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Starl is the first 100% community owned decentralized virtual space project. $STARL is the governance token of the Starl Ecosystem. Buy, sell and trade virtual satellites, spacecraft and lands while exploring the solar system. The possibilities are endless.

A Virtual World

A finite amount of “Satellites” and “Space Modules" will be sold similar to virtual billboards and living spaces within the framework of our system as well as a “Station Core” which will have a number of different options in how you interact with the virtual world.

Starl Token?

Starl tokens are the investment tool to purchase virtual land in Starl Metaverse Station, which will mimic a real world space station positioned in a very real quadrant of the galaxy.

What is Starl Metaverse?

Starl Metaverse is a project with the ability to utilize the power of the blockchain and decentralization in order to infinitely expand upon and honor the true vision of a new financial paradigm.

Human interaction and socialization has become overwhelmingly virtual; most people have moved their social and business relationships to their phone or laptop. It is now, during a global pandemic that has driven us online more so than ever. These new habits have already become permanent behavioral and cultural shifts, irrevocably changing what we consider normal and acceptable.

In this way the social responsibility that exists to provide tools and resources in the virtual space is essential to create a fun and adaptive environment for individuals to thrive and monetize. This stands at the core of our ethos at Starl.

Read Whitepaper


We are actually building a space station.

Digital real estate has become a legitimate asset class, one worthy of investor consideration and is going to appreciate exponentially over the near term.

In this perspective, Starl tokens become the investment tool to purchase virtual land in Starl Station, which will mimic a real world space station positioned in a very real quadrant of the galaxy. Here are some of the main points of the Starl Ecosystem:


  • The utility token powered by Ethereum Blockchain that serves the utilities as the basis within the Starl ecosystem.


    Non-fungible, transferrable digital assets representing satellites and any other virtual estates of the Starl Metaverse.


    A gamified 3D virtual space metaverse which is a part of the Star-link ecosystem.


  • A graphical representation of players in the virtual space metaverse.

    Starl DAO

    STARL tokens within the Starl ecosystem will be allocated for voting within a DAO ensuring the project is self-sustaining and has no owner at the helm.


    Starl marketplace enables participants to manage and exchange SATE NFTs, priced in $STARL.


Fair Tokenomics

To build our vehicle for a democracy beyond Earth, we based Starl on fair tokenomics and launch, with no presale, no dev tokens, no dev tax and 28.8B tokens burned.


Crazy Dev Tax




Developer Tokens

We have all the answers.

We do understand a big project might be confusing and you may have some questions. Here are the most common we usually get:

What is a Metaverse?

A metaverse is a collective, shared digital space, world, or universe that exists beyond the analog one we live in. It can be augmented reality, virtual reality, or simply something to explore as an avatar on a computer. If you are familiar with the book or movie Ready, Player One - that is a good example of a metaverse.

Why is the metaverse important?
Is Starl a game?
What can I do in the Starl metaverse?
Can I make money in the metaverse?
Who is developing this?
How can I help more?

Join the Starl Community

Let's make something great together. We are trusted by over 22k+ holders. Join us to build the greatest ecosystem crypto has ever seen.

Join Us 

© 2021 Starl Metaverse Project. All rights reserved.

STARL Metaverse Project has no affiliation with any space company, agency, or project. STARL is an educational and parody simulation of space agencies and programs worldwide
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#57   On further expansion of the game, they could lilLu 12/07/21 07:07:48 PM
#56   Also the Metaverse has no limits bro! Think lilLu 12/07/21 07:00:49 PM
#55   Looks like your DD… It’s finally pushing up WHITTENHALLJR 12/07/21 03:14:20 PM
#54   We're still in development bro so we're gonna lilLu 12/06/21 10:55:55 PM
#53   Thank you for the encouragement that all sounds WHITTENHALLJR 12/06/21 10:27:50 PM
#52   Bro they are blowing up the online community! lilLu 12/06/21 09:35:36 PM
#51   Nice recovery this evening >> adding at 5am WHITTENHALLJR 12/06/21 08:36:27 PM
#50   I have a feeling we get some 2's lilLu 12/05/21 01:53:19 PM
#49   How low? I’m looking to add but patiently WHITTENHALLJR 12/05/21 01:16:22 PM
#48   STARL is blowing up the online community! We lilLu 12/05/21 01:01:15 PM
#47   Phase 6. Satellites can be rented out for lilLu 12/04/21 06:15:50 PM
#46   New Metaverse roadmap! Phase3 initiates player 1 log lilLu 12/04/21 06:09:07 PM
#45   Added… $STARL WHITTENHALLJR 12/02/21 09:48:41 AM
#44   $STARL Doing a little shake shake shake stay strong WHITTENHALLJR 12/02/21 09:27:25 AM
#43   Also, we launched in July. We're brand spankin lilLu 12/01/21 10:27:27 PM
#42   So this is the closed beta trailer. Most lilLu 12/01/21 10:20:48 PM
#41   Post a link and we’ll sticky it $STARL WHITTENHALLJR 12/01/21 03:12:28 PM
#40   Bro i saw a new clip this morning lilLu 12/01/21 01:58:24 PM
#39   Loaded a ton of $STARL this morning!! WHITTENHALLJR 12/01/21 08:48:39 AM
#38   I like it! Adding as I can on WHITTENHALLJR 11/30/21 12:51:30 PM
#37   We have an incredible team behind this bro! lilLu 11/30/21 12:15:42 PM
#36   STARL Getting ready to break seven WHITTENHALLJR 11/30/21 09:36:41 AM
#35   Nice contribution >> fixing price to actual!!! $STARL WHITTENHALLJR 11/28/21 02:24:08 PM
#34   I'm loading here weekly now while in quads. lilLu 11/28/21 01:18:49 PM
#33   YES! Board now reflects actual price! Woo-hoo! Also, lilLu 11/28/21 01:17:01 PM
#32   Yes sir! Great loading last night >>> tripled WHITTENHALLJR 11/28/21 08:06:11 AM
#31   I just added some more. Look at screen lilLu 11/28/21 05:51:08 AM
#30   Sorry, I have no idea. lilLu 11/28/21 02:19:40 AM
#29   And added again :) lol $STARL WHITTENHALLJR 11/27/21 11:53:32 PM
#28   Added at the bottom!! $STARL WHITTENHALLJR 11/27/21 10:57:02 PM
#27   Tonight looks like another good night for opportunity!! $STARL WHITTENHALLJR 11/27/21 09:00:06 PM
#26   The overview tab states that the 52 wk 258456 11/27/21 07:30:35 PM
#25   NICE BRO! Dubs are coming! I'm loading this lilLu 11/27/21 06:34:35 PM
#24   Added …. Got my # $STARL WHITTENHALLJR 11/27/21 08:31:24 AM
#23   I'm actually just buying. After seeing some of lilLu 11/27/21 01:16:54 AM
#22   Adding anything in 6>>> $STARL WHITTENHALLJR 11/26/21 08:27:43 PM
#21   No that's not right. It's available for .00007's lilLu 11/26/21 03:01:58 PM
#20   Yep. I just signed up with gate io. lilLu 11/26/21 02:54:29 PM
#19   Thanks! I was able to set it up Mask 11/26/21 01:58:09 PM
#18   I copy and paste this into bscscan and lilLu 11/26/21 01:33:25 PM
#17   Coin base wallet and swaps… Pretty easy although WHITTENHALLJR 11/26/21 12:34:25 PM
#16   lilLu, any idea when STARL will have a Mask 11/26/21 12:07:05 PM
#15   https://mobile.twitter.com/StarLinkETH/status/1463492606890029057?ref_src=twsrc% lilLu 11/26/21 11:43:16 AM
#14   Are you buying on gate io or using lilLu 11/26/21 11:41:00 AM
#13   Terrific adding opportunity this morning!!! $STARL WHITTENHALLJR 11/26/21 06:34:43 AM
#12   TY bro! I can't wait to see where lilLu 11/25/21 07:55:00 AM
#11   We’ll done WHITTENHALLJR 11/24/21 03:45:56 PM
#10   $BOOM $STARL WHITTENHALLJR 11/24/21 11:32:11 AM
#9   Imagine a world where USD goes further than lilLu 11/23/21 11:46:58 PM
#8   Another wonderful thing here is coincap. Unlike most lilLu 11/23/21 11:35:43 PM
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