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Sunrun rebrand hero                 

Rooftop Solar

Today, Sunrun is the largest dedicated residential solar company in the United States. We are constantly innovating to make going solar easier, more affordable and to allow you to save more money! So far, we’ve installed nearly 3 million solar panels on over 100,000 rooftops and saved our customers more than $100,000,000 off their electricity bills...we are just getting started.

This spring we launched Sunrun® BrightBox™, our solar generation plus energy storage product, in Hawaii. BrightBox’s energy management system allows us to provide you with a home that seamlessly generates its own clean energy, stores it, and manages how the power is used in the home and shared with the grid. We’re looking forward to making Sunrun BrightBox available in more states in the coming months.

This Is Just the Beginning

The best thing about BrightBox in Hawaii is that it’s just the beginning. We’re building a range of new capabilities at Sunrun that allow us to help you manage your home’s energy to drive savings while you stay comfortable. Comfort in both the climate of your home as well as in knowing your home has the necessary storage to tolerate grid outages or avoid purchasing electricity at the times when rates are highest, providing you with long term control of your home energy bill.

As an example of our commitment to improving our solar offerings, we recently announced a new partnership with LG Chem, one of the world’s leaders in energy storage systems, to launch their best-in-class lithium-ion RESU batteries through Sunrun BrightBox.  

All in all, these are exciting times for Sunrun as we continue to develop and deploy services that further increase energy control, savings, and overall peace of mind for homeowners just like you.

Introducing our New Brand Look

As a sign of Sunrun’s evolution, we’re proud to introduce a brand new look.

Our new logo, which we call The Sunrun® Brilliant Home™, represents the solution we are delivering to you, our customers. It puts you at the center and embodies the services we offer as the leader in residential solar energy generation, storage, and management.

If you’ve already made the decision to go solar, congratulations and thanks for playing your part in creating a planet run by the sun. We are working hard to bring you new products and services that will further reduce your carbon emissions and save you money.

For those of you who are still contemplating the move, give us a call or send us an email to learn more about Sunrun’s proven capability and commitment to integrating and managing technology in a way that delivers savings and simplicity to our customers.


Sunrun is the largest dedicated residential solar company in the United States. In collaboration with our certified partner network, Sunrun helps homeowners get solar energy that is perfect for their home and lifestyle, simply and quickly.

We assess the best solar solution that meets a homeowner’s energy goals
Our experienced installers design and install a solar system customized for their roof
The homeowner simply pays a low, locked-in rate for the power that’s produced typically saving 20% on their electric bill*
Sunrun finances, insures and maintains the system for the life of the relationship
This seamless process we call “solar as a service” allows consumers to get a fast, personalized solar system designed for their home. Sunrun will design, install, finance, insure, monitor and maintain the system, while homeowners just pay for the clean power it generates at a lower rate than they currently pay their utility.

Sunrun has a history of blending innovation with expertise. In 2007, Sunrun invented the “solar as a service” model and brings over 17 years of experience in designing and maintaining high quality solar systems—making clean solar energy affordable, mainstream and accessible for everyone in the U.S. Sunrun sells directly to consumers over the phone, web, and at retail stores, as well as through a network of certified partners.

Sunrun has deployed more than $2 billion in solar systems with support from investors including U.S. Bancorp, J.P. Morgan and Credit Suisse. The company has raised more than $300 million in venture capital from Accel Partners, Sequoia Capital, Foundation Capital, and Madrone Capital Partners.

 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OCT 26th 2016

Sunrun and LG Chem Announce U.S. Partnership for Energy Storage
Sunrun BrightBox™ solar plus energy storage systems will be the first U.S. residential solar storage system to offer LG batteries for homes

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sunrun Inc. (Nasdaq:RUN), the largest dedicated residential solar company in the United States, and LG Chem, a leading global manufacturer of advanced batteries, today announced a partnership to launch LG Chem’s energy storage technology in the U.S. residential solar market. Sunrun will offer LG Chem’s best-in-class lithium-ion RESU batteries through Sunrun BrightBoxTM solar generation plus energy storage systems. Sunrun BrightBox offers advanced energy services that save families money day and night on their electric bills and supports the development of a modern energy infrastructure for America.  

lg chem.jpg


Sunrun is committed to sourcing and


Sunrun Inc. (RUN) Now Covered by Credit Suisse Group AG

November 7th, 2016
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