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..........~ Just another trading day in SYN CITY ~..........


If it's not one darn thing, it's another!



A safe haven and discussion thread for inv3stors who want to gripe and openly discuss or question
about what is affecting their st0ck by either internal or external forces.



Current St0cks up for discussion:
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LWHS            GPSI

            LUXR           AMBT
COOL          VRNG         

~ Please feel free to suggest other st0cks for discussion ~

  Q & A
  In the oil drilling industry there is a term called "spudding."
  What is it and how does it work?

  To spud comes from the Middle English word, "spudde" meaning a short knife.
   In oil drilling "spudding" means the    very start of drilling on a new well.

spud v: 1. to begin drilling a well; such as, to spud in.
            2. to force a wireline tool or tubing down the hole by using a reciprocating motion.

spud in v: to begin drilling; to start the hole.

spud mud n: the fluid used when drilling starts at the surface, often a thick
                     bentonite-lime slurry.

Spud Contractor Name:
   The name of the contractor spudding the well.

Spud Date:
  The day when the drilling bit penetrates the surface utilizing a drilling rig capable
   of drilling the well to the authorized total depth.

Spud Time:
   The actual time (hours and minutes) when the drilling bit penetrates the surface
   utilizing a drilling rig capable of drilling the well to the authorized depth.

Spudding In:
  The very beginning of drilling operations of a new well.

For a more extensive list of Oil & Gas Drilling Terms
in alphabetical order,



3D Rig Animation   -   CLICK HERE
Vertical & Horizontal Frac Animation  -  CLICK HERE
Construction of Peridido Oil Platform (Rig)  -   CLICK HERE

The What, Where, and How of Shale Gas - CLICK HERE


(Stock learning)

Upcoming Stock Splits



Bbl:                        Barrel
Bbls:                      Barrels
MMBbls:                 Million Barrels
Bpd:                       Barrel per day
Mbpd:                    Thousand barrels per day
Bopd:                     Barrels of oil per day
Mbopd:                   Thousand barrels of oil per day
Bcf:                         Billion cubic feet
Bcfe:                       Billion cubic feet equivalent
Bcfpd:                     Billion cubic feet per day
BOE:                      Barrel oil equivalent
Boepd:                    Barrels of oil equivalent per day
MMBTU:                  Million British thermal units
MMBTUpd:              Million British thermal units per day
BTU:                       British thermal units
BTUpcf:                   British thermal units per cubic foot
MMBoe:                  Million Barrels of oil equivalent
LPG:                       Liquified Petroleum Gas
Mcf:                        Thousand cubic feet
MMcfepd:                Million cubic feet equivalent per day
MMcfpd:                  Million cubic feet per day
Tcf:                          Trillion cubic feet
Tcfe:                        Trillion cubic feet equivalent
GAL:                       Gallon
MMGal:                    Million Gallons
Kwh:                        Kilowatt hour
MW:                         Megawatt
One barrel of oil:      equivalent to 6 Mcf of natural gas


Link to Active Trading Terms:


OTC 101
Investor FAQ's


data history by State -






:-O surprise


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