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Shell Stocks & Reverse Mergers

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It should be noted firstly that playing shells is reserved for more sophisticated investors, some shells can sit for weeks to years before any activity ensues. If you are not experienced with shell trading it is a good idea to educate yourself as much as possible before attempting to do so. That said an educated shell “player” who thoroughly does his due diligence, can make a lot of money at times as the risk reward ratio can tip heavily in your favor if you play your shells correctly. We suggest you monitor those lists as a first means of staying up to date. Tips for the shell assessment process: Shell should be a clean, reporting company, with solid experienced management looking for a reverse merger, for clues, check the SEC filings, news releases, or talk to management. Clean means the shell has little to zero debt, nice if they have cash in the bank and no pending law suits, and little or no outstanding convertible securities (preferred stock or warrants). These can hinder a reverse merger. We like to get involved with shells having a low shareprice and tight or small share structures ie: AS/OS/FLOAT to keep the chances of a reverse split at a minimum and value during trading at a premium. Other things to look for: Shells listed on the larger exchanges tend to have a better chance of being picked up than ones on the pinksheets. If the shell has benefits such as tax losses it can defer to future years of profits, this can be advantageous. Certain market activity can be an indicator of a pending change to the shell or reverse merger, things to watch for include: Unusual activity, such as buying, rising shareprice, sudden volume, debts being paid, legal actions, reverse splits, catching up on filings, can all be indicating something is in the works, likely a reverse merger, or some kind of acquisition. Popular shell owners or otherwise known as facilitators, a facilitator is a person who either buys shells for future sale or merging activity, or assumes custodianship of dormant delinquent filing shells via the courts with an application for custodianship. Generally the custodian granted a shell will have demonstrated the ability to clean up any debts and bring any necessary filings up to date. Here are some of the prominent “facilitators: Mark Smith Michael Anthony & Brian Scher (associated) David B. Stocker Joseph Meuse Keating Investments "Tim, Kevin and Michael " Eugene Koppenhaver Brian Goldenberg "Clark & Rentschler "(associated) Howard B. Weintrich Jay A. Gottlieb Wesley F. Whiting Halter Investments Kip Eardley Joseph Arcaro David Clark Frank Pioppi Shell related websites and resources: http://www.shellstockwatch.com http://www.shellstockreview.com/ http://www.shellstocks.com/ http://reversemerger.dealflowmedia.com/wires/top_wires.cfm OTCBB Daily List for Symbol changes: http://www.otcbb.com/dailylist/index_2008.htm http://www.otcbb.com/AllDailyList/index_2008.htm Latest 15-12G SEC Filings http://www.1512g.com/ Explanation of filings: http://www.gsionline.com/support/formtypes.html EDGAR filings http://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html SOS sites http://www.coordinatedlegal.com/SecretaryOfState.html Dominant SOS sites: Nevada https://esos.state.nv.us/SOSServices/AnonymousAccess/CorpSearch/CorpSearch.aspx Delaware https://sos-res.state.de.us/tin/GINameSearch.jsp Florida http://www.sunbiz.org/
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#3285   Pot calling the kettle black much? It's nice jwkinche 07/28/15 03:56:12 PM
#3284   "It's typically good to understand the entire process hestheman 07/28/15 03:38:23 PM
#3283   I have no idea why the cusip was Realityhurts 07/28/15 02:40:30 PM
#3282   Reality: If that's the case, why didn't it lesnshawn 07/28/15 02:19:09 PM
#3281   Even so, if a CUSIP is not suspended Realityhurts 07/28/15 01:49:33 PM
#3280   Reality: Links to back up your info? lesnshawn 07/28/15 01:40:17 PM
#3279   It would be difficult to state it any Realityhurts 07/28/15 01:07:56 PM
#3278   Reality: Symbol deleted while the suspension is in lesnshawn 07/28/15 12:51:24 PM
#3277   It is not splitting hairs, it is an Realityhurts 07/28/15 12:22:50 PM
#3276   Reality: Splitting hairs...CUSIP, trading, same difference, it's a lesnshawn 07/28/15 12:15:22 PM
#3275   jwkinch: My mistake. They obviously didn't listen lesnshawn 07/28/15 12:09:14 PM
#3274   Since the status dictates what can or can't jwkinche 07/28/15 12:08:04 PM
#3273   What? I just said that FINRA suspended the Realityhurts 07/28/15 12:07:25 PM
#3271   Reality: Once again, saw some skewed in your post. lesnshawn 07/28/15 12:02:59 PM
#3270   Nope, never contacted FINRA. The thought never actually jwkinche 07/28/15 12:01:15 PM
#3269   jwkinch: And the SEC didn't do anything because lesnshawn 07/28/15 12:00:08 PM
#3268   Daily List Date 07/24/2015 12:33:42 Realityhurts 07/28/15 11:58:04 AM
#3267   Actually, I never contacted FINRA... I contacted the jwkinche 07/28/15 11:56:51 AM
#3265   The dissolution status would have to be gone, jwkinche 07/28/15 11:52:05 AM
#3264   Reality: Your post was not. The stock lesnshawn 07/28/15 11:52:01 AM
#3261   There was nothing wrong with playing it as Realityhurts 07/28/15 11:37:08 AM
#3260   You are mixing up several things. The stock Realityhurts 07/28/15 11:30:20 AM
#3259   Actually, you didn't prove anything wrong. The company jwkinche 07/28/15 11:25:34 AM
#3258   "Now if they were reinstated then you have hestheman 07/28/15 11:15:28 AM
#3257   Again, you're not distinguishing between filing for dissolution jwkinche 07/28/15 10:55:25 AM
#3255   You're right, it was a shell play until jwkinche 07/28/15 10:40:16 AM
#3253   You're right, there is no thank you necessary. hestheman 07/28/15 10:18:34 AM
#3252   jwkinch: Bless your heart. lns eom lesnshawn 07/28/15 09:35:18 AM
#3251   Yup, the same guy who, despite my very jwkinche 07/28/15 09:33:32 AM
#3250   jwkinche: Good to know the real you. lns eom lesnshawn 07/28/15 07:29:55 AM
#3249   Popt: On the contrary, the SEC scrutinized and lesnshawn 07/28/15 07:27:06 AM
#3248   Event Type: Cusip Suspended vs. Chartered Cancelled/Dissolution lesnshawn 07/28/15 05:49:39 AM
#3247   wilma: But, filing that Form 15, wouldn't that lesnshawn 07/27/15 11:13:53 PM
#3244   PVSP...merger play. PERVASIP TO MERGE WITH PLAID CANARY CORPORATION madeindet 07/26/15 05:58:13 PM
#3243   wilma: He kept the stock. That is lesnshawn 07/26/15 12:28:08 PM
#3242   jwk...BOOM! Me too! LOL!!!! wilma6311 07/26/15 11:48:10 AM
#3241   Les...PSS sold all of the assets of KEYO wilma6311 07/26/15 11:46:43 AM
#3240   jwench: Yeah. Typical. lns eom lesnshawn 07/24/15 04:02:11 PM
#3239   You've known my opinion the entire time. jwkinche 07/24/15 03:38:21 PM
#3237   jwkinche: Asking an opinion of yours which you lesnshawn 07/24/15 03:25:56 PM
#3236   Lens: Tom reported that his boss, Dr. Poptech 07/24/15 01:42:02 PM
#3235   FACT: KEYO is suspended as of Monday... if jwkinche 07/24/15 01:25:46 PM
#3234   jwinch: No. Facts. I'm only asking your opinion lesnshawn 07/24/15 01:23:30 PM
#3233   A lot of assumptions there... considering this will jwkinche 07/24/15 01:20:11 PM
#3232   jwinche: Answer me this... lesnshawn 07/24/15 01:16:41 PM
#3231   jwinche: Guess we will. lns eom lesnshawn 07/24/15 01:00:36 PM
#3230   Since the cat is already out of the bag.... jwkinche 07/24/15 12:56:59 PM
#3229   jwinche: And, I never said "guarantee". Appreciate lesnshawn 07/21/15 01:46:05 PM
#3228   Quoting you... jwkinche 07/21/15 11:32:19 AM
#3227   jwench: Nobody EVER guaranteed such a thing. lns eom lesnshawn 07/16/15 11:08:55 PM