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This is a board to post a pic your Tattoo's - Will put your alias in the ibox along with the link to your post on this board. In your post, please give us a story behind the tattoo if ya want.

Note: No tattoo is too small, post it!

IHUB Members Tattoo Pic's (click on their names :)

Tina Marie






Rebelgirl Shoulder tat
  - Rebelgirl lower back - Rebelgirl  arm band 








Tatted Up - http://youtube.com/watch?v=9k4e5Lpnt28

Live Tattoo cam: http://www.bisontattoos.com/tattoocam.html


Hollywood Tats:

Good show Miami Ink - http://tlc.discovery.com/fansites/miami-ink/miami-ink.html

Miami Ink

LA Ink (premiers August 7th)
more info:
Kat Von D

Fan Club:



Angelina Jolie

Vin Diesel                                                                                                                                                                             Alyssa Milano

The Beckhams -- Victoria Beckams tatoo - It is in Hebrew letters, "Ani ledodi vedodi li": "I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me..." (Song of Songs-Psalm 6:3). Dubi

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas



Angie Everhart.........................................Ana Beatriz Barros.................................Asia Argento

Model Sophie Anderton.......................................................................Robbie Willaims

Vanessa Marcil (lower back/ankle)

Matthew Fox


Tattoos: Body Art or Curse?
Tattoos are marks or pictures made on different parts of body to convey certain meaning to others. Tattoo designs reflects the nature and thoughts of that person. Tattooing, a type of body art, is one of the oldest arts preserved and are very popular among youths.

History of tattoos and tattooing
Certain evidences of their practices by early tribal men have been found. Just like some Paleolithic artifacts found, which are classified as tattoo artist tools. Apart from this evidences which show that tattoos were applied to female figurines and human beings, in Egypt, between 4000 and 2000 B.C.E. The Libyon statues from the tomb of Seti show tattoo markings on the arms and legs.

Different motives of tattooing
Tattoos are used for many different reasons right from the olden days.
1) Tribe markings were done to maintain the identity of that particular tribe. This also helped them to recognize their friends in the midst of fierce wars. Another faith they had was after the death they will remain n contact with their friends.
2) Tattoos were practiced in marriages also. It was a belief that one was able to find his legal spouse or spouses in the afterlife even after separation of many years. Also as a tradition a woman who marries without first being tattooed, in the proper manner, is believed to commit a great sin.
3) Tattooing was used for youths to check for his strength. Boys were tested with the pain of tattooing and those found unsuccessful were considered to be unfit as a warrior. Girls who failed in this test were considered to be unsuitable for marriage because it was not possible for to bear the pains of child birth.
4) To show the identity to which group or gang (criminal group) they belong.
5) Pictures do communicate messages faster. They are used to show the state of mind generally to show their enthusiasm. Most of them use it as a support to their contestant during matches. Also some crazy fans put on the tattoos of their favorite actor or actresses.
6) In recent years tattoos have emerged as a sign of modern youth who puts tattoos to make his external appearance look attractive. They are believed to bring good fortune. In Burma if a person desires good luck he will have a tattoo of a parrot on his shoulder. In Thailand, a tattoo of God is also considered to bring good luck and maintain peace in ones life.

Effects of tattoos on health
1) There is a risk of catching a blood-borne disease or infection. Care should be taken that the needles should be sterilized before being used and must not be reused. Dispose the needle so that no one else can use it.
2) The dye remaining after insertion should be thrown and not again reused.
3) The tattooist must wear latex gloves. Care should taken so that no interruption occurs during the process.
4) Some tattoos turn out bad and cause infection. The skin may get swollen and itchy. Avoid getting water on part being tattoo is applied for one or two weeks because it may cause pains. These tattoos can be removed through surgery.

Nothing comes free with every good thing comes a bad thing but its upto individual what he wants. Proper precaution and care if taken can result in making proper use of tattoos. If properly handled from hygienic point of view it won't be a curse rather a gift for looking fashionable.


'Yakuza Moon' by Shoko Tendo

Yakuza Moon" is Shoko Tendo's memoirs.

Tendo was born into the family of a wealthy yakuza boss.

The book gives her first-person account of the yakuza society, including drugs, sex, and guns in Japan's very 'peaceful' society.

At school she was known as the "yakuza kid' by teachers and classmates.

At home, she was the victim of her father's temper and lifestyle.

At age 15 she was the member of a gang, and at 18 addicted to drugs.

The only relationships she had with men were those that are befitting men with pinkies missing who must fight daily for their existence.

Her parents died and she tried to join them at her own hand.

Empowerment came when she had herself tattooed.

Yakuza Moon, now translated into English, is a rare glimpse from an insider's view into the closed world of the yakuza society.

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