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My name is Ziv and in the past 10 years I've started just like many of you to buy stocks and hope for the best. Then when I lost allot of money I moved on to buying options on stocks either Calls or Puts and hoped for them to go up or down.

Once again, I have lost money.

It was during my MBA In Finance, that I have come to the understanding that I can only make money for the long run by selling options with very specific mathematical rules and I have been following those rules ever since which made me rich.

For those of you who already know me, I've started to post my selling options trades on my twitter account free of charge for my followers to look and do as they please with that information.

I love selling options and my reason for doing this right now is passion first and money second but it doesn't mean that I like to lose money which i definitely don't. I hate it :)

Instead of posting my trades on many Ihub boards, I opened this board where I will post my trades same as on twitter.

Feel free to follow my live trades on my twitter account since in here I will post it after a very small delay.

If anyone of you will get rich by the help of this board, please let me know since right now after I have made around $5.4M ($5,400,000) from selling options, I have invested it in real estate for income so I'm ok and financially secure.

I would like to give back to others from my knowledge.

Enjoy and you are welcome to share your opinions and ideas on this board about options with emphasize on selling options.

Most of the people I know rather buy options and not sell options and I would like to change this mind set in order to make all of you rich.

here is my twitter account - @selling_options

Enjoy :)


If someone knows how to edit colors and stuff in the main intro page and would like me to make him a moderator as well :) please let me know since this is not my best quality lol

P.P.S -

In order to do the trades that I post here and on my twitter account -

I have opened a real live account with my own money in sum of

$$$ 100K - $100,000 

 One Hundred Thousand Of

American US Dollars $$$

Each trade that I'm posting I'm taking it in my live account.

I will post the progress and the results as I go.

First month of this project will be for the expiration of November 2014.

My goal will be to show you guys and girls how I turn a 100k account to $1M ( $1,000,000) in time period of five years just by selling options 

like I did in the past and it made me financially secure.

Feel free to follow me on twitter where I post my trades live before I post them here -


Enjoy and have fun smiley


January 2014 Secret Selling Options Formula Results -



All posts are based on opinions, not  recommendation. Always use a stock advisor before making any investments. Invest at your own risk on money you can afford to lose 100% of the times

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