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"The Future Of Medicine"

Topoisomerase II is an enzyme that aggressive cancer cells make too much of. When the cell is able to make a lot of the Topoisomerase II 
enzyme, it becomes able to proliferate and metastasize; so, if you can inhibit or destroy the activity of Topoisomerase II, you would then be 
able to prevent cancer cells from spreading. 

Our  Proprietary Technology

Our licensor, Advanomics Corporation, has developed a way to replace the diester bond with a Carbon-Difluoride bond which acts as a perfect diester isostere.  This technology allows us to create a large variety of therapeutic compounds that are completely stable and often more active than the original drugs.  This unique capability allowed us to create our Lead Compound, Adva-27a, an effective and highly specific Topoisomerase II (Top2) Inhibitor. 

Our Carbon-Difluoride Technology is covered by issued and pending patents filed under PCT/FR2003/002330 and PCT/FR2007/000697

Adva-27a is 16-times more effective at killing multidrug resistant  breast cancer cells than Etoposide, the drug currently in use.

Adva-27a is unaffected by P-Glycoprotein, the enzyme responsible for making cancer cells resistant to anti-tumor drugs.

Adva-27a has excellent clearance time (half-life = 54 minutes) as indicated by human microsomes stability studies.

Adva-27a clearance is independent of Cytochrome P450, a mechanism that is less likely to produce toxic intermediates.

Adva-27a is an excellent inhibitor of Topoisomerase ll with an IC50 of only 13.7 micromolar.

Adva-27a has shown excellent pharmacokinetics profile as indicated by studies done in rats

Adva-27a's initial indication will be multidrug resistant breast cancer for which there are little or no treatment options
Our Published Data show that Adva-27a is a true Topoisomerase ll Inhibitor and is significantly more effevtive at killing aggressive cancer cells than Etoposide, the current drug of choice.
Unique Features of Adva-27a  

* Adva-27a can be taken orally.
* Adva-27a is not a so-called me-too drug; our technology is unique. Adva-27a will be the only Topoisomerase ll Inhibitor on the Market.
* Adva-27a's initial indication will be multi-drug resistant breast cancer. Adva-27a can be used to treat other Top2 Positive Cancer Types (Prostate, Colon, Lung, Stomach, Ovarian).
Sunshine Biopharma Inc. Contacts:
Camille Sebaaly, CFO, Tel.: 514-814-0464,
SBFM SEC Filings

Avastin Ousted By FDA For Breast Cancer, Sunshine Biopharma Gears-Up For Clinicals

We were incorporated in the State of Colorado on August 31, 2006 under the name “Mountain West Business Solutions, Inc.”  During our fiscal year ended July 31, 2009 our business was to provide management consulting with regard to accounting, computer and general business issues for small and home-office based companies.  Effective October 15, 2009, we executed an agreement to acquire Sunshine Biopharma, Inc., a Colorado corporation (“SBI”), in exchange for the issuance of 21,962,000 shares of our Common Stock and 850,000 shares of Convertible Preferred Stock, each convertible into twenty (20) shares of our Common Stock (the “Agreement”).  As a result of this transaction our officers and directors resigned their positions with us and were replaced by our current management.  Following completion of this transaction we changed our name to “Sunshine Biopharma, Inc.”.  On December 21, 2011, Advanomics Corporation, a privately held Canadian company (“Advanomics”), and our licensor, exercised its right to convert the 850,000 shares of Series “A” Preferred Stock it held in our Company into 17,000,000 shares of Common Stock.
Intellectual Property
We are the exclusive licensee for the U.S. territory of Advanomics Corporation’s Adva-27a which is covered by international patent applications filed on April 27, 2007 (PCT/FR2007/000697).  These patent applications, which are now issued in Europe and the United States (US 8,236,935) and are still pending elsewhere around the world, were originally owned by Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Rouen (France) and have recently been purchased by Advanomics Corporation.  On January 14, 2013, Advanomics Corporation filed a new patent application covering Adva-27a manufacturing processes as well as new Adva-27a derivatives and compositions.
Sunshine Biopharma Inc. Contacts:
Camille Sebaaly, CFO, Tel.: 514-814-0464,

SBFM Transfer Agent
Corporate Stock Transfer
3200 Cherry Creek Dr. South
Suite 430
Denver, CO 80209
(303) 282 - 4800 p
(303) 282 -  5800 f

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