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Shorting has become a popular form of trading in light of the internet bubble bursting. Unfortunately, I have found limited sources of information on the subject. I would like this forum to serve as a point of exchanging information, strategies, and picks. **Update** May 30, 2002 - I have finally returned 6 months later. I am no longer limiting my focus to shorting. I will also post long setups. All trades are buy stops or sell short stops. I love questions, comments, criticisms. My time is limited but I'll try to keep this board as active as a full time student can. Cheers to all! Some guidelines. 1. No politics. Please, keep it to e-mail or an off-topic forum. 2. No promoting your trading website with your private chat room. 3. No SPAM.
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#3 Shorting EBAY, one freaking huge bubble. EOM Bernard Ng 12/05/2001 12:58:11 PM
#2 Hi congrats on first post! RevGslick 12/05/2001 01:51:32 AM
#1 Hello RevGslick Joemoney 12/05/2001 01:37:19 AM
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