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SharkReach, Inc. (fka SHRK)

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SharkReach, Inc.


(949) 290-4914

 227 W. 10th
Long Beach, CA




*iBox update Pending* 4/2018

SharkReach, Inc.


A ‘Millennial’ Media Company

Our mission is to create the world’s first Media company built from the ground up to be able to reach the ever elusive millennial demographic.
A company that realizes that traditional marketing campaigns alone no longer drive the results that advertisers and big brands expect. Sharkreach
understands  that this “trend” will continue to cause traditional  media companies to lose ground with each new generation as they watch less television
spend more of their lives on their mobile devices. in essence we are a media company, designed for the new “digital world”, and an audience that no
longer trusts a brand’s advertising unless it’s being  influenced by someone that they follow. This is why we are the first-ever Influencer Owned public
Media Company and this is what separates us from other media companies and what will ensure our growth for the future. We will accomplish this with
a two pronged bottom up and  top down approach to developing and acquiring technology platforms and companies that will allow us to reach this goal.
From the bottom up we intend to create a suite of products that will create a path for building better  influencers to be ranked, rated  and rewarded for
performance and conversions in order to inspire them to work towards being  offered the opportunity to be an owner of SharkReach and to become part of
our networks accumulative reach. Then from the top down we will create a suite of products for BRANDS to monetize the reach of  
The Shark Reach Influencer Owned network by allowing them to create better campaigns and track them so that they have a  vehicle for monetizing the
engaged audience that  each of our influencers  brings to the network. Platform agnostic and always First with Brand safe social media activations,
followed by original IP & ultimately complete monetization of all appropriate talent assets. We will accomplish this through establishing strong authentic
talent direct relationships and acquiring best-of-breed companies within the digital media space, in order to execute optimized monetization of these assets.


About SharkReach, Inc.  

SharkReach, Inc. (OTC: SHRK). SharkReach is a disruptive millennial media company that combines the strength of an influencer owned network with proprietary
technology for creating, posting, managing and monitoring branded sharable content.

What sets SharkReach apart from other companies in the marketplace is that its influencers (both grass roots individuals and celebrities) are also its shareholders
and that its network has a larger market reach than the top 5 television networks combined!

20,000+ Influencers… with 500+ million Followers… with 200+ million Likes & Shares… produces anAggregate Reach of 2.9 billion.

SharkReach as one of the first companies in this space is the established leader in Influencer Marketing. It presently has the largest footprint, and plans to further
enlarge its market share through various acquisitions. It has shown that is has the unique ability to reach the Gen Y and Millennial demographic.  

Millennials demand exacting standards in the products and services that are essential to satisfying their social conscience and personal needs. They are the first of several
generations to come that will veer away from traditional media. They do NOT watch television, and they do not trust brands and commercials.
Their purchasing decisions are impacted by the individuals, friends, and celebrities that they follow on Social Media and YouTube.

It's criteria for target acquisitions are companies are those that will bring:
1. Content Management;
2. Sentiment Tracking;
3. Large Client Lists; and
4. Proven Track Record of 2+ Years In The Influencer Marketing Space.

Historically, and in this order, television, radio, magazine and newspaper advertising were the ways to reach clients. To reach more clients and to increase sales,
Celebrity Endorsements were added to Brands to increase the effectiveness of these traditional media outlets.

Sponsored Social Media… Influencer Marketing, now sits atop the field!

In a recent report of the most effective marketing ratings, Influencer Marketing, in absolute ratings, beat Celebrity Endorsements,
Television, Radio, Magazine and Newspaper advertising.

In the last year alone, Influencer Marketing has seen positive gains, significantly out-pacing all tested approaches in "Positive Momentum":

  • Change in Marketer Regard vs. Year Ago
  • Influencer Marketing         -7/+65
    Celeb Endorsements          -12/+21
    TV Ads                      -20/+12
    Radio Ads                   -32/+11
    Magazine Ads                 -36/+4
    Newspaper Ads                -56/+6

Our Tracking & Reporting platform and quantifying systems enable clients to select suitable Influencers and to track campaigns in ways they have not been available before.

There are three main components:

SharkRank:  Influencer Ranking System and Influencer Marketplace.

Allows clients to select suitable Influencers for their Campaign utilizing Shark Rank's proprietary influencer-ranking algorithm.  

SharkScore:  Campaign Level Reporting Engine.

Reporting engine that allows clients to log in and view the statistics of delivery of the campaign in real time calculating impressions, views, like and shares,
carrying the reporting across all social media outlets and the web.

SharkPulse:  Campaign Effectiveness Monitoring & Brand Sentiment Reporting. 

SharkPulse Real-Time Reporting Dashboard allows our clients to view in real-time the activity of their campaigns through our proprietary dashboard…
 across all social media networks! It monitors brand sentiment across Social Media and the Web a first in influencer marketing. Ability to set up auto responders for Negative posts.
Acts as an insurance policy for your brand allowing you to follow every conversation and respond.

For more information on SharkReach, please visit the Company's website at http://www.SharkReach.com.

To be added to the SharkReach® investor email list, please email investor@sharkreach.com with SHRK in the subject line.




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#1579   How’s this “temporary suspension” juggernaut trading these days? waterchaser 10/28/18 07:00:59 PM
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#1577   Most likely!!! So much for Steve Smith's great carp1 10/13/18 08:22:22 AM
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#1575   Did SHRK get revoked? It is Oct. 10th. Patient shareholder 10/10/18 11:15:50 PM
#1574   Thanks. waterchaser 09/17/18 08:33:37 PM
#1573   SHRK now has until October 9th to respond elkonig 09/17/18 08:27:17 PM
#1572   Has the “temporary” suspension affected trading in this stock? waterchaser 09/13/18 10:24:20 PM
#1571   How’s this “temporary suspension” juggernaut trading these days? waterchaser 08/30/18 06:34:22 PM
#1570   Thank for the posting Mick. SHRK Patient shareholder 08/16/18 12:19:24 PM
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#1560   Watching what, paint dry on this "temporary waterchaser 08/04/18 02:11:26 PM
#1559   Always good to keep an eye on things. SHRK Patient shareholder 08/04/18 11:10:22 AM
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#1557   Really? That’s huge! waterchaser 07/29/18 10:35:28 AM
#1556   Looks like 25k was traded around 21st (give OTC_Buyer 07/29/18 01:19:24 AM
#1555   Zero trades? I thought the suspension was temporary? waterchaser 07/24/18 08:31:33 PM
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#1551   Still no trade execution on SHRK? waterchaser 07/11/18 05:30:59 PM
#1550   Well if they let me submit the trade OTC_Buyer 07/10/18 12:41:25 AM
#1549   TDA can’t show a bid or ask. You waterchaser 07/09/18 10:59:34 PM
#1548   TDA is known for its avid protection of traders. waterchaser 07/09/18 10:58:51 PM
#1547   Thanks for the information OTC. Patient shareholder 07/09/18 02:02:13 PM
#1546   So TDA lets me submit a trade and OTC_Buyer 07/09/18 01:57:49 PM
#1545   If I remember and have time I will OTC_Buyer 07/09/18 03:16:44 AM
#1544   So tomorrow SHRK enjoys the doldrums of the waterchaser 07/08/18 06:39:46 PM
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#1541   Fake news??? LOL ... I got it from OTC_Buyer 07/05/18 12:35:32 PM
#1540   Fake news. This goose is cooked. Peggy 07/05/18 11:49:08 AM
#1539   Fer sure. Peggy 07/05/18 11:10:49 AM
#1538   Time will tell all though and until then OTC_Buyer 07/05/18 10:51:04 AM