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Welcome to the CAVE.

This is a  Stock discussion thread. Real time buys and sells are encouraged but not required.
What is strongly encouraged is DISCUSSION. Talk about what you like and why. Technical or Fundamental.

If you post a stock that you already own "caveat" your post with PHPI or PHLPI (Person has personal interest, Person has Lots of Personal interest) This will allow us the opprtunity to "evaluate your obvious bias".


OTCBB stocks and big boards.

1)-DO NOT join the thread and decide you are going to challenge the members as soon as you get here! Pay your dues, be polite, learn how the thread works, but most of all...be adult!
2)-DO NOT go into a lengthy diatribe of why you like a stock during trading hours! Be concise and accurate on why you think the stock has momentum or is building MOMO today.
3)-DO NOT POST NEWS RELEASES on this thread. Post a “link” to the release, on the companies thread ONLY.
4)-DO NOT post advice on whether a person should buy or sell a security...leave that to financial guru's.
5)-DO NOT criticize the trading style or the stock choice of your fellow posters!
6)-DO NOT criticize your fellow trader..PERIOD! If you object to something, PM me or PM the person you have a problem with, do not get into "off topic discussions" on the thread or your posts will be deleted.
7)-DO NOT question a posters "posted buy or sell". As long as the trade is "realtime" I don't care whether you think he bought the stock or not, papertrades are allowed!!
8)-DO NOT set price targets up or down, they influence others and are only "your guess" so keep it to yourself.
9)-DO NOT continually post price changes on a stock, once the thread is notified of MOMO "gentle" reminders is enough.
10)-DO NOT use Emotional hype - No Wahoooo's, no KaBOOOOMS, no emotion!! These types of CAPS lock statements creates a sense of hype or urgency, new traders get sucked in easily to buying first, thinking later.
11)-DO NOT post stocks that you are holding for the long term, or for more than 5 days.
12)-DO NOT post a buy on another Investor board like (SI) and then come here and try to "boost" the stock through hype with the intention of selling into your new mommentum! If it is found you are then you will be gone.
13)-DO NOT post the number of shares you are buying, we don't care how much money you have, or how much money you made today. People of limited funds find statments like this intimidating, feeling comfortable on this forum is the objective, so don't say something that will belittle a persons limited bank account or limited skills. Helping others to be a better trader is the name of the "game".
14) DO NOT post a stock that you believe has an NR comming out next week, and speculate its contents, or speculate on a "rumour" you heard. You either have insider info (illegal) or you are expresssing an opinion of the contents of that NR. It has been found that if you are long the stock, you always believe that the NR or rumour is positive. If short, you believe it is negative, in both cases it is opinion...your opinion.....WE DON'T CARE!!
15)-DO NOT discuss computer configurations, software, and discount brokerage problems (other than to let fellow traders know a system is down). These issues should be discussed elsewhere on this board.

We could have  gone with the premium board feature, but a lot of members would have been left out since they have free account


Opinions expressed on this board are just that. Opinions. We are not a licensed brokers. Trading strategies discussed on this board are often high risk and not suitable everyone. If you are losing money in the market, you may wish to seek the advice of a licensed securities professional.  No one is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except you!   If you follow stocks, strategies discussed on this board, you may lose all your money. Please weigh the strategies discussed here carefully against what you are willing to risk.  Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling any security in the open market, there are no guarantees. Do your own due diligence, due your own diligence and we repeat do your own diligence. At any given moment the posters and mods here could tald about a stock that they are invested in, in no way does that mean that you should buy that stock.  Remember, no one is holding a gun to your head!!!  Please do not attack any Mods/posters/etc for any reason...  Posts about other users and their motivations for posting here (i.e. basher, pumper, flipper) are TOU violations, and will be removed. Continually posting the same or similar information will be removed.  POSTS VIOLATING TOS REQUIREMENTS OF IHUB can be found at this link: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/complex_terms.asp Thank you!





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#1375   Tony, you back into ICTY by any chance? west3807 02/14/12 03:04:51 PM
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#1373   Or several people working under one alias. TONY64 02/13/12 11:29:38 AM
#1372   A machine... SSOL-board, 5 post in 3 seconds... -G- 02/13/12 08:15:20 AM
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#1368   a lot of volatility for sure... But about -G- 02/02/12 05:00:14 PM
#1367   Man it really hacks me off, my 14K wyoskeptic 02/02/12 04:20:06 PM
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