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Silver Viper Minerals Corp. ($VIPRF)


Share Structure:

OS: 82,000,000
Float: 58,000,000

Recent News:

$VIPRF recently released news on a drill core sample that shows insane amounts of Gold and Silver. The common way to measure minerals in the ground is by Grams per Ton.
You can think of a Ton of earth as a cube that is 3 ft on each side. A ton is also roughly the amount of earth that will fit in a regular Backhoe/Skip Loader Bucket. Or the equivalent of 4.5 wheel barrows of earth.

A Troy ounce of Gold or Silver is 31 Grams. Gold is currently around $1800/oz and Silver $26/oz.

The core sample that was tested showed 10,681 grams/ton of Silver, and 738 grams/ton of Gold. Of course this only represents a small part of the core, but does indicate a very rich area of Silver/Gold.

SO, this sample contained 344 oz of Silver per Ton, and 23.8 oz of Gold per Ton.

That is insane. Most of the time the grams/ton of metals is maybe a few grams.

With the coming crisis of a Silver Shortage, and economic chaos looming, the value of Gold and Silver should sky rocket.

And the share price of mining stocks should also go through the roof.

Here is the article:

Silver Viper Drills 0.5 metres core length grading 10,681 g/t silver, 738 g/t gold, 6.74% Pb and 7.11% Zn at La Virginia

Canada NewsWire

VANCOUVER, BC, March 1, 2021

Drill hole LV21-289 Intercepts Highest Silver and Gold Grades to Date at El Rubi
Hole LV21-289 intercepts 130 metres1 (80.08 metres estimated true width) of silver-gold mineralization averaging 18 g/t silver and 0.69 g/t gold before cutting an additional 19.3 metres1 (11.89 metres estimated true width) averaging 363 g/t silver and 21.2 g/t gold in the deepest hit on the El Rubi structure to date

Individual sample #21699 returns 10,681 g/t silver and 738 g/t gold over 0.5 metres1 core length (0.31 metres estimated true width)

Intervals from LV21-289 overshadow excellent results from hole LV20-284, also intercepting multiple broad zones of mineralization in the Western Zone

Work continues to advance toward the completion of a maiden resource calculation, with new data being incorporated into the model


YouTube Video of the Discovery:


Convo with CEO:

Had a chat with Steve recently. He's pretty excited about all this. I asked him about his financing, and he said it was 100% Private Placements. He hates conv debt, and will Never get any of that.

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