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REZN8 – is a 9 time Emmy Award-winning wholly owned subsidiary of StereoVision


                                                 Image result for Emmy Award. Size: 120 x 160. Source: www.hilltopviewsonline.com  Image result for row of emy awardsImage result for row of emy awardsImage result for row of emy awardsImage result for row of emy awardsImage result for row of emy awardsImage result for row of emy awardsImage result for row of emy awards   Image result for Emmy Award. Size: 120 x 160. Source: www.hilltopviewsonline.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Image result for bda promax award      Motion Graphics, Van Nuys, CA | REZN8                                

Rez-N-8 Productions, Inc. designs and develops graphical user interfaces, company branding, and real-time viewing. It develops the media vision for domestic and international clients across a range of platforms that include broadcast, film, Internet, wireless, and games. Rez-N-8 Productions, Inc. was founded in 1987 and is based in Hollywood, CA 

Eco Allies - Official Worldwide Site

 Eco Allies-BioChar Now-Climate Cure Capital J/V Summary June 29, 2021 Eco Allies™ (EA) http://ecoallies.biz is a for profit Nevada ESG Benefit corporation with 230k tons of carbon credits and 5mil SuperGreenTree seeds on the books. EA is pursuing opportunities in the Renewable and Sustainable Technologies Sectors and the Climate Change Mitigation Industry. EA entered a J/V agreement with Climate Cure Capital Corp (CC) http://climatrcurecapital.com and Biochar Now Inc. (BN) www.biocharnow.com to establish operations at EA’s HQ facility. The EA/CC/BN Joint Venture encompasses initial activities to manufacture, distribute, and market the Eco Allies™ branded Biochar Now USDA approved biochar products to regional, national, and global markets for livestock feed, fertilizer, government pollution remediation projects, renewable energy, and other renewable and sustainable industries. EA plans to build and manage a global offset credits trading exchange and trade offset credits generated by EA, CC, BN, and others while CC continues with the Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP) mitigating for profit the methane generated by landfills. CC will prepare forty LMOP and Renewable Energy ACP’s from a completed funding. EA is securing capital to fund the launch of EA’s business plan. The proposed capital raise will be as follows: EA will endeavor to leverage its 230,000 tons of carbon credits https://www.fairclimatefund.nl/en/news/from-30-eurocents-to-25-euros-the-priceof-a-tonne-of-co it’s 5 million SuperGreenTrees™ seeds, and the Boards of Directors climate change mitigation experience and industry goodwill. Each SuperGreenTree™ sequesters approximately one ton of carbon annually. UBS published this press https://www.euromoney.com/article/27hsqbhpgfjh1cnuxnaww/esg/voluntarycarbon-offsets-the-next-big-investment. “So far, the Biden administration is suggesting $1 billion to purchase carbon credits at $20 per ton. The plan hopes to turn various regions across the US into carbon sinks, aiming to offset the country's 7,000 megatons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.” EA will begin planting more SuperGreenTrees™ in Florida and California where 10,000 SuperGreenTrees™ are now being grown and 3.000 are harvested and ready to become biochar. Biochar made from EA’s SuperGreenTrees has been assayed and shown to create the premier biochar. Our USDA approved biochar in livestock feed reduces methane in animal excrement by 25%. BlackRock joining a $41 trillion fund for investments in Renewable and Sustainable businesses is making an abundance of quality mezzanine financings available. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/worlds-largest-asset-manager-blackrockjoins-41-trillion-climate-change-investing-pact-2020-01-09 \EA has an effective SEC Reg A+ registration for a $20 mil IPO. The primary Uses of Proceeds is to acquire 2,500 acres of farmland in Florida and grow 1,000,000 SuperGreenTrees™. Approximate cost $9mil. Build an Eco Allies biochar plant with 120 kilns. Cost $6.3mil. ©2020 This document is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities and contains forward-looking information within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Results may differ materially from those implied or expressed by such forward-looking statements. Climate Cure Capital Corporation The Climate Cure Capital™ team combined, possesses over 40 years of experience in project design, management, and implementation in the greenhouse gas reduction and renewable energy arenas. Its strategy identifies specific opportunities to provide emission reductions and/or energy efficiency in a startup project’s early stages. For established operations, Climate Cure provides innovative solutions and technologies by directing a project to achieve planned results. It receives a base fee and a considerable share of the environmental offset credits generated. It provides environmental commodities services that can finance pollution mitigation from the production, sale, and brokerage of carbon credits, emissions credits and other environmental credits. http://climatecurecapital.com Climate Cure’s 230,000 tons of Verified Carbon Standard carbon offset credits have been assigned to J/V partner company, Eco Allies, Inc. These serial numbered credits are used in project financing and neutralization programs, and for direct sale. Carbon footprint offsetting entities offer credits for sale to people and businesses. Climate Cure developed the proprietary fast growth non-invasive Paulownia tree called the HDF SuperGreenTree™. They were developed by non-genetic modification through grafting. Climate Cure’s 5,000,000 HDF SuperGreenTree™ seeds have been assigned to Eco Allies to broaden the cultivation footprint of our SuperGreenTrees™. For years, HDF SuperGreenTrees™ have been successfully grown and harvested domestically. Leading Industry expert Philip Scalzo (https://www.linkedin.com/in/philipscalzo-731a5830/) analyzed HDF SuperGreenTrees™ for their revenue potential and calculated that over three years each tree could yield $44.00 just from biomass. Their carbon offset credit value increases that considerably. One revenue stream from the trees is biofuel pellets. Six weeks after planting, these trees grow to 1 1/2 feet and continue growing 20 feet a year, to a maximum 60-foot height in three years. But they can be harvested after one year for biomass for clean energy, making biochar, and even to make a product that supplants coal. They are a phytoremediator, meaning they remove toxins from soil. Their ingestion of CO2 produces offset credits. These trees will fully re-grow from their stumps up to 6 more times after the original planting and the subsequent harvesting of them. Mixing mulched HDF SuperGreenTrees™ with effluent from animal farms produces a cleaner burning, efficient fuel to sell. If not utilized, methane, a dangerous (and smelly) greenhouse gas result. Preventing or lowering methane emissions benefits the atmosphere and results in high value, marketable methane offset credits. HDF SuperGreenTrees™ produce a very high-quality biochar. Biochar is a type of charcoal that is used in agriculture as a soil amendment. Biochar, is rich in carbon, and can endure for thousands of years, enhances soil for better production yields over extended periods. BioChar Now BioChar Now LLC (BN) http://biocharnow.com is a pioneer in the biochar industry with strong engineering, manufacturing, sales, and administrative personnel focused on making and selling the highest quality biochar on a global scale. Biochar Now biochar is currently being used to treat the algae bloom it’s believed causes Red Tide.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

 Eco Allies Management Team:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Charles ‘Charley’ Guillory – Baton Rouge, Louisiana Eco Allies CEO/Director Charles has a proven record of management and growth. He began his work life with a “Class 1” railroad and worked his way up from hand trucking freight in a warehouse to Assistant Superintendent of a Division. During most of his career, his specialty was locating and supervising problem areas which resulted in their becoming safe, well-organized, and efficiently operated territories. He left for a more challenging position as General Manager of Operations with a service company overseeing the operation of seven sites in three midwestern states. He then moved on to pursue the rewards of private ownership by purchasing a company with what he recognized as untapped potential and saw double-digit profit increases within the first year after implementing his own management ideas and techniques and maintained a healthy growth by adjusting to various challenges for the following eighteen years before choosing to dissolve the business this year in order to try something new.                                                                             

 James Gaspard - Loveland, Colorado Eco Allies Director/BioChar Now CEO James Gaspard's career in start-ups, mid-size and Fortune 1000 companies gives him a unique perspective on all aspects on a company's life-cycle from birth, through growth and harvest. His career has been highlighted to date by his sales talent and his ability to close larger dollar volumes of transactions in several diverse industries. James is CEO of Biochar Now LLC a market leading producer of high-quality biochar. James received his Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M in 1991 and his JD/MBA from University of Texas in 1996. He holds a variety of patents and licenses related to manufacture of biochar which is a core product of the Eco Allies business model.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

 John ‘JT’ Toth – Reno, Nevada Eco Allies Director/Climate Cure Capital Director, and Chief Science Officer JT directs our projects implementing established applied methodologies for Wind, Solar, and Biomass Energy, and verifiable Carbon Offset Projects. Since 2005, after extraordinary careers with Healthcare and Information Technologies, he has been involved with numerous projects and feasibility studies for carbon sequestration and emission reductions involving manure digesters, biomass energy, Jenbacher and Waukesha gas engines, micro turbines, solar and wind energy, green building and biochar. John has worked with Climate Cure Team and several client companies in developing International Project Idea Notes for the European Union Trading Scheme (EU ETS) and project documents for renewable energy and carbon sequestration projects in the USA adhering to the protocols of the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) and the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). John holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Pepperdine University, and Master of Science in Chemistry from U. of Hawai’i along with accreditation by the U.S. Green Building Council with the USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 R. Glenn Kirk, CPA - Dallas, Texas Eco Allies CFO/Director R. Glenn Kirk CPA LLC. Glenn is a Dallas, Texas based CPA His over 30-year practice includes tax planning, preparation, and accounting services. Glenn Received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Texas A&M University - Commerce (formerly East Texas State University) in 1974. Certified Public Accountant and partner with the firm of McKinnon, Wootton & Associates, LLC, (formerly McKinnon & Associates, Inc.) a public accounting firm; August, 1974 to June, 2008. Sole Member of R. Glenn Kirk, CPA, LLC public accounting practice.                                                                                                     

  W.F. ‘Billy’ Barnwell – Reno, Nevada Eco Allies Director/Climate Cure Capital CEO W.F. (William) Barnwell is the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Climate Cure Capital Corporation. http://climatecurecapital.com. William has more than 18 years of experience in the renewable energy field and was the managing member of The Centre for Carbon Trading. He served on the Board at Global Alternative Green Energy where he helped to brand proprietary technologies known as the BCR™, the BCT™, and the BCS™, and had them certified as “Green” in the renewable energy credits (“REC”) market. Prior to that, he was the COO of Pacific Renewables in San Diego where he developed the REC trading platform. In conjunction with Electric City, he helped deliver Virtual Megawatt Power Plants. He has unrivaled experience and knowledge in the world of environmental commodities. He has marketed energy-efficient products traded on the Chicago Commodity Exchange and brought institutional funding from Morgan Stanley, Duke Power, and El Paso Energy to various projects and activities, and run a renewable energy credit desk and directed marketing efforts for the Center for Carbon Trading and Resource Marketing. The International Emission Trade Association invited him to participate in the Congressional Advisory Committee for Cap & Trade. He has a BA from the University of Denver. Steven 'Herky' Williams – Nashville, Tennessee Eco Allies Director/Executive Vice President Investor Relations Steven ‘Herky, Williams has an extensive knowledge and background in public relations and the entertainment industry. As Senior Director of A&R for Capital Records Herky signed Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Tanya Tucker and many others. He has twenty years’ experience as a member of a publicly traded company’s Board of Director. Herky is the organizer and manager of many of Nashville’s most enduring high profile charity events.                                                                                                                         

 John H. ‘Jack’ Honour - St Petersburg, Florida Eco Allies Founder/Director/ Co-CEO – StereoVision CEO contact jack@stereovision.com C level public company executive with 20 years’ experience.                                               

  Arnold F. Sock (LL.M) Esquire - Los Angeles, California. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The For-Profit Nevada ESG Benefit Corporation Eco Allies Inc. Retains Coldicutt Law to Prepare EA’s Planned SEC Reg A+ Registration Filing Press Release | 03/31/2021
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        StereoVision’s Majority Owned ESG Benefit Company Eco Allies Inc. Retains Independent Auditor Assurance Dimension for SEC Reg A+ Registration Statement Press Release | 05/14/2021                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  StereoVision Retires 12,500,000 OTC:SVSN Shares Press Release | 05/13/2021              
StereoVision Seals Exclusive Deal With 9 Time Emmy Award Winning Artist Paul Sidlo to Mint NFT’s for Bid on Ethereum for the 40 Piece Collection of Digital 3D ‘Art by Sidlo’ Press Release | 05/19/2021                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

StereoVision’s Majority Owned Nevada ESG Benefit Corporation Eco Allies Inc Files a $20mil SEC Reg A Tier Two Registration Statement   Press Release | 06/17/2021            

SEC Approves $20mil Reg A+ Registration for StereoVision’s Majority Owned

Nevada ESG Benefit Company Eco Allies™
Press Release | 06/29/2021

 StereoVision-Retains-Securities-Law-Firm-for-$500,000-SEC-Reg-A-for-Planned-Uplisting-to-the-OTCQB Press Release | 08/16/2021
Stereo-Visions-Latest-Annual-Report-Reflects-Over-2250000-in-Net-Income-Debt-Reduction-of-Over-520000-and-Cancellation of 12,500,000 Common shares

United States Patent and Trademark Office Grants StereoVision’s Majority Owned Subsidiary Eco Allies Inc. the Eco Allies™ TrademarkPress Release | 11/29/2021

Stereo Vision Announces a Special Dividend of 500,000 Shares of Eco Allies common stock

StereoVision’s Majority Owned ESG Benefit Company Eco Allies Inc. Completes Agreement to Grow 500 Acres of SuperGreenTrees in EU Country Croatia Press Release | 03/22/2022


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#1308   Stereo Vision Announces a Special Dividend of 500,000 ix6341 03/08/22 02:41:18 AM
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