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SavWatt USA, Inc. pioneers in LED lighting, met with officials from Baltimore Development Corporation, Maryland Department of Business & Economic Development, and City of Baltimore Department of Transportation last week to discuss SavWatt's production plans for LED lights in Baltimore. SavWatt is proud to announce that production will take place in Baltimore, MD, USA in first quarter 2011. City and State officials are excited by SavWatt's presence, as this will help create jobs in Maryland and will boost SavWatt's plans of becoming a "Buy American" product.

Michael Haug, CEO of SavWatt, commented, "This is just the beginning of a mutual relationship between the City of Baltimore and SavWatt. We plan on expanding our workforce considerably within the next two years. With the City of Baltimore's endorsement and State of Maryland's support, SavWatt will not only Brand itself as a leader of innovative LED lighting but also set the standard throughout America."

Mr Haug further commented, "SavWatt will benefit by manufacturing LED lights in America. SavWatt will also benefit with the various Government and State programs available for its work force, training, and energy grant programs. 'Buy American' tag will be associated with a few of SavWatt's products and eventually the whole product line in the near future."


SavWatt USA, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SAVW), pioneers in LED lighting, announced today that beginning 1Q 2011, SavWatt will be selling LED T-8 florescent tube replacements assembled in the USA. SavWatt's 16 Watt , 4 foot, T-8 LED tube will replace a typical 40 Watt florescent tube (includes ballast), providing immediate energy savings of 60%, which does not include savings for service and replacement costs. Based on an average USA energy cost of 15 cents per kilowatt, the tube has a 24 month payback.

Features of SavWatt's LED Tube Lights.

* Energy Saving - SavWatt LED tubes consume low power. Power efficiency reaches 90 percent, with energy saving of 60% compared with traditional florescent tubes.
* Environmental Friendly - SavWatt LED tubes contain no ultraviolet, infrared ray radiation, mercury or heat from the illumination.
* Long Life Span - SavWatt LED tube has a 50,000 - 80,000 hours life span compared to 8,000 hours for traditional florescent tubes. Good heat dissipation techniques are achieved through the use of SavWatt's Eco-Watt technology.
* Ultra Bright - using high illumine LITKY LED's separate SavWatt from others.
* Stable - SavWatt's superior component quality control and 48 hour USA burn in procedures makes it top in its class.

Sam Abecassis, SavWatt's VP of Product Development commented, "We have worked hard over the last 2 years to develop and bring to market a UL approved true T-8 high quality Led tube. Our Eco-Watt technology and LITKY LED's make us shine above the rest. We have listened to our distributors and by assembling here in the USA we now will be able to handle the faster to market demand and quality concerns."

Mr. Abecassis, further commented, "Demand for replacement T-8 tubes is huge, 80 percent of all bulbs used in office building are florescent tubes. Coupled with the fact that the US Government has recognized the benefits of LEDs as see on their web site and have a law that in place that all incandescent bulbs may not be sold in 2012. Our projected demand for T-8 tubes is 18,000,000 over the next 24 months."


SAVW Video,



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