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RELATED TO PARENT FORUM #board-3665 To New IPO'S - Shells - M&A #board-9247 Review and Preview. TEN Potential - http://tinyurl.com/ys82ge TO Momentum_Trader - #board-2832 - also: many here,http://tinyurl.com/2f3qtq Website: http://www.stingersystems.com AS OF 01/07/08. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bo_Dietl --- 01/09/08 Stinger Systems are making some changes. http://www.beaudietl.com/ Bo Dietl to Join Stinger Systems Board of Directors! excerpts: highly-decorated former New York City detective, Richard "Bo" Dietl, He received 80 awards and commendations for bravery alone. A major motion picture, "One Tough Cop," based on Mr. Dietl's autobiographical novel, was released in 1998. After retiring from the police department, Achievements after retiring. Mr. Dietl went on to become a highly respected security expert and investigator in the private sector in both national and international arenas. Currently, Mr. Dietl is Chairman and CEO of Beau Dietl Associates (BDA), a security and investigative firm that he founded in 1985. The firm boasts a client list that includes Sony Columbia Pictures, Coca-Cola, Grey Advertising, PaineWebber, Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns, NCR and the Saudi royal family. references: Mr. Dietl's references include Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Sumner Redstone and Jack Welch. Mr. Dietl is a contributing commentator on security and criminal matters for the Fox News Network and has frequently appeared on Good Morning America, the Today show, CNN, CNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and the Imus radio program. In 1989, Mr. Dietl was named Chairman of the National Crime Commission by President George H. W. Bush. In 1994 Mr. Dietl was named as the Chairman of the Security Guard Advisor Community to the Governor of New York and still holds that position. Current opinion for Stinger Systems: 01/07/08 Bo Dietl commented, "In my opinion, the Stinger S-200 projectile stun gun is the best product on the market. As a former police officer and detective head of a large security company, I would only want to recommend the best available products. Further, I believe the Stinger S-200 is far superior to the Taser products not only in features and ruggedness but in price as well. Because of this, I would like to assist in promoting this great product." 01/15/2008 A MUST READ OPINION FOR CREDIBILITY FOR Hired gun paid big to shock sales Stinger Systems is counting on ex-cop Richard "Bo" Dietl's influence. http://www.Tampabay.com By SCOTT BARANCIK, Times Staff Writer Published January 15, 2008 EXCERPT: Which company boasts the Tampa Bay area's highest-paid board member? Forget about giants like Tech Data Corp. and Jabil Circuit. The most generous public firm locally may be Stinger Systems, a Tampa stun gun maker that welcomed director Richard "Bo" Dietl last week with options to purchase 1-million shares of its stock at just 20 cents per share. Sale of the stock at Monday's closing price of $1.20 per share would earn Dietl a cool $1-million profit. On Monday, the voluble 57-year-old used an appearance on Don Imus' radio program to accuse stun gun leader Taser International of faking test results and offered the Scottsdale, Ariz., firm $100,000 to submit to a "fair" side-by-side test. Shortly before that, Dietl said, he and Los Angeles police Chief William Bratton attended a demonstration of Stinger's stun gun at the Los Angeles police academy. Dietl, who vowed to hold his Stinger stock for the long term, promised to promote the company during his frequent appearances on Fox News. "Oh, I'm going to be everywhere," he said. "I want to see every police officer have a Stinger." http://www.sptimes.com/2008/01/15/Business/Hired_gun_paid_big_to.shtml mgmt appointee Ronald T Bellistri---01/09/08 to Serve as Executive Vice President and National Sales Director yhoo 1 - 10 of about 503 for Ronald T . Bellistri (About) - 0.26 sec http://tinyurl.com/2cbtuf goog Results 1 - 10 of about 450 for Ronald T. Bellistri. (0.18 seconds) http://tinyurl.com/37alwq STIY -- Stinger Systems, Inc. See this for CORPORATE HISTORY ____ #msg-20090547 Stinger Systems, Inc.'s™ less-lethal electro-stun weapons empower officers by providing alternatives for the variety of control tasks confronting the law enforcement community today. Stinger Systems is dedicated to officer and public safety and is a pioneer in the electronic stun technology field. The Stinger team is dedicated to provided leading edge technology, unsurpassed training with a focus on safety and excellent customer support. The Stinger Systems goal is to continue to develop alternative law enforcement products that will save both lives and money. Address: 1901 Roxborough Rd. Suite 118 Charlotte, NC 28211 USA These Guys Make Non-Lethal Stun Guns, Check Out Their Website Website: http://www.stingersystems.com http://www.stingersystems.com/products.htm http://www.stingersystems.com/pricing.htm http://www.stingersystems.com/investors.htm Phone: 704-362-3737 THIS IS GOING TO GET BIGGER FOR SECURITY , CROWD CONTROL / RIOT CONTROL:12/17/07 http://www.stingersystems.com/shield_overview.htm 2 sizes available Trigger-switch mounted in handle Hi-performance power output (6) 3-volt Lithium batteries Removable electronics in the event of a repair Available in concave and convex configurations Can be used as a traditional riot shield The ICE Shield™ is an electrified riot shield designed to provide added protection for police, corrections and military personnel in hazardous crowd control situations. When you need true crowd control and protection, the Ice Shield™ is necessary. The product is currently in use by numerous organizations including the New York City DOC and Riker's Island. Utilizing Stinger Systems'™ electronic incapacitation technology, the shields are constructed of ¼" polycarbonate Lexan® and feature 9 sparking display points on the front to provide a visible deterrent. The power shield can be used as a traditional riot shield, or the operator can simply push a switch on the shield's handles to activate a non-lethal, immobilizing contact-shock. Applications to date have centered on hazardous crowd control, civil disturbances, prison disturbances and forced cell entries. NEUROMUSCULAR KEYING When activated, the generated pulses of electricity into the subject's neuromuscular system and TEMPORARILY interrupt VOLUNTARY muscle control. An application interrupts the tiny neurological impulses that normally travel through the body to control and direct voluntary muscle movement. SHIELD OPTIONS The ICE Shield™ is available in either standard (20" x 36") or Full Body/Institutional (24" x 48") sizes, as well as in both Convex and Concave styles. Cordura Nylon Bands/Sleeves Key lock on/off switch http://www.stingersystems.com/bandit_overview.htm highlights: Multilevel washable Cordura Nylon Bands/Sleeves Key lock on/off switch Self contained, concealed antenna system Audible warning tone One second delay in the event of officer error or accidental activation Surge guard arrestor, anti-burnout timer/voltage regulaor gap Single charger apparatus for receiver and stun functions Battery power pack good for 2 years of on-demand life Posi snap unit connectors The Band-It™ has been used on tens of thousands of prisoners nationwide by local law enforcement agencies and federal agencies including the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the U.S. Marshals. The Band-It™ serves as a deterrent and is designed for the safe, effective movement of inmates by providing the greatest security available without the use of potential lethal force. The Band-It™ is a prisoner restraint system that is comprised of a universal sleeve which is placed either on a prisoner's leg or arm and a RF transmitter held by a law enforcement official. If a prisoner tries to flee, the sheriff or bailiff can remotely activate the Band-It up to 150 feet away. Electrical impulses are then disbursed on the prisoner incapacitating his or her muscles. The Band-It™ is powered by a Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable battery pack which is capable of being recharged up to 500 times. The Band-It™ is made of rugged material which may be worn over or under clothing and will not interfere with a prisoner's ability to sit or write. Features include a remotely activated alarm on the Band-It™ warning the prisoner to comply before activation is necessary. The Band-It™ also contains a mechanical tether cord which is fixed in place while a prisoner is seated. If the prisoner tries to flee, the cord is detached from the unit and the Band-It™ will be activated. HOW IT WORKS The ultimate performance of an electronic incapacitation device (EID) is dependent on the ability of the device to affect the electrical system of the body. To achieve this, the distance between contact probes becomes a critical factor. The shorter the distance between the probes, the less the impact on the body's system. The Band-It™ stun package was designed with a 2.5" or more to permit more contact area upon the subject. When the activator switch is depressed, electricity flows into muscular tissue of the suspect at a predetermined pulse rate frequency. This typically temporarily incapacitates the subjects muscles allowing security personnel to contain the situation. EFFECTS The mind has limited ability when focusing upon a task or objective. In order to achieve a goal, the body and mind must be working together as a team. An individual bent on escape or a spontaneous outburst requires focus and also sustains an adrenaline rush. Thus, such focus is destroyed when the device is actually activated. When an individual challenges the Band-It™, he/she is challenging the body's ability to cope with an outside stimulus of mind-altering force. Should an individual be able to "walk off" the effects of an application, any other objective becomes a moot point and unattainable because the entire focus is on the force of the device. EASE OF USE The Band-It™ may be worn in eight (8) places on the body over or under clothing. This device maintains 100% contact with the skin or clothing without having to constantly tighten it. The Band-It™ may be triggered either manually by the remote or automatically if the subject/suspect tries to get up and deactivates the tether. Comparison with Competition. 01/09/08 chart: http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui [*chart]stockcharts.com/c-sc/sc?s=stiy&p=D&yr=0&mn=6&dy=0&id=p42884500551[*/chart][*chart]stockcharts.com/c-sc/sc?s=stiy&p=15&yr=0&mn=0&dy=10&id=p21593566357[*/chart] For Daily or Short Term Trading: "Click It" http://americanbulls.com http://tinyurl.com/37vlpc This message board is not affiliated with any company or organization. No endorsement of or by any company or organization is implied by the posts on this board. You are responsible for your own decisions - post wisely and research before investing. from McDee share count ___ 6/1/07 Outstanding Shares: 16,068,499 as of 2007-03-15 that's low for an otcbb company. http://tinyurl.com/ goog: 11/26/2007 Results 1 - 10 of about 799,000 for Stinger Systems, Inc. (0.23 seconds) http://tinyurl.com/yp95tx yhoo: 11/26/2007 1-10 of 905,000 for Stinger Systems , Inc . (About) - 0.21 sec http://tinyurl.com/25ukby From: Stinger Systems Inc. - Quote Info messages - 12/25/07 http://tinyurl.com/2mx7wu --- yhoo http://tinyurl.com/297wdu --- goog STIY (S-200) vs TASR (X-26) video! ==> http://www.bacolinienterprises.com/images/FULL_STINGER_VS_TASER_0001.wmv
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