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SECI has resumed trading as of 10/10/18 on the grey market 

Sector 10, INC. $SECI – Press release date 10-11-2018

Court Ruling Moves Sector 10 Case Forward - https://www.sector10.com/blank


SECI has 305,778 shares of common stock outstanding

just 306k O/S mostly insider owned --- Tradeable float ~ 132k shares!


CEO - https://www.linkedin.com/in/pericles-deavila/

SECI market cap as of 10-11-2018: $4M
Settlement or judgment could easily be $500M - $1B - $2B or more with Treble Damages


$1,000 PPS just to break even stated in 2/20/2018 letter from CEO



PSIM is a technology that can be used for many life-saving and life protecting applications,  

or it can be used for things you nor I would like ... 

Evidence shows that numerous public companies and investors were defrauded through the acquisition of Silicon Valley-based Proximex by ADT/Tyco in March 2011 (article):

ADT (former symbol: ADT now under symbol APO)

Apollo Global Management LLC (symbol: APO market cap $15B)  

Tyco (former symbol: TYC, now under symbol: JCI)

Johnson Controls (symbol: JCI market cap $34B)

Sector 10 (symbol: SECI)

The security integration technology in possession of Proximex was stolen from Sector 10, Inc (publicly traded) through a breach of contract by the manufacturer hired by Sector 10 in Logan, Utah. Evidence shows that the technology theft that originated with the manufacturer (Dutro Company and Reality Engineering) was executed in collusion with Silicon Valley-based Valley Inception, LLC and Incisive Software Corporation. Evidence also shows the technology was laundered through various corporations, spread over different states and then sold to ADT/Tyco, another publicly traded company. It became the subject of legal disputes in 2009.

Tyco seems fully engaged in suppressing public awareness of its subsidiary's status (Proximex) as defendant in the legal proceedings (Sector 10 is the plaintiff): Case No. 119907606, Salt Lake City County, State of Utah.

Were decision makers at ADT/Tyco fully aware of the fact that the alleged Proximex technology was unlawfully obtained? At least one person at ADT/Tyco did receive a letter from Sector 10 lawyers alerting them of the disputed technology and the legal actions. (read that letter here).

It is unclear if Johnson Controls was aware it was buying stolen technology when it acquired Tyco in 2016.

It is unclear if Apollo Global Management LLC was aware that ADT had previously acquired stolen technology/Proximex (later also part of Tyco), when Apollo Global acquired ADT in 2016.

After eight years of trying to resolve this in silence, it is time you learn the truth. My name is Pericles DeAvila, the inventor and founder of Sector 10. I lost my life’s work, investors lost millions ... and the world lost billions of dollars destined for humanitarian relief. 

Technology: the PLX-3D System, now known as PSIM (Physical Security Information Management)

Pericles P. DeAvila is the founder and now chairman of Sector 10, Inc. He is the inventor of the SRU, MRU, and the PLX-3D Software System. Sector 10 was founded in 2000 with a Mobile Safety Apparatus device to address compliance regulation by OSHA. PLX-3D (Pericles Logix System in 3 Dimensions) is a technology that expands upon this initial product.

The following patents were filed for Sector 10 Holdings, listing Pericles DeAvila as the inventor:

2000: Mobile Safety Apparatus (original patent)

2007: Distributed Safety Apparatus / PLX-3D System (expansion on the original patent)


The PLX-3D technology was developed to protect and save lives.

PLX-3D is a software process platform that renders a building, a city, a county, a state, in 3 dimensions to track and command full situational awareness of a disaster area.  That way a central command can effectively manage first responders to address and allocate life-saving equipment where it is needed the most.

On a global scale, the PLX-3D platform represents the largest leap forward and a radical change in the way security, life, and safety systems are integrated. Today it is known as Surveillint PSIM, a disrupter technology marketed and sold around the world by Tyco, formerly with ADT, and now operating under Johnson Controls.

Sector 10's integrated technology offered the first user interface and cloud-based life safety & security integration platform on the market, before cloud became mainstream. The 2007-08 gif illustration below shows the network that was ALREADY built and paid for by Sector 10 before the technology was stolen.

(click image to enlarge)

Theft Nucleus

Evidence shows that the theft nucleus started with a breach of contract by Utah-based manufacturer Dutro Company / Reality Engineering, followed by a laundering of the technology through several states, corporations, and numerous leaks—to Europe first, then globally—by the parties who created PSIAValleyInceptionIncisiveProximex and Trusys.

PSIA served as the perfect umbrella to give the illusion of an open source tool. Evidence shows that the leaks were carefully selected, orchestrated and presented as a wide-spread market shift, while parties behind the scenes worked vigorously on rewriting the original copy under the expert guidance of a Silicon Valley patent lawyer.  

At the same time, Sector 10 was buried under an avalanche of lawsuits to distract and eliminate the company's involvement ...

The end result of the above was the acquisition and profitable commercialization of the disputed technology by ADT/Tyco when they bought Silicon Valley-based Proximex in 2011.

The acquisition caused the largest market cap increase in ADT/Tyco’s history (Tyco stock analysis).

Because of the technology’s success in the marketplace, ADT and Tyco split into separate companies in 2012, with Proximex operating under ADT and then Tyco Security Systems. Tyco was acquired by Johnson Controls in 2016.

Detailed discoveries are available in the timeline. It includes dates, events, activities, downloadable documents, and identifies the small group of (mostly related) people whose business dealings are the red thread weaving it all together.

Sadly, this same group of people seems to have defrauded numerous entrepreneurs and businesses, including Sector 10. They appear to be tied to an equally interesting group of investors that follow them from prey to prey. Countless victims can be found in Utah court filings, and in California.

 Billions of dollars lost for humanitarian aid

Because of its life-saving focus and disaster relief component, 10% of Sector 10’s profits were channeled into a 501(c)(3) dedicated to humanitarian purposes. The funds of “DeAvila Alatus Foundation” (through the Pericles DeAvila Institute for Humanitarian Studies) were allocated to medicine/medical deployment to 3rd world countries, clean water, and other pressing humanitarian needs. 

PSIM is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing exponentially year by year. Eight years of Sector 10 revenue loss due to the technology theft and ensuing legal disputes resulted in a loss of millions, if not billions globally. These funds could have saved countless lives by providing vaccinations to millions of children in Africa (targeted vaccine costs $1-$2/child); or funding to help relief the burden of maternal and neonatal tetanus (estimated cost $1-$3/mother); or bring shelter and medical supplies to the recent 22.5 million people displaced from their homes because of war issues - the most ever (2016 study).

In the early 2000s the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation expressed interest in supporting the humanitarian activities of Sector 10, Inc.  How unfortunate that a cause worthy of their attention is dying a slow death thanks to corporate greed …


P.O Box 3386
Bellevue, WA 98009
14553 South 790 West, #C
Bluffdale, Utah 84065




SECTOR 10, INC (OTC Bulletin Board: SECI)

For the last eight years, Sector 10 has been in litigation to recover damages from a technology theft and laundry operation that delivered Sector 10 technology into the hands of then ADT/TYCO, causing the largest market cap increase in their history.

The lawsuit was filed in a Utah Court against ADT/TYCO acquired subsidiary Proximex. Other parties in the case include people and entities who breached a manufacturingcontract, started various new corporations and laundered the technology across various states, creating PSIA and PSIM along the way.

Sector 10 focused on pre-deployed emergency and disaster response equipment with the world's first patented Stationary Response Units (SRU), Mobile Response Units (MRU) and its innovative PLX-3D technology.

Sector 10 holds United States issued patents and pending patent applications with both the U.S. and international agencies. The company's initial SRU and MRU designs have been developed, produced, nationally tested, marketed and sold.

Stealthily, the company's PLX-3D technology was to debut in San Francisco in 2009, followed by several other US cities.

Unbeknownst to Sector 10, one of its contracted manufacturers and affiliated parties set a plan in motion to launder and sell the technology to another public entity, ADT/TYCO.

In the midst of convoluted litigation, operations have been hindered and undermining "mafia" tactics set back the company's ability to raise capital and develop ongoing business in order to continue forward.

Evidence shows a complete disregard for ethics and a grotesque fraud scheme orchestrated by defendants and affiliated parties.

Evidence shows unimaginable wealth was accumulated by all involved.

Thanks to the vision and support of many investors, the inventor, founder and CEO swore to correct this wrongdoing. After years of tribulation, focus and much pain, new evidence finally uncovers how a group of individuals and their families have worked together for years to defraud many.

Thank you all for your support, and for continuing to spread the word.

The full story can be found on White Collar Facades.

LATEST NEWS: (all releases will be shared on Twitter and Facebook pages)

PRESS RELEASE 4/16/2018 Sector 10, Inc (OTC Bulletin Board: SECI)

As Sector 10, Inc and their legal counsel complete the filing of their response to Defendants’ Motions to Summary Judgement, the investigation continues to deepen and Sector 10 Plaintiffs await the court’s response. April 2018 update: more

ARTICLE 2/23/18: "Riding The SECTOR 10 Inc (OTCMKTS:SECI) Roller Coaster"

Written by Jarrod Wesson for Insider Financial - February 23, 2018

OPEN LETTER 2/20/2018 Sector 10, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SECI)

Sector 10 Chairman and CEO Pericles DeAvila addresses the shareholders in an open letter. Read the letter: more

PRESS RELEASE 2/20/2018 Sector 10, Inc (OTC Bulletin Board: SECI)

Sector 10, Inc CEO addresses shareholders with regard to the ongoing litigation and recent uptick in stock market activity - more

PRESS RELEASE  2/15/2018 Sector 10, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SECI)

As we enter 2018, there is a lot of movement in the case.  Several motions from both sides have been filed with the court and key decisions are in the balance. The court remains unresponsive. Here are the details: more

ARTICLE 2/10/18: "$SECI Sector 10 Climbs Nearly 4000% Last 3 Days! Lawsuit Heating Up"

Written and published by PSInvestor - February 10, 2018

PRESS RELEASE 12/22/2017 Sector 10, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SECI)

2018 will mark the 10th year since the theft of our technology, and we hope to end it by finally serving cold evidence and justice for all involved. December 2017 update: more

Is it time to make things right?

I am just a man.

I put my pants on in the morning, one leg at a time ... this is not about me, but about all of you too.

Perhaps you are a betrayed investor in any of these public companies, believing the beautiful stories you were told.

Perhaps you are a customer. Perhaps you use the disputed technology on a daily basis, unaware. 

Perhaps you are simply a good person who recognizes the loss of financial support for humanitarian relief really is a loss for us all, and society as a whole.

Perhaps it IS time to make things right and expose what really goes on behind those beautiful corporate facades and polished press releases? 

If yes, you can help!

To start: SHARE if you care ...

Can you help make this right in other ways? Let us know through the form below and we will work together.

Want to dig in deeper and find out the truth for yourself?  Reach out, we are happy to share so you can personally verify.

Journalists, we are open to conversation.

Again, the detailed timeline with events, activities, documents and main players can be accessed here.

Anything else we provide on an individual basis.

Together we can make this world a more truthful place, one technology at a time, one respectful human step at a time.

Thank you


Sector 10 provides a cohesive solution to the disaster at hand through innovative Stationary Response Units (SRU), Stationary Response Units with Media (SRU-Media) and Mobile Response Units (MRU).

SRU and SRU-Media provide pre-deployed resources as a way to save lives, avert injuries and reduce liability. These systems provide first responders and building occupants with first aid supplies, life saving equipment, occupant tracking through a real-time 3D interface, and emergency communications.

SRU-Media, in addition to the multiple benefits listed above, also offer messaging components to generate revenue channels during times of normal operations. SRU-Media include a flat screen video monitor that can be used for advertising, corporate branding and other messaging needs. The revenue model more than offsets the cost of the units and converts a non-revenue, must have device into a completely interactive revenue-generating product.

MRU's provide the modularity, mobility, customization, and personalization to first responders when they arrive at a disaster site effectively providing a "portable village" - a desperately needed safe environment for victims and emergency professionals so that lives can be saved. These Response Units offer shelter, utilities, comforts, supplies and equipment.

Sector 10 is Rethinking Response.

Learn more about each unit:


Management Team

Pericles DeAvila, President and Chief Executive Officer

Pericles DeAvila is the founder, inventor and creative thinker at Sector 10. He is responsible for all strategic, financial and operational aspects of Sector 10, Inc., and its associated businesses.

Mr. DeAvila is the inventor of the Pericles LogiX System and the Mobile Response Unit and Stationary Response Unit, the core of the Sector 10 product line. He has entrepreneurial experience nationally and internationally with his beginnings in the construction industry. He was a construction manager for 11 years on large projects in Silicon Valley and in Seattle -- including Safeco Field, the home of the Seattle Mariners. Mr. DeAvila was a co-founder of Dagcon General Construction, a 375-employee subcontractor in the San Francisco area where he was instrumental in the development of metal frame construction methods for residential homes in the San Francisco Bay area. Mr. DeAvila founded DeAvila Homes, a condominium development company in Seattle.

Mr. DeAvila studied business and construction management in California and also studied at the Institute University of the Azores. He is fluent in Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, as well as English.


Larry Madison, Chief Financial Officer

Larry Madison is responsible for all aspects of financial management and reporting for Sector 10, Inc, and its affiliate companies. Mr. Madison has more than 30 years experience in public accounting. He comes to Sector 10 from the Chicago office of the international accounting and management consulting firm Grant Thornton International where he served in the tax quality assurance department. Prior to his work at Grant Thornton, Mr. Madison worked for 15 years in Big Four accounting firms and for 15 years running his own accounting consulting firm where he specialized in providing CFO services to small, private companies and in raising capital for start-ps. Mr. Madison brings Sector 10 experience and expertise in Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and corporate governance. Mr. Madison is licensed in Illinois as a Certified Public Accountant. He has a Bachelor of Accounting degree from Purdue University and a Master of Science in Taxation degree from DePaul University.


Matthew Bain, Senior Vice President, Products and Network

Matthew Bain is responsible for all aspects of the daily operation of the business.

Mr. Bain brings a strong background in sales, operations, manufacturing automation, and communications technology to Sector 10 management. He has successfully started and run his own enterprises and filled key leadership positions in a variety of organizations. In recognition of his achievements at Avante Window Company Mr. Bain was a nominee for the prestigious Entrepreneurial Small Business of the Year awarded by the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce in 1998.

Mr. Bain holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering and a Master of Business Administration degree, both from Brigham Young University.


Jim Powell, Vice President of Advertising

Jim Powell is responsible for advertising sales and placement on the Sector 10 SRU-Media units following placement in a client facility. Mr. Powell has a media and consulting background that has spanned nearly two decades. He has helped companies launch local and national advertising campaigns, set up and manage a nationwide sales force, launch new worldwide products, negotiate all types of media buys and find new venture capital. Mr. Powell has worked as Director of Sales for DBS Communication and Marriott Consulting, and held positions as National Sales Manager and Local Sales Manager for a FOX-affiliate television station. He served as President of Fortune Marketing, a Salt Lake City-based advertising, marketing and consulting company. He has worked as an account executive in advertising sales for local NBC and CBS affiliates and for AT&T Cable.

Mr. Powell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Media Sales from Brigham Young University.


Paul Pugmire, Vice President of Communications

Paul Pugmire is responsible for the corporate message and brand, external and internal communications, and relationships with government, media and corporate stakeholders.

Mr. Pugmire has a history of broad experience and significant accomplishment in communication and public affairs. He has served as press secretary, legislative assistant and district representative to U.S. Representative Richard Stallings and as assistant to Minority Leader Art Hamilton in the Arizona House of Representatives. He was Director of Sports Development for the State of Arizona, a governor-appointed position responsible for retaining Major League Baseball spring training and developing Arizona as a major sports venue. He was Director of Public Affairs for Argonne National Laboratory-West where he managed the emergence of the Laboratory as a known and respected corporate citizen. He has been a member and president of the Rexburg, Idaho City Council, has served on several local, state and national community and professional boards and committees and has successfully owned and operated small businesses.

Mr. Pugmire holds a combination Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Communication from Boise State University and attended graduate school in political science at Arizona State University.


Lance Ellsworth, Vice President of International Sales

Lance Ellsworth is responsible for recruiting qualified and motivated licensees to distribute Sector 10 products in foreign countries and for negotiating and overseeing those licenses.

Mr. Ellsworth is an experienced sales and marketing executive with more than 14 years experience in the Internet, software, and telecommunication industries. Prior to joining Sector 10, Lance was a partner and VP of Business Development for Kairoscorp, a company he spent 3 years building and sold to Techwerks, Inc. Prior to that Lance was VP of Sales & Marketing for Internetumbrella.com, where he crafted strategies, developed business plans, and raised funds for multiple companies.

Previously, Mr. Ellsworth was Director of Channels and Business Development for Assist Cornerstone Technologies, a leader in web and financial applications. For Harbinger Corporation, a publicly traded e-commerce/e-business company, Mr. Ellsworth served as Senior Sales Executive with responsibility for the North American market.

Mr. Ellsworth holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Brigham Young University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Utah.


Colby Haas, Sales Engineer

Colby Haas is responsible for technical support of the sales and delivery process.

Mr. Haas brings a broad and varied practical experience as an equipment technician to Sector 10. He helped develop a revolutionary floor cleaner which was patented and for which he was responsible for more than six years. He is proficient in Solidworks, CNC machining, product prototyping, and production.

Mr. Haas started and ran a product design business where he designed products such as BBQs, outdoor equipment and window automation equipment from molds and tooling.






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SECI News: Quarterly Report (10-q) 11/08/2018 10:58:07 AM
SECI News: Quarterly Report (10-q) 08/14/2018 11:54:50 AM
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