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Spare Backup is the chosen mobile partner for technology retailers, manufacturers, Telco's and Insurance reseller's. Our mission is to deliver simple to use and valuable storage solutions under a white label which provides accessibility to content for the end users resulting in high customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, and improved service revenues for us and our partners. 

  • Spare Backup provides cloud based data, content management, and synchronization.
  • Spare Backup services are for mobile devices and computers.
  • Users can organize all digital content on one or multiple platforms.
  • Can do cross platform data transfers.
  • World class partners and customers.
  • Deep, enterprise class, carrier grade security.
  • Data protection for computers and mobile phones.
  • Large and growing potential market.

Spare Backup is one of the leading online data storage companies in the world, along with its team of programmers and designers, they have developed a way for PC and Mobile users to have all their data in a safe secure location that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere in the world from any computer or smart phone!
Spare Backup - My Cell Guardian
Spare Backup - PC Backup

              Spare Mobile Backup

Walmart Wireless Mobile BackupPRO provides multiple layers of security for your phone. It includes all the great features available for free with Walmart Wireless Mobile Backup as well as additional storage and unlimited access to five advanced features* that will provide peace of mind, including:
Last Known LocationPRO: View the approximate location of your registered phone(s) on an integrated map using the phone's built-in GPS.
Lock/Unlock PhonePRO: Remotely lock your phone to prevent unauthorized use and protect your personal information.
Display MessagePRO: Send a message to your phone that locks and displays a message requesting that the good Samaritan holding your phone contact you to return it.
Set Phone AlarmPRO: Lock your phone and send a loud, audible alert directly to your phone to immediately pinpoint its location.
Erase PhonePRO: Remotely erase your phone's content. Since Walmart Wireless Mobile Backup already backs up your contacts, photos and more, you can easily transfer your stored data to your replacement device in minutes.
Additional Storage: Safeguard your entire music catalog, videos, contacts and calendar. Walmart Wireless Mobile BackupPRO offers unlimited storage for "family accounts" and 10 gigabytes of storage for single phone accounts.
Individual Plan Monthly $2.99   |  Family Plan Monthly $5.99

For Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank Signature Current Account members (through Lifestyle Services Group):



     The Cloud Mobile and PC Backup for Sony                     

Spare Backup Parental Controls for Sony                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Spare Backup PC Backup Partners

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#3009   absolutely nothing skipdonohue 10/29/14 08:08:05 AM
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#3004   LOL, So the website finally has gone down TMRDonald 07/01/14 05:50:41 PM
#3003   decent sized ask slaps here today.. still confused skipdonohue 06/23/14 02:54:27 PM
#3002   There never was any Walmart business. So no raptornuts 05/19/14 08:23:21 PM
#3001   I used to follow this stock. Do they bell345 05/19/14 06:46:27 PM
#3000   There is nobody that supports the stock anymore raptornuts 05/19/14 08:57:28 AM
#2999   trust me, i know everything here is BS skipdonohue 05/19/14 08:28:37 AM
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#2995   To my knowledge, Cery is the only company raptornuts 05/18/14 01:02:20 AM
#2994   you have Perle's phone number? or anyone over skipdonohue 05/15/14 08:43:21 PM
#2993   Thanks Darryl. I couldn't agree more with you. raptornuts 05/15/14 05:12:04 PM