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CEO, CFO, Maxim, and Evergreen just did SurgePays Inc. debt dilution financing on March 8th, 2021, 
with so much discount and free warrants built-in It effectively priced $SURG at just $0.07-$0.08. 

Just 7 to 8 cents for $SURG. As priced by SurgePays Inc.'s own insider management

Junk stock here. 

Pump-n-Dump here

8-K March 8th, 2021


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OVER $3,000,000

2. Surge’s Payment to Plaintiffs.

2.1 As of the Effective Date, Surge agrees to issue and/or pay to AltCorp and/or its designee shares of its common stock in an amount equal to three million three hundred thousand dollars ($3,300,000) (the “Payment”) in resolution of the claims against Surge in this Action which are released hereunder arising from the Exchange Agreement and other agreements with Plaintiffs to which Surge is a party and are identified within the Complaint. Surge shall treat the Payment in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (“GAAP”). The Payment shall be satisfied through the series of issuances of shares of Surge’s common stock to AltCorp and/or its designee as set forth within this Agreement. The shares shall be issued as unrestricted and free-trading upon delivery of a legal opinion to Surge. Any legal opinion required in order to remove any restrictive legends from the shares shall be provided by Surge at its own cost.

4.1 Within three (3) Trading Days of the first (1st) Trading Day of each calendar month after January 8, 2021, (the “Monthly Transfer Deadline”), for a period of thirty-two (32) months after January 8, 2021, Surge shall irrevocably instruct its transfer agent to transfer to AltCorp and/or its designee an amount of Surge’s common stock from the Increased Reserved Shares Quantity (the “Monthly Transferred Shares”) equal in value to one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) (the “Value Amount”) per month for the thirty-two (32) months following January 8, 2021.

13.1.5 The Monthly Transferred Shares when issued and delivered in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, for the consideration expressed herein, upon receipt of a legal opinion indicating the same, will be free trading without encumbrances and duly and validly issued, fully paid and non-assessable.




Below is the verified accelerated dilution numbers for


VStock Transfer LLC
Transfer Agent
18 Lafayette Place
Woodmere, NY 11598

Outstanding Shares

Outstanding Shares

Outstanding Shares

Outstanding Shares

Outstanding Shares

Outstanding Shares

Outstanding shares

Outstanding Shares

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Q1 and Q2 'Massive' Revenue Increased solely due to
share-dilution purchase acquision of ECS Marketplace.

ECS Marketplace was purchased Sept 30, 2019.

So, year-to-year Quarterly revenue increases from ECS are over.

In fact, ECS already has lower revenue by $10 Million annually,

than when as claimed at purchase on Sept. 30, 2019.

ECS Marketplace is a money losing operation!!

ECS Marketplace, since acquisition, has always been a

money losing operation for Surge Holdings!!


Surge Holdings Inc. files its SEC filings to say:
"At the level of operations, the Company has to borrow funds
to meet basic operating costs."


This Section is Maintained by SurgeGuy 2.0

The Above Information in this Box are based on Lies against the CEO.  An easy Google search will confirm the CEO was never convicted of Fraud or anything fact, the Government had to drop the case and apologize!!!!!  The other fact is the lies that the company lies on the financials, yet every 10K is audited and SurgePays was up-listed to NASDAQ!!!  Despite posts claiming they never applied....

SurgePays has increased revenue over the past 2 years by over 300%!!!!!!
SurgePays is listed on the NASDAQ!!!
SurgePays O/S is only around 12.5M shares
SurgePays has over $12M in cash on hand and has retired all debt!!!!
Revenue continues to grow and will be about 3 times the current market cap!!!!!
First year evaluation has the price per share at $6.63!!!!!!

This section maintained by SurgeGuy 2.0

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revenue up over 146%! Zorax 08/12/2022 05:36:08 PM
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Revenue up 146%!!!!!!!, just getting warmed up! lolzzzzz SurgeGuy2.0 08/12/2022 05:28:08 PM
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WOWO Just read Q ugly no wonder wall help me 08/12/2022 04:29:20 AM
WOWO Just read Q ugly no wonder wall help me 08/12/2022 04:29:20 AM
This $SURG sh*t's going-back-to $4s in a hurry. StockItOut 08/12/2022 12:16:29 AM
Hmmmmm, I guess some are not understanding what StockItOut 08/12/2022 12:12:30 AM
The most successful fake revenues company around. SurgePays, Inc. StockItOut 08/12/2022 12:10:18 AM
Q2 2022 Quarterly Results Televet 08/11/2022 08:14:49 PM
SP understand using a small time tenn 'auditor'. Zorax 08/11/2022 07:39:32 PM
They understand false filings looks like to me. imo help me 08/11/2022 05:52:35 PM
Hmmmmm, I guess some are not understanding what SurgeGuy2.0 08/11/2022 05:15:56 PM
Creeping up the 52 week high $7.30! Televet 08/10/2022 09:45:50 PM
LMAO! Wow, guess when a company double monthly Zorax 08/10/2022 11:30:46 AM
LMAO! Wow, guess when a company double SurgeGuy2.0 08/09/2022 11:46:53 PM
SURG is the real deal. Zorax 08/09/2022 10:27:06 PM
Folks realize SURG is the real deal. $20M SurgeGuy2.0 08/05/2022 02:39:42 PM
MAXIM..OFFERING ON THE WAY! bUrRpPPP! 08/03/2022 12:57:00 PM
Breaking past $7!!!!!!!, $25 here we come!!!! lolzzzzzzzzzzzz SurgeGuy2.0 08/03/2022 12:42:27 PM
Making new highs! Love it! Televet 08/03/2022 01:25:29 AM
Dirty books and lying CEO don't auto-correct. 100% StockItOut 07/30/2022 09:43:14 PM
Good luck with that. That ship has sailed!! Dawgtrader1 07/29/2022 07:03:47 PM
Fake Revenues is the SurgePays $SURG $SCAM. StockItOut 07/28/2022 06:49:25 PM
NEW recent High of nearly $7.00!!!!!!, $25 here SurgeGuy2.0 07/28/2022 04:29:05 PM
Wow. Finally getting some recognition. Televet 07/27/2022 06:37:31 PM
#19491 Kicking ass!!! Televet 07/22/2022 08:37:16 PM
SurgePays to Participate in the Virtual Investor Spotlight Series Televet 07/22/2022 08:35:02 PM
LMAO!!! Surge kicking ass!!!! $20 PPS! Denial is SurgeGuy2.0 07/22/2022 06:03:04 PM
Fascinating to see the legitimization of a $scam. StockItOut 07/19/2022 12:31:27 PM
LMAO! Just like SURGPAYS...100% Bullshit! Acquiring bUrRpPPP! 07/19/2022 06:49:42 AM
Some pictures of Brian ringing the openeing bell Televet 07/19/2022 12:11:42 AM
Huge News! Should be getting close to $15M SurgeGuy2.0 07/15/2022 01:27:15 AM
SurgePays crosses 150K mobile broadband subscribers Televet 07/14/2022 08:14:51 PM
SURG rings opening bell tromorrow!!!!!!!!!!! Televet 07/14/2022 08:13:49 PM
SurgePays Passes 150,000 Mobile Broadband Subscribers. Televet 07/14/2022 08:12:48 PM
This should give us some much needed exposrue!!! Televet 07/13/2022 09:48:28 PM
Welcome back! That was funny! Big LOL! StockItOut 07/13/2022 08:12:13 PM
I almost forgot about this POS...then I was bUrRpPPP! 07/13/2022 02:52:50 PM
Except when the auditor and CFO are fraudlent, StockItOut 07/05/2022 08:07:08 PM
Nothing fake about audited financials! Surge going to $20!!!! SurgeGuy2.0 07/05/2022 05:39:31 PM
Fake Revenue Keeps Expanding At SurgePays, the $SCAM StockItOut 06/29/2022 06:38:16 PM
Surge continues to expand! $20 PPS soon!!!! SurgeGuy2.0 06/29/2022 06:05:49 PM
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