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Welcome to OTC :  SIGL  Signal Advance, Inc.
Signal Advance, Inc. (SAI), an engineering consulting firm, has developed Signal Advance Technology (SAT), a proprietary methodology that can significantly speed up the detection of different types of electrical signals from a host of sensors. This technology can offset inherent signal detection and processing delays and potentially provide an overall net temporal advance (a negative delay). SAT can also be applied in conjunction with other signal processing and response improvement methods to enhance system performance. Deployment of this technology may result in entirely new control or interventional approaches. 
enlightened  Sensors detect physical parameters and convert to analog signals which represent the physical property. 
enlightened Signal Advance (SA) Technology acts to temporally advance analog signal detection, offsetting detection and processing delays and, thus, improving overall system response time.
enlightened  SA Technology can be applied to temporally advance both narrow and broad-band signals to reduce, or possibly, eliminate, detection and processing delays. 
In electro-cardioilogy, current sensing technology typically acquires multiple consecutive heatbeats to detect anomalous cardiac signals and then generates a necessarily delayed response.  SA Technology may provide a means for earlier detection of life-threatening cardiac activity enlightened THUS ALLOWING FOR MORE RAPID INTERVENTION WHICH INCREASES THE PROBABILITY OF A POSITIVE OUTCOME
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In epilepsy, the seizures typically beging confined to a small region of the brain.  The attributes most critical to successful seizure suppression include high sensitivity and specific and rapid, early detection. enlightened EARLIER DETECTION OF EPILEPTIFORM "EEG SIGNALS" AND FASTER RESPONSE WOULD IMPROVE INTERVENTION EFFICACY.
     Gated Imaging / Radiotherapy
Here, trigger signals are used to determine timings of image acquisition or radiation, when movement is minimal.   If movement is present ( due to heatbeats or breaths ) , the imaging can result in artifacts. These artifacts reduce image quality and may result in the need for addition scans.  In addition, this can expose the patient to more radiation. enlightened SA TECHNOLOGY COULD SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE DELAY IN MOVEMENT DETECTION AND THERBY IMPROVING PERFORMANCE.  This potentially opens the door to a whole new class of medical devices that respond faster than any that are currently available.
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In the case of ECG used in implantable cardioverter / defibrillators, the frequency range of interest is often less than 40 Hz and the shape of the detected signal is important for extracting specific signal features or characteristics. enlightened THUS, SA CIRCUITRY WOULD BE DESIGNED TO PROVIDE A CONSTANT ADVANCE AND GAIN THROUGH 40 HZ , AND THERBY MINIMIZING THE SIGNAL DISTORTION
  Gated Radiation Therapy
Respiration rates are typically well under 60 breaths per minute.  Motion of the lungs or other organs resulting from respiration would present a SIMILAR MOVEMENT PROFILE as that of the respiratory cycle.  To temporally advance respiratory related signals, enlightened SA CIRCUITRY CAN BE READILY DEVELOPED THAT WOULD TEMPORARILY ADVANCE SIGNAL DETECTION BY OVER 0.5 SECONDS.
In prosthetics, as long as time delays are associated with control loops, the processing demands associated with neural interfaces and/or robotic applications still limit cybernetic performance. These delays are much longer than biological response times. enlightened SA TECHNOLOGY COULD BE USED TO TEMPORALLY ADVANCE SIGNAL DETECTION AND OFFSET SOME OF THE PROCESSING DELAYS
Intellectual Properties / Patents
Signal Advance Inc. believes its SA patent represents a new and unique application of the concept of 'signal advance' to medical and other applications and thus is seminal in concept 

Summary and Status:  Patent applications (5 total) entitled 'Utility and Method for the Application of Signal Advance Amplification to Analog Waveform or Signal Detection' describing the broad basis of the SA process and technology were filed in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and in foreign counterparts. The national phase for international patent protection under the patent cooperation treaty (PCT) has been completed for China, Europe, India and Mexico. Patents have been issued in China (Nov. 2012) and the United States (May 2013), providing patent protection in those countries.  In Europe, the patent application is currently under examination and amendments and additional prior art distinctions have been submitted. Additional patent submissions related to specific applications, various circuit configurations, and signal processing techniques to improve signal fidelity are being drafted. In addition, the Company has registered the trademark 'Signal Advance'.


Technical Validation


The results of the study were summarized in a peer-reviewed engineering article which discusses the theoretical basis, practical implementation and examples of potential applications for SA technology. The manuscript, submitted for review in March 2011, was published as the feature article in the IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, in the 3rd Qtr.




See what the Experts are saying and Recognition by Institutions.

Scientific Validation
In Dr. Hymel's doctoral dissertation study, SA circuit designs, developed specifically for electrocardiology, the electrical functioning of the heart, underwent rigorous refinement, testing and evaluation. In the study, the 'negative delay' (temporal advance) of the analog signals achieved with SAT was investigated and the results analyzed with respect to the temporal advance achieved as well as the fidelity of the temporally-advanced output signals. The research project, completed in 2010, exceeded all of its objectives, having successfully demonstrated the ability of SAT to temporally advance a range 'known' constructed test signals (pulses and sine waves) and human electrocardiographic (ECG) signals (heart beats) from cardiac patients. The project resulted in a doctorate dissertation (Hymel CM, Application of Signal Advance Technology to Electrophysiology, University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, August 2010), which was downloaded over 100 times within the first year of publication.
Signal Advance, Inc. (OTCBB: SIGL)

Third-party reviews:

“…truly ‘pioneering’ or ‘landmark’ … I expect to see Dr. Hymel’s methods and related systems come to underlie groundbreaking advances” (David G. Henry, Registered Patent Attorney, Intellectual Property Law Professor)
“… revolutionize the non-pharmacological treatment of arrhythmias and epilepsy”Hue-Teh Shih, M.D., Electrocardiologist)
“…seen as a disruptive technology that forces rapid change ... early adopters … gaining a significant commercial advantage…” Harold Russell, Ph.D., NeuroMedics Technology, Inc.
 “… key to effective seizure suppression”H. Martin Blacker, M.D., Neurosurgeon
TARGETED COMPANIES:  Cardiac/Neuro; Bionet, Boston Scientific, GE Healthcare, Guidant, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Smith & Nephew, St. Jude, Medical, Stryker, WL Gore and Zimmer. Radiation Therapy: Accuray , BrainLab, Elekta AB, Hitachi America, IBA Group, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Nucletron B.V., Nordion Inc., Philips Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare and Varian Medical Systems.  MRI: GE, Siemens, Philips, Hitachi and Toshiba.  Sensors/Controls (Transportation, Automotive, Energy, Manufacturing): Honeywell International, Rockwell Automation, Eaton, Schneider Electric, Denso, Analog Devices, Siemens Teledyne, Goodrich Corp., and General Electric, GM, Ford, Chrysler. Substation Automation: ABB(Switzerland), Alstom (France), General Electric (US), Schweitzer Engg Lab (US); Siemens (Germany), Cooper Power Systems (US), NovaTech (US)
Technology Applications
Military Defense: In the defense industry, particularly in weaponry/targeting systems, earlier detection of changes in target position, trajectory, speed, etc. would result in more effective targeting and thus improved outcomes.
Medical: Cardiac Rhythm Management ($28B by 2017) and Neuro-Stimulation ($8.8B by 2020): Earlier detection and response to anomalous bioelectric signals in interventional devices could improve outcomes and save lives. Radiation Therapy ($6.8B by 2016): Earlier detection of movement would result in reduced treatment margins, thus more radiation reaching the tumor and less affecting normal tissue. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) ($6.9B by 2018): like radiation therapy, earlier movement detection result in better imaging with less exposure.
Sensors/Controls, Transportation, Automotive, Energy, Manufacturing and Substation Automation: Faster response of the associated controls systems will result in improved performance including increased yields, reduced fuel use, lower emissions and improved safety. Control applications include diesel engine injectors, auto combustion control, compressors, gas turbines, jet engines, etc. as well as alarm/safety systems. Major Sensor ($29B in 2012, $116B by 2020) and Industrial Control/Factory Automation ($171B in 2015, $302B by 2020) SAI will target the following market segments: diesel engine fuel injection ($72B by 2018), auto power-train/safety ($35B by 2020), electric motor control ($32B by 2017), industrial combustion control (118B by 2018) and substation automation ($123B by 2018).   In the military defense industry, particularly in weaponry/targeting systems, earlier detection of changes in target position, trajectory, speed, etc. would result in more effective targeting and thus improved outcomes



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