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Saflink Corporation About Saflink Saflink Corporation offers software solutions that protect intellectual property, secure information assets, and eliminate passwords. Saflink’s software provides Identity Assurance Management™, allowing administrators to verify the identity of users and control their access to: computer networks; physical facilities; applications; event tracking systems; and time and attendance systems. Over the past 13 years, Saflink has developed a line of software solutions that offer a scalable, secure, and cost-effective alternative to passwords. Saflink products provide users with a comprehensive security solution for their authentication needs using biometrics, smart cards, and tokens. Saflink offers solutions for Citrix® and Microsoft Windows®. Our products are designed to eliminate the problems associated with password management by measuring human characteristics such as voiceprint, fingerprint, iris pattern, and facial contours, which are virtually impossible to duplicate. This type of authentication makes it more convenient for end-users to access their computer accounts, while improving the security of these accounts and reducing the overhead costs of maintaining them. Winner of several awards in 2006, Saflink has been recognized by organizations such as Software Magazine’s Software 500 and Access Control & Security Systems. Core Technology Products Overview Any organization can achieve higher levels of assurance and trust with identity verification from Saflink Saflink identity verification solutions help organizations of all sizes expand trust and assurance across physical facilities, information systems and mobile communication devices—through the use of biometric, smart card and PKI (public key infrastructure) capabilities. Saflink products include: jForte™ The jForté Cryptographic Module addresses the critical needs of all secure authentication programs with proven security, convenience, flexibility and performance. .NetSign® for mobile expands secure access to the Windows Mobile™ environment, allowing Common Access Card (CAC) users to perform many of the functions available on the desktop PC from anywhere in the field, across the globe. SureAccess Readers are a line of fixed and mobile readers utilizing biometric fingerprints for use with Government ID cards (TWIC, FUPAC, and PIV). The readers are ideal for access control to internal and external doors, gates, and other security checkpoints. miValet™ an identity centric computing solution for your enterprise. Allows employees to access personal and corporate files from multiple computers – securely and simply from anywhere 2007 Press Releases On 9/5/07, Saflink and IdentiPHI announced the signing of a definitive merger agreement. The merger enables two leading technology companies to deliver the best in enterprise security and authentication solutions.
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