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Welcome to The P_Shift!

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our plays, an aggressive, decisive approach to trading and an open and transparent posting style. We welcome all who value hard work, the joy of sharing, and who believe teamwork pays.

We began this board several years ago with a mind to free ourselves of many of the traps that are set up to lure traders and investors into parting with their money without their acquiescence.  We decided right off the bat that an informed investor with the right tools had a better chance of making money than one who placed a bet on the advice of others. We realized then that this had to include Technical Analysis, the ability to read trading data, as a prime component of that toolkit.

Technical Analysis is clean. It provides clear signals on what a stock is doing. TA is without prejudice. It is our egos which mess up the trading... thinking that we are better than the market, staying in a stock on hope, entering a stock on fundamental belief, or on the advice of others that the stock is great.

TA avoids all that. It provides data only.... information on what a stock is doing relative to the market and itself.... data on money, momentum and volume over time. In reality we need know nothing more than that in order to effectively trade in and out of positions.

Good TA practitioners can manage long, short and swingtrading positions within the same equity at the same time. Fundamental traders cannot do this; they follow the herd. Good TA traders are in and out of a stock before most of the market even knows it. Fundamental traders are investors.... unwitting longs. The pimps and pumps prey on the fundamental investor. The market loves a Fundie.

Arguments by fundamentalists that charts do not foretell the future are correct. They only tell you what is happening now, and in the recent past. But a long studied chartist can predict events with great accuracy, watching a chart die, or build, incrementally, over time.

Stay with us and learn. We have some very successful traders on this board, most of them skilled practitioners of the Black Art. We sincerely hope you find your time spent on the P_Shift more than profitable.


Please post using threads when available, or start one when one isn't. Just search for the symbol or topic and respond to the last post on the subject or link back to a previous chart... we have discussion material and charts going back many years now, still relevant. This method of posting helps to keep us all up to date on the charts and topics, and is unique to iHub.

We do not promote plays or tolerate those who do. Please do not post topics which are pumped on other boards.

We play Pinksheet and Non-Reporting Stocks on the Snakes in the Grass Board and just about everywhere else on iHub, but not here.



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