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SXRZF: Finra deleted symbol. Pursuant to the Arrangement, Renee 10/21/13 4:46 PM
Rock bottom u308 prices... Not for long... Pro-Life 07/26/13 2:35 PM
WOW ~~~Uranium~~~ stocks are HOT right now!!!!! G2G 07/26/13 2:25 PM
marked TOUCAN 03/28/13 2:57 PM
WTF..Uranium one selling out to some SA co.?? andy e 02/20/13 6:23 PM
For the week: -1.71%... the sector moved ahead Pro-Life 01/04/13 7:32 PM
Sector observation... Pro-Life 07/09/12 11:37 AM
Anything under $2.75 should be golden. Pro-Life 07/08/12 6:12 AM
Strong possibility of a market bottom... link to comps: Pro-Life 06/13/12 7:52 PM
excellent post bud...people mark for ya! andy e 04/09/12 5:05 PM
Uranium related: Another Sign That A Nuclear Renaissance Pro-Life 04/09/12 5:02 PM
Ahhhhh..I guess we are waiting on China...which might andy e 03/28/12 5:59 PM
A glut of $NATGAS... a cheap but temporary alternative... Pro-Life 03/28/12 5:20 PM
what the hell happened....??, Uranium one should over andy e 03/28/12 3:59 PM
Nuclear driver: Canada reaches uranium trade deal with China Pro-Life 02/10/12 8:38 AM
U308 sector comparables: Pro-Life 01/30/12 9:51 AM
Scoreboard for the week: +17.30% Pro-Life 01/21/12 7:03 AM
+7% for the week so far... Pro-Life 01/05/12 8:13 PM
No joke... Here goes the U308 sector!!! Charted comparables: Pro-Life 11/30/11 10:19 PM
Ever since my post #62 the sector is Pro-Life 10/26/11 8:10 PM
wow...UUU on a roll.. andy e 10/26/11 12:00 PM
I look at today as a confirmation of Pro-Life 10/05/11 8:51 PM
10 nuclear sector comps: Pro-Life 09/13/11 9:03 AM
I would ask that question about the whole Pro-Life 08/03/11 9:07 AM
lol..what is up with Uranium One??...geeezzz! andy e 06/10/11 2:50 PM
Unbelievable!!!...especially when I read Russia and China are andy e 06/05/11 10:25 AM
Down 9.47% for the week... Pro-Life 06/04/11 9:55 PM
DOE has a new assistant... Pro-Life 04/18/11 4:49 PM
-2.51% is the scorecard for the week... Pro-Life 04/17/11 8:52 PM
For the week: 10.69% Pro-Life 03/25/11 10:00 PM
ahhh..thx man..I didn't know UUU was available on andy e 03/21/11 7:13 PM
The quote is for the US listed SZRZF Pro-Life 03/21/11 6:57 PM
he bud...well I see $4.48 for the pps. andy e 03/21/11 6:53 PM
What is seen in the charts is delayed Pro-Life 03/21/11 4:02 PM
hey..FT If this is on the TSE...why are andy e 03/21/11 3:13 PM
US Nuclear Regulators To Vote On Proposal To Pro-Life 03/21/11 12:27 PM
Bullish commentary: In the wake of Japan's nuclear Pro-Life 03/20/11 11:37 PM
Japan Nuclear Disaster Caps Decades of Faked Reports, Accidents Pro-Life 03/17/11 8:27 PM
This hurts especially hard... -42% for the week... Pro-Life 03/16/11 2:25 PM
Corrective action underway... the broader market hit hard today. Pro-Life 02/23/11 1:50 AM
My friends, for the week: +6%!!! Pro-Life 02/05/11 8:29 PM
A good informational resource about uranium: Pro-Life 12/18/10 9:44 PM
Nice day as most Uranium stocks went down MB3 12/02/10 4:19 PM
Still $10.63 as the P&F bullish price objective. Pro-Life 11/13/10 9:33 PM
We finally have an uptick in Uranium prices... Pro-Life 09/11/10 8:35 AM
On the verge of a new multi year high... Pro-Life 09/03/10 8:52 AM
On a big run right now... Pro-Life 08/21/10 11:34 PM
Nice move today - +6% Pro-Life 07/27/10 9:18 PM
The registered share holders are buying like crazy... Pro-Life 07/17/10 10:33 PM
WOW.ITS YOU AGAIN UP HERE. adama4 06/22/10 3:59 PM
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SXRZF.PK                                                            UUU.TO 


Company Overview

Uranium One Inc. is a Canadian uranium producer with an exciting growth profile. We have assets located in each of the world’s five largest uranium resource jurisdictions - Australia, Canada, Kazakhstan, South Africa and the United States. Our assets include the Akdala Uranium Mine in Kazakhstan, which is currently in operation. The Dominion Reefs Uranium Mine in South Africa and the South Inkai Uranium Mine in Kazakhstan both commenced production in 2007. We are also developing the Kharasan Uranium Project in Kazakhstan, the Hobson ISR facility in the United States, as well as the Honeymoon Uranium Project in South Australia. Our exploration activities are focused on projects in the Athabasca Basin of Saskatchewan, the United States, South Africa, Australia and in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Our Vision

Our five year vision is to maximize shareholder returns by delivering on our projects and growing Uranium One into a low cost, top five international uranium producer.

Our Values

We believe that how we conduct business, how our employees act in fulfilling their jobs and the organizational culture that Uranium One creates are vital to the successful achievement of our long-term business strategies. This is captured in our values:


Uranium One is dedicated to delivering results and continuous improvement. We are results oriented and through a systematic approach we are focused on achieving our goals.


Our employees are empowered, take responsibility and are recognized for their actions.


Uranium One employees believe in treating others the same way we wish to be treated. We will be approachable and fair, respecting the culture and values of the countries in which we operate.


We take ownership of our tasks. We are empowered, but function through teamwork by recognizing contribution and encouraging involvement.

5)Honesty and Integrity

We do the right things for Uranium One, in the right way. We will, without exception, be truthful and act ethically in every part of our business.

6)Work Satisfaction

Our employees’ contributions are vital to our organization’s success. We strive to create and sustain a working environment that is conducive to creativity and dynamism where individuals can have satisfying, long-term career growth opportunities in an enjoyable workplace environment.

Uranium One believes that our vision, our long-term business strategies and our values which determine how we manage our business will make our Company the employer of choice and the business partner of choice wherever we operate.

Board of Directors



Corporate Governance


Investors Reports

Uranium Projects



- Akdala Uranium Mine -

- Dominion Reefs Uranium Mine

SEC Reporting Status

Exempt Under 12g3-2(b)


Canadian Filings

CIK# 0001067129

The Daily View


The Weekly View


The Powerful Point & Figure Chart

Industry Links:


 Informational Websites:

Uranium Investing News

URANIUM IN DEPTH                       

 Uranium links from LinksMine - InfoMine's Library of Mining Web Sites 

Site Listings 




 Uranium Will Rebound with Economy - (The Energy Report) Interview with Barbara Thomae, Senior Mining Analyst



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