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Business Description

We are a publicly traded health and healing company in the Cannabis space.
We are dedicated to innovating new methods and refining current industry standards within the Cannabis market.
We are forward thinking and hold, Better Health Through The Science of Nature as our guiding statement.
We are currently in product development on the dHydronator® and a subsequent product line to follow up after the dHydronators release.
Our plan for future growth includes: cultivation, dispensing, extractions, infusions, topical remedies, edibles, research and testing facilities, personal wellness centers, and flotation therapy


Share Structure
  Market Value1 $93,840,854 a/o Jan 17, 2018
Authorized Shares 500,000,000 a/o Jan 03, 2018
Outstanding Shares 118,785,891 a/o Jan 03, 2018
-Restricted 105,659,442 a/o Jan 03, 2018
-Unrestricted 13,126,449 a/o Jan 03, 2018
Held at DTC 2,811,394 a/o Jan 03, 2018
  Float 3,315,480 a/o Jan 20, 2017
PHONE NUMBER THC Therapeutics   702.602.THCC

Investor Relations: html


Brandon Romanek’s Comments - “The testing we’re currently engaged in is pioneering by nature and as such comes with its own innate challenges. The testing itself is very time consuming due to the range of tests being performed. These tests are tedious and you simply can’t rush them.

We are in the process of negotiating potential mergers and acquisitions in the cannabis and health & healing spaces that will increase shareholder value and company profits. This, in addition to our flagship product (dHydronator), is what is going to make us a one of a kind powerhouse company in the health and healing cannabis industries. With our huge margins, our conservative projections give the dHydronator a seven figure annual profit range at a minimum. These projections are only for the in-home cannabis growers and do not include the garden and herb markets or commercial cultivators.”

Romanek continues, “This country has an absolutely massive epidemic of prescription drug use and abuse and most of the abuse occurs from prescription drugs that are legal, most deaths actually occur from pharmaceuticals, not illegal drugs. We have a huge problem of over-prescribing and dependence of benzodiazepines, opiates and other mind altering psychotropics. Addiction and over-prescribing is a big problem. There is of course a place in medicine for these types of drugs, but these drugs in particular, are at a minimum affecting people’s lives in a negative manner and/or killing them. It has been medically proven that cannabis use, herbs and supplements along with other alternative therapies such as flotation therapy, can help people substantially lower their doses or help them to get off these drugs altogether.

I very much appreciate the support of all our investors, your investment in THC Therapeutics is an investment in a company that is 100% dedicated to people's health and wellbeing. Our only business is helping people enhance their quality of life and there is no better gift than the gift of great health. I look forward to doing something here that really matters and that actually makes a difference in the world.”


The first of many products THC Therapeutics will be developing is the dHydronator; a Sanitizing Herb Dryer with multiple design, function, and usage patents pending. This innovative product is specifically designed for drying and sanitizing freshly harvested cannabis, herbs, flowers, and tea leaves. Mold spores and other common allergens found on cannabis plants can result in consumer experiences of bronchitis, difficulty breathing, sore throat and many other flu-like symptoms. These contaminants are commonly found and can be very dangerous to those with compromised immune systems, and may complicate or prevent healing and recovery. In just a few minutes time, dHydronator technology prevents and/or destroys these contaminants.
SanitiZen is a registered trademark for a surface sanitizing process. Cannabis is generally recognized by the medical community to be safe for human consumption. However, the plant has been found to be contaminated by a large number of microbial organisms. The following lists a few of the microbial contaminants that may be found in medicinal cannabis.
Aspergillus  One of the more potentially deadly molds to humans. Some species produce large amounts of aflatoxin, which is both a toxin (mycotoxin) and a carcinogen. Exposure can cause allergic reactions and/or infections, especially in immunocompromised patients.
Alternaria A plant pathogen and allergen to humans. Exposure can cause hay fever and may lead to asthma. Exposure can also cause infections in immunocompromised patients.
Cladosporium Is a plant pathogen that can affect cannabis size, yield and quality. This is the group that contains the most common molds but generates no mycotoxins. Overexposure can cause asthma attacks and/or pneumonia in some patients.
Spider Mites Spider mites are common cannabis pests, especially when growing in soil. Although less common in hydroponics, spider mites can show up in any setup where cannabis is being cultivated. Mite feces can be allergenic and provide an environment for E. coli to propagate.

Penicillium Penicillium is a genus of ascomycetous fungi of major importance in the natural environment as well as food and drug production. Exposure can cause severe allergic reactions in patients who are sensitive to the antibiotic Penicillin.

Yeasts A group of microorganisms that are often found in cannabis. Some are pathogenic and/or allergenic and should be avoided by immune compromised patients.
Escherichia Coli (E. coli)

Most strains are harmless, however, several can cause food poisoning in humans. E. coli is among the contaminants for which we specifically lab tested the dHydronator®. SanitiZen® technology was proven effective in eliminating the risk of exposure due to handling and ingestion.


A necrotrophic fungus that affects many plant species. Also known as grey mold or bud rot, exposure can result in “winegrower’s lung” a rare form of hypersensitivity pneumonitis (a respiratory allergic reaction in predisposed individuals).

To address these concerns, producers have resorted to third party Quality Assurance, sending cannabis to labs to be tested for bacteria, fungus, and mold. If a product has been found to have unacceptable levels of fungus or bacteria, producers have used gamma radiation to reduce or eliminate the contamination. The irradiated cannabis is then sent back for retesting. It is important to note that this transfer and travel time removes the cannabis from its controlled and Quality Assurance environment, further increasing risk of contamination. Also, many patients are becoming concerned about the use of radiation to treat products for ingestion, as well as the fact that it is not a risk-free mechanism for eradicating mold and other adulterants. It is also known that radiation can destroy the essential oils, called terpenes, which are naturally produced by the cannabis plant and can play an important synergistic role in therapeutic response.

Microbial contaminants in Medical Marijuana can be harmful to patients, with particular risk for the immunocompromised and critically ill. With the increasing use of edible forms of cannabis, as well as vaporization, it has become essential for the patient to know that their cannabis is free of all contaminants. We at THC Therapeutics have designed the dHydronator with built-in technology to effectively minimize the health risks associated with the ingestion of contaminated cannabis. Additionally, the dHydronator is scientifically proven to maintain the integrity of the organic matter, terpenes, pollen and herbal potency throughout the sanitizing process. It is with these concerns in mind that we continue to develop the technology to provide consistency and safety to medical and recreational cannabis users alike.

THC Therapeutics becomes Millennium Blockchain

Millennium Blockchain is being formed as a holding company investing and developing in decentralized systems and distributed ledger technologies. As part of the transition, the Company is in preliminary discussions for legacy cannabis-related assets to be sold or spun-out.

Additionally, Millennium Blockchain is forming a new board of directors and has elected a new Chairman of the Board of Directors, Enzo Villani, who has acquired a significant stake in Millennium Blockchain to become the second-largest shareholder in the Company. He is currently the Managing Director for the prestigious blockchain advisory and communications company, Transform Group International ( Mr. Villani is the former Managing Director of Nasdaq and was co-founder of Nasdaq Global Corporate Solutions and has completed over $500 million in mergers and acquisitions in the technology and communications sectors. Mr. Villani was also CEO and Board Member of



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