Granulox at a glance

Granulox is an innovative medical device for the treatment of chronic wounds. The haemoglobin spray improves the oxygen supply to chronic wounds through simplified diffusion and in this way promotes and accelerates wound healing. Granulox is applied topically on the wound as a spray. Granulox is not a replacement for causal therapy.

Indication:   For improvement of wound healing of chronic wounds, e.g. diabetic foot ulcers, secondary healing of surgical wounds, venous crural ulcers, arterial crural ulcers, mixed crural ulcers, decubitus ulcers.
Ingredients:   10% carbonylated haemoglobin; 0.7% phenoxyethanol; 0.9% sodium chloride; 0.05% N-acetylcysteine; ad 100% water.
Side effects:   There are no known side effects of Granulox haemoglobin spray. Please contact us should your symptoms worsen or if you develop adverse effects.
Interactions:   Granulox should not be applied simultaneously with locally effective drugs, e.g. antibiotics, as interactions have not been studied sufficiently. It is known that disinfectants impair the efficacy of Granulox. After application of a disinfectant the area must therefore be subsequently flushed thoroughly with a physiological solution. Thorough flushing with a physiological solution is necessary after use of proteolytic (enzymatic) debridements.
Contraindications:   For reasons of safety Granulox should not be used on infected wounds or during pregnancy. There is not sufficient data for evaluation of these types of cases.
Contents:   12 ml spray cans.
Packaging unit:   1 carton with 6 spray cans.
Storage:   Store in refrigerator at between 2 and 8ºC before and after use. Once opened Granulox can be used until the expiration date.


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