Help Us Uncover the Next Gem to make... The Super Stocks!


***These stocks are not in order of significance --(THEY ARE THE SUPER STOCKS and we love and trade them equally!)

COMING SOON --- the DD will all be stored in the box graph below for quicker reference!! 

Ticker                     DD Links & Info








OUR HALL -OF -FAME STATUS:  (We will continue to provide DD on these SUPER tickers which we still hold)  

--SIPC         --SPLI/ VPOR         --ICNB        — ANDI 
--CGRA       --CVRG/ MCOA      --DOLV       — PHIL 
--BABL        --VKNG                   --INTV 
--QEDN       --RXMD                   --PTOP

--PNTV        --PLUG                   --ADHC
--ACOL       --OMVS                   --IFXY 



1- ALKM-  



3- STSC  

4- PMPG 

5- RMRK 

6- RSHN 



9- VMGI 

10- UNVC

11- LVGI

12- MCGI

13- MAXD- 

14- GMGI- 


15- LCLP-

16- GRCK-

17- TSOI- 

18- COBI 

19- MSPC - 

20.  USEI -

21.  BYSD - 

 looking to add a few more tmrw for all to peruse! 

PLEASE NOTE - that effective immediately - only moderators can move a post to a plus-1 slot (it might be any villager’s post)
— While WE APPRECIATE I-Hub’s ATTEMPT AT CRYPTO  CURRENCY peer to peer - we don’t care to have others abuse this forum or give any wrong impression to our community and villagers about a certain stock company.  


***Do your own DD. Everything you read here is for entertainment purposes and WE are NOT Financial Advisors and can't give you any advisement.  Nothing said here on this forum is either a promotion to buy or sell any stock or security.  Moderators have final say on the appropriateness or legality of a post made here by a member. 

THE SUPER SIX     (Our original board logo) 

Cannabis Report
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#4169   Thank you DD dempsey. Yes TSOI was 0035 subslover 07/10/18 12:09:14 PM
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