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Southwall Technologies is all about Energy - Conserving, Controlling & Creating. Southwall is recognized worldwide as the leading innovator in the development and manufacture of high performance, energy-saving films and glass products.

As of  August 2, 2010, there were 28,831,089 shares of the registrant's Common Stock outstanding.
As of July 31, 2009, there were 28,709,222 shares of the registrant's Common Stock outstanding.



Innovision Window Advantages made by Owens Corning

Innovision windows come standard with a high performance low-E, argon filled, double-pane insulated glass system complemented by three optional glass packages designed for early morning sun, all-day sun or intense heat exposure, and include multiple low-E coatings, inert gas and solar-reflective Heat Mirror(TM) film from Southwall Technologies. Innovision window dealers are trained on directional solar tuning to help buyers select the right window and the right glass for their specific exposures for maximum comfort and energy efficiency all day, every day.



The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) obtains National Science Foundation funding and starts the School of Architecture Solar Energy Laboratory.
The founding group incorporates as Suntek and applies to the Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA) for direct funding.  As a condition for the contract, Suntek must be located near a National Laboratory.  The company chooses Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories and relocates to Corte Madera, CA.
Southwall Technologies Inc. is established in Palo Alto, CA, to commercialize Heat Mirror® transparent insulation.
Heat Mirror®  88 introduced.
Company name is changed to Southwall Technologies, Inc
Heat Mirror®  77 and Heat Mirror®  55  introduced.
Southwall Technologies features in Fortune magazine’s 400 fastest growing companies in the U.S.
Heat Mirror®  66 and Heat Mirror®  44 introduced.
“Heavy Chevy”, the original van that was used to haul the company’s first laboratory equipment from MIT to California, is declared a “Southwall Technologies Historic Vehicle”.
Southwall IPO on NASDAQ June 5 (Symbol: SWTX).
Heat Mirror®  22 and Heat Mirror®  33 introduced.
Heat Mirror® with XUV fading protection is introduced and named “Technology of the Year” by the Association of Industrial Metalizers, Coaters, and Laminators (AIMCAL).
Southwall introduces the double-film, krypton-filled Superglass®  System.
Popular Science magazine chooses Superglass® as Best of What’s New  (December).
Architecture magazine features Southwall for its innovations in window technology.
Door & Window magazine recognizes Southwall with the Diamond Crystal Industry Achievement Award for its contributions to energy conservation.
Southwall’s contribution energy conservation also featured by ABC-TV, CNN and The National Audubon Society.
Silver Reflector film introduced to increase brightness in new and retrofit Fluorescent light fixtures, reducing commercial building energy consumption. 
California Series® laminated glass introduced, combining solar control with high light transmittance and low visible reflectivity.
HeatSeal® foam spacer introduced.
XIR® 75 solar reflective film for laminated automotive glass introduced.
Heat Mirror®  TC88 and Heat Mirror®  SC75 introduced.
Agreement with Pilkington Flachglas Automotive to develop XIR® film.
Solis® Clear Heat Control film introduced.  Solis is a transparent polyester film that is applied directly to windows to block approximately half of the sun’s heat and virtually all of the damaging ultraviolet radiation. 
Heat Mirror® film is featured on This Old House television series. 
Popular Science magazine chooses Heat Mirror® TC88 as the Best of What’s New (December).
Begin supplying SONY with anti-reflective film coatings for CRT monitors.
Agreement with Saint Gobain Sekurit to develop XIR® Laminated.
Heat Mirror TC 88 featured in McDonald’s restaurant in Bay Point, CA, designed as a model for energy efficiency.  Expected to yield a 25% reduction in electricity consumption.
Southwall architectural products featured on American Environmental Review  television show.
Audi and Renault are first to commercialize XIR® infrared reflecting film into automotive glass. 
Southwall  featured on 21st Century Home television show.
Superglass® Quad introduced.
Mercedes Benz S-Class automobile features XIR® films throughout the car. 
Popular Science chooses Southwall Heat Mirror® film as one of the 100 Top Inventions of the Millennium.
Southwall products featured on KPIX Channel 5 and KNTV Channel 11 news. 
Southwall Europe GmbH established near Dresden, Germany.
Begin XIR® film production for growing European automotive market. 
PDX 2.4 film introduced for “Class A” EMI shielding and NIR blocking in plasma display filters.
Silver Reflector film introduced  for Notebook PC and LCD monitor backlights. 
PDX 1.5 film introduced for “Class B” EMI shielding and NIR blocking in plasma display filters . 
Southwall celebrates its 25th anniversary.
PDX 1.0  film introduced for “Class B” EMI shielding and NIR blocking in plasma display filters.

 Launched new generation of V-Kool applied window films for architectural applications.

Launched Heat Mirror "S" film for commercial green building projects.
Established high-performance glass manufacturing joint venture in Chicago, Southwall Insulating Glass.
Heat Mirror voted year's Best Green Building Product by readers of ARCHI-TECH magazine.
Southwall supplies Heat Mirror insulating glass for Owens Corning INNOVISION family of fiberglass windows.
Southwall celebrates 30th anniversary.
Heat Mirror film selected as key enabling technology for the Empire State Building energy efficiency retrofit project.
Southwall acquires controlling interest in insulating glass joint venture.
Southwall awarded $1.4M from DOE to develop enabling technology for cost-effective, super-insulating R-10 windows.

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