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Puppets and Puppetry. Beaumont, Cyril. The Studio Publications. New York, 1958. The Puppet To-Day Thackeray's The Rose and the Ring The Tony Sarg Marionette Book Helen Joseph's A Book of Marionettes Bufano's How to be a Puppet Showman Paul McPharlin of Detroit produces an annual publication Puppetry making it's first appearance in 1930, and also participated in the formation in 1937 of the society called The Puppeteers of America Among representative American puppeteers may be mentioned the following stellar characters: Marjorie Batchelder, Gustave Baumann, Bill Baird, Remo Bufano, Ralph Chesse', Donald Cordry, Weaver and Kathryn Dallas, Perry Dilley, William Duncan, Sue Hastings, R. Bruce Inverarity, Helen Joseph, Otto Kunze, Edward Mabley, Jerome Magon, Harold and Roy Patton, Paul McPharlin, Basil Milovsoroff, Elena Mitcoff, Nicholas Nelson, Bernard Paul, Romain Proctor, Rufus Rose, Tony Sarg, Martin and Olga Stevens, and Donald B. Vestal. In Belgium, Carlo Speder. At Verviers there is a curious Betie'me or Bethlehem, which consists of a series of tableaux composed of puppets and appropriate setting arranged in small glazed cases, which are place on trestles and covered with cloths. The spectators are guided past the cases by an old woman who, as each covering is drawn, explains the incident shown. In Czechoslovakia, puppetry is not only a highly popular entertainment, but also a well-organised educational force, as may be gathered from the fact that the republic can must over 2,000 puppet theatres; it is true, however, that these are mainly amateur. Their traditions are three centuries old. At first there were travelling puppeteers who journeyed from village to village, bringing entertainment to country folk, and acquainting them with adaptations of stage plays by native and foreign authors; this led to the puppet theatre. Joseph Skupa (1892-1957), with his puppet clown, Kasparel, a kind of Czech Punch, attracted attention by satirical comments on the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, then dominating the country After the First World War, Skupa founded the first professional theatre in the Czechoslovak Republic; he also created two puppets, later famous throughout Europe: Spejbl, a dull-witted father, and Hurvinek, his precocious and cheeky son. Human puppeteering is currently being practiced by all governments existing today on our planet. It is time to cut their strings. Coming soon, The Adventures of the Penny King when he was in America.
#548   http://www.opednews.com/author/author1657.html webalicious 01/04/07 02:34:27 AM
#547   Guess I should have been giving myself that gaboracs 11/16/05 08:15:33 PM
#545   Gabor keep an eye on CMKX its heating up level2iscool 05/30/04 12:38:30 AM
#544   Voice Publishing Is Here To Stay: Audioblog.com DueDillinger 05/26/04 09:28:04 PM
#543   OK. You want paranoid? Here's some... DueDillinger 05/26/04 11:54:09 AM
#541   Are all agencies of the government puppets to thepennyking 05/26/04 06:00:40 AM
#540   Puppets and Puppetry. Beaumont, Cyril. thepennyking 05/26/04 05:52:57 AM
#539   It's not just a wider audience, but also DueDillinger 05/25/04 10:12:35 PM
#538   Interesting. :-/ mbobok 05/25/04 09:56:21 PM
#537   Billions of Dollars of Equity in Smaller Cap thepennyking 05/25/04 08:07:13 PM
#536   I'm not sure I need any wider audience thepennyking 05/25/04 07:45:00 PM
#535   If they want to publicly post an opposition thepennyking 05/25/04 07:44:07 PM
#534   Yep, point the king of scammers at the DueDillinger 05/25/04 10:03:11 AM
#533   Gabor here is the claims map for CMKX: http://casavantmining.com/images/17x11_Oct03.pdf level2iscool 05/25/04 07:43:40 AM
#532   LOL! Gabe--you have nothing to 'teach' me, because DueDillinger 05/24/04 03:43:00 PM
#531   RSS is an acronym for 'Really Simple Syndication' DueDillinger 05/24/04 03:38:02 PM
#530   Who is against? That's an anti free mbobok 05/24/04 01:56:46 PM
#529   Colombia Rises Against Free Trade Agreements thepennyking 05/24/04 12:51:34 PM
#528   Thanks, will get back to you on it thepennyking 05/24/04 12:49:45 PM
#527   This will help Gabor: level2iscool 05/24/04 12:15:09 PM
#526   I really didn't get far in reading this thepennyking 05/24/04 12:14:59 PM
#525   Ah, that makes it now 4 votes for, thepennyking 05/24/04 12:11:19 PM
#524   Never heard of it, post the last six thepennyking 05/24/04 12:08:43 PM
#523   One must always retain a detached third eye thepennyking 05/24/04 12:06:21 PM
#522   Thank you, that is three votes for yes thepennyking 05/24/04 12:04:19 PM
#521   You know I suggested that you start a DueDillinger 05/24/04 01:11:18 AM
#520   His? You're messing up your pronouns again, DueDillinger 05/24/04 12:57:26 AM
#519   Gabor, are you in CMKX? level2iscool 05/24/04 12:50:55 AM
#518   Who's against? I vote go for it. mbobok 05/23/04 04:09:05 PM
#517   yes Rager 05/23/04 10:31:17 AM
#516   So far only two votes for and one thepennyking 05/23/04 01:50:28 AM
#515   Bush Karma Haunting? thepennyking 05/23/04 01:47:18 AM
#514   i'm not sure if they are the oldest thepennyking 05/23/04 01:46:48 AM
#513   Definitely! jurisper 05/23/04 01:11:00 AM
#512   Any particular reason for the interest in Butterfield, TPK? jurisper 05/23/04 01:10:21 AM
#511   Coming Soon: thepennyking 05/22/04 11:08:05 PM
#510   Survey: Should the Penny King Start a Blog at thepennyking 05/22/04 10:13:37 PM
#509   Bahamas: Bank of Butterfield: First Quarter Net Income Increases thepennyking 05/22/04 10:12:50 PM
#508   What do you think is his next move thepennyking 05/22/04 10:10:47 PM
#507   Penny King barred from penny stocks! DueDillinger 05/20/04 10:24:20 PM
#506   http://ragingbull.lycos.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=TLXX&read=120360 mmayr 05/01/04 03:52:54 PM
#505   That's not true. Penny machines are making mbobok 04/28/04 03:18:41 PM
#504   LOL! People in Vegas don't bother with pennies DueDillinger 04/28/04 01:55:00 AM
#503   Maybe they should give up Gambling ? LOL nanuck 370 04/27/04 07:52:32 PM
#502   For those companies that have legitimate business plans thepennyking 04/27/04 06:07:34 PM
#501   Word of mouth travels faster than word of thepennyking 04/27/04 06:07:08 PM
#499   Are you claiming that you've caused a penny DueDillinger 04/26/04 08:28:46 PM
#497   A woman has had serious headaches for several thepennyking 04/22/04 02:56:47 PM
#495   Posting from the library gabe? nealgalt 04/22/04 10:18:34 AM
#494   Sounds like a great idea. Until the mbobok 04/21/04 05:59:05 PM