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Sharing Knowledge in Smallcaps

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What size is "small"? There are many definitions. Some people define a small public company as one with a market cap under $1 billion. Others define small cap as under $2 billion. And there are yet other definitions. Over the last two decades the word "small" has come to mean larger and larger companies! To confuse matters, NASDAQ's small cap market system continues to list truly small public companies, many of which would be classified as nano-cap by the definitions, below. Here are some current definitions from Investopedia and Investor Words.

Market Cap Investopedia Investor Words
Mega-Cap over $200 billion over $250 billion
Large-Cap $10 billion - $200 billion. $5 billion - $250 billion
Mid-Cap $2 billion - $10 billion $1 billion - $5 billion
Small-Cap $300 million - $2 billion $250 million - $1 billion
Micro-Cap $50 million - $300 million under 250 million
Nano-Cap under $50 million --

Our practical definition for this page is as follows: Once a company trades for $5 per share or more and trades on NASDAQ's National Market System, AMEX or NYSE we will not call it a small company.

I feel a smallcap stock (or under) should trade below $5, with a market cap under $500mil. So, by the above definition, I am more into Micro, than small, but trade both.

Feel free to post questions, recommendations and I will be glad to respond.

Hope you enjoy your stay here, and find this forum useful.

Smallcap picks for 2013-
Anyone want to list their one or two, no brainer, smallcap pick for 2013? I'll list them in the Ibox, and we can see who gets the bragging rights this time next year <bg>.

Market cap under $500mil
No Pinkies
PPS under $10
Outstanding share count more than 10mil, but less than 500mil.
Positive book value
Has at least $1mil revenue stream from a product.

We will use the closing pps from 30 Dec 12.

COOL at 1.06 (timhyma)
GLBS at 1.69 (timhyma)
GSS at 1.84 (capgains)
IRDM at 6.72 (The FastOne)
MNI at 3.27 (The FastOne)
TPLM at 5.99 (capgains)

Educational sites:

Some T/A sites:

A screener that may be useful:

A few websites to dd a stock:

Some posts are worth reading again:
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value an exploration company-
taking a loss-
investing rules-
cash flow-
panic selling-
Another way to invest is options:
possible investing strategy:

"Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognize them."
- Ann Landers

Please- No Pink Sheet Stocks on the board. Too many quality stocks already being tracked. Also request that DD is added to any ticker symbols that you bring to the board or mention for the first time. We are going to start deleting posts that distract from the quality of the board.

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