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Welcome to " Platinum Penny Picks "


This site is for investors/traders who wish to share ideas and opinions about penny stocks in a responsible manner. The focus will be diversified to include; day trading, swing trading, bottom reversals, mid-term and long-term growth investing with emphasis on finding the next Platinum Penny Pick, before the masses uncover it. Discovering one of these nuggets and accumulating a large position can be greatly rewarding while the story unfolds; holding a core position long while also maintaining some trading shares can be good strategy. One big winner every one to two years will make you more money than flipping a large number of stocks during the same time frame. There is a season for every investing style, whether it's day trading, momentum plays, chart plays or others. I personally am open to all styles of trading, but my focus for the bigger profits are mid to longer term plays qualified by thorough due diligence, growth and earnings potential, favorable share structure, minimal downside risk and an attractive chart.

Those of you who have known me a long time, realize the importance I place in picking a stock to invest in. Capital preservation and limiting downside risk are primary. Of course, there are other variables and forces to contend with , many which are out of our control, specifically dilution, credibility and the human factor as it relates to investor relations firms, ceo's and directors of companies who are just hyping their stock and may give out misleading information. Deciphering who is credible in most cases will be revealed in your due diligence process via phone calls, research and through reading the public filings of companies. Additionally, I have also relied on my instincts.

Board criteria for stocks

For any of your ideas, please support them with some due diligence, which includes company web site links, articles, charts, press releases or whatever is appropriate for that particular pick. Please include the stock symbol at the beginning of your post. Price range is from .01 to 50.00.Sub penny plays are also welcome, but not the primary focus of this board.

~Platinum Focus Penny Picks Ideas

These are stocks we are Looking at for mid to longer term rewards.

I consider these type stocks to meet several possible criteria including: Growth/earnings potential, favorable share structure, attractive chart, relatively undiscovered, strong due diligence and minimal downside risk.

Holding a core position long while also maintaining some trading shares can be good strategy imo.

Quality Creates It's Own Demand

Some Board Guidelines...

Leave your EGO at the door.
No personal attacks.
Off topic posts-use an OT:
No Vulgarity.
No Posting Misinformation.
No redundent posting of promotional plays
No posting in Caps,Italics or Bold
No politics unless it's market related
Respect each other.
No undermining or disruptive posts.

Some Due Diligence tools...

GOLD Pricing live chart

Corporate Records Search''

*A well rounded learning site for misc questions and guidance about the market...'

~All encompassing, best tools I have seen anywhere..  which is now  

~SEC Filings''''

~Otcbb lists for symbol changes,s/8's,market stats ...'


~News related searches...''''

~Stock Scans...  

~Shell stocks link...

What is a shell stock?

~Exchange Listing requirements...'''''

~Form definitions...''

Use all of these links as a guideline. Ultimately, your due diligence will lead you to your own buying/selling decisions. No one on this board is responsible for your financial stability or lack of it.

"Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing." Warren Buffett

Sign up for the boards e mail list by clicking the option "sign up for Rigs Platinum Penny Picks" E Mail List directly below the I Box. I realize not everyone can watch the board during trading hours, making this a good alternative for alerts on potential movers.

Lets make some money!




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