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Sleeping Giant Brewery:

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"Sipp Industries is currently in the final stages of selecting multiple well-known distributors for the Chicago market
that carry such brands as Rolling Rock, Stella Artois, Dos Equis, Beck’s, Tecate and Labatt’s Blue.  These distributors’ channels
reach some of the largest and most well-known grocery and alcohol retail chains in the Chicago market.
  The Company expects to have definitive distribution agreements signed in early November."


"Elite Beverage currently work with a wide network of distributors including Empire Distributors, a Warren Buffet owned company,
 Imports (NY, NJ, CT), Breakthru Bev (currently in 18 states) and many others. Breakthru is in the process of merging with
RNDC which will result in a footprint of over 35 states. EBI is also in talks to become a supplier to
the third largest US
 alcohol beverage wholesaler, Youngs Market, who is California based and in 14 markets."


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 Excellent articles about Major Hemp Brown Ale and Sleeping Giant Brewery 

Sleeping Giant and Major Hemp Collaborate on New Hemp-Seed Beer

The Largest Denver Brewery You've Never Heard of Is Getting Bigger

Fantastic Website about Major Hemp Brown Ale

Current Share Structure - Click to Confirm 

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The Birth of Major Hemp Brown Ale

Sipp Industries Enters Strategic Partnership for Launch of "Major Hemp Brown Ale", Exclusive Premium Hemp Beer

Sipp Industries Enters Agreement with Colorado Craft Distributors to Distribute "Major Hemp Brown Ale"

Sipp Industries Doubles Number of Establishments Carrying Major Hemp Brown Ale

Sipp Industries Announces Reorders and New Establishments Carrying Major Hemp Brown Ale

Sipp Industries Announces Production and Distribution Updates for Major Hemp Brown Ale

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Do your homework as SIPC has no employees. Penny Masters 07/07/2021 09:03:56 PM
SIPC = shit show. What a train wreck Penny Masters 10/04/2022 06:05:08 PM
Smart investors will understand this: 43% down means badguy3101 10/04/2022 05:10:48 PM
Good day for the SIPC-promo…only down 43%. waterchaser 10/04/2022 04:52:43 PM
It's COMING! badguy3101 10/03/2022 11:12:12 PM
Sure glad I didn’t buy into the relentless waterchaser 10/03/2022 11:48:10 AM
Good grief! Try and sell 100.00 and it Penny Masters 10/03/2022 11:12:36 AM
Laaaiid back with SIPC mind on the money. Panzer 10/03/2022 11:12:33 AM
How come no sellers then? Panzer 10/03/2022 10:25:49 AM
88s abound! Calm, cool and collected badguy3101 10/01/2022 02:22:05 AM
SIPC = Toast = Over = Done waterchaser 09/30/2022 10:10:15 PM
Two guys with PR machine left the building. Penny Masters 09/27/2022 02:24:10 PM
Truly revolutionary SIPC info here - MUST READ Bahahah Panzer 09/25/2022 09:23:22 AM
Panzer looking for SIPC Gunner Panzer 09/24/2022 09:31:30 AM
Well, well. All I hear is another 6 Gunner 75 09/23/2022 08:18:43 AM
It's inevitable just growing longer beard than expected. Panzer 09/22/2022 04:16:03 PM
Boom! Advance Panzer Division! LC SIPC lambchops 09/21/2022 10:13:34 PM
37,500 shares? Not even a round of drinks. Panzer 09/18/2022 12:27:53 AM
Another 5% bleed today. waterchaser 09/16/2022 06:07:43 PM
Sure wish SIPC bleed more can't get shares! Panzer 09/15/2022 08:02:25 PM
SIPC slow bleed out. Nothing more to see. Penny Masters 09/15/2022 12:08:15 PM
Wow - must have needed 200 bucks lolol Panzer 09/14/2022 10:51:29 PM
Someone wanted out and looks like SIPC dropped Penny Masters 09/14/2022 09:59:09 PM
Apparently no one. Not a single seller of SIPC. Panzer 09/13/2022 11:36:53 PM
Clarify "but the garbage" if you don't mind. Panzer 09/13/2022 11:36:12 PM
Of course, Herr Panzer. Who would sell down badguy3101 09/13/2022 08:02:45 PM
I guess that 200.00 total bought over past Penny Masters 09/13/2022 06:19:03 PM
Good grief - only can smack ask to Panzer 09/13/2022 05:12:24 PM
Real nasty Panzer only one buying SIPC shares. Panzer 09/13/2022 05:11:18 PM
Keep making money in SIPC YUGE mistake. Bahahaha Panzer 09/13/2022 05:10:30 PM
Sure beats the broader markets! Panzer very conformable Panzer 09/13/2022 05:10:07 PM
Some will keep making the same mistake over Penny Masters 09/13/2022 01:09:08 PM
Yes, stink pinks that trade on the scam waterchaser 09/13/2022 11:33:05 AM
Nothing besides a Pink Current SIPC that isn't Panzer 09/13/2022 12:33:10 AM
Nothing more to see here. Take care Panzer. Penny Masters 09/12/2022 10:22:59 PM
What "bridges" are you referring to exactly? Panzer 09/12/2022 10:00:09 PM
Precisely - SIPC multiple pennies inevitable along with Panzer 09/12/2022 09:58:02 PM
Why would you, Herr Panzer? SIPC is gonna badguy3101 09/12/2022 09:34:46 PM
I think the term "shit show' is accurate. Penny Masters 09/12/2022 07:35:54 PM
Panzer hasn't left the building not even close. Panzer 09/12/2022 05:10:44 PM
Sipc is big bulshit zbojnik1233 09/12/2022 03:05:13 PM
Better luck on your next. SIPC is done Penny Masters 09/12/2022 01:15:34 PM
Why are you amazed SIPC is still trading? Panzer 09/12/2022 01:10:15 PM
Amazed SIPC is still trading. Well,,, no one Penny Masters 09/12/2022 11:59:45 AM
You think SIPC will be lower or higher Panzer 09/12/2022 11:52:57 AM
Hahahaha SIPC left the building and now all Penny Masters 09/12/2022 11:07:52 AM
Check back 6 months from now CYA then. Panzer 09/10/2022 02:43:05 PM
Did someone say promo? Panzer 09/10/2022 02:42:13 PM
What's bad? SIPC loading zone. Panzer 09/10/2022 12:36:09 PM
SIPC burned every bridge with share holders Penny Masters 09/10/2022 12:09:12 AM
I’m so glad I never promoted this scam waterchaser 09/09/2022 10:17:22 PM
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