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rzlt insider buys saigai 05/06/22 9:50 PM
great data and then.. the offering.. shoot me saigai 05/02/22 7:35 AM
well the numbers are out on sunday.. saigai 04/29/22 10:54 AM
idont care if im talking to myself.. saigai 04/25/22 9:47 AM
soon they will be sending hit men to saigai 04/25/22 8:23 AM
pre mkt down 10percent on 1 share traded...must saigai 04/25/22 7:46 AM
adding a few everyday... saigai 04/21/22 10:36 AM
from last nesw release im tellin you kaboom saigai 04/14/22 1:06 PM
no buying into the close.. oh well. saigai 04/11/22 9:29 PM
they drop it i buy . just saigai 04/07/22 11:24 AM
institutional investors snacking on the bid. saigai 04/06/22 2:57 PM
chit close thought we would have a better saigai 04/04/22 4:01 PM
where is everyone. saigai 04/04/22 12:13 PM
everytime the criminals drop it i buy more. saigai 04/04/22 10:50 AM
strap in folks we are going on a saigai 04/04/22 9:22 AM
strong close code changer in the making saigai 04/01/22 4:25 PM
from nasdaq website follow the money saigai 03/31/22 4:28 PM
and another 500 at the buzzer..this is my saigai 03/31/22 4:07 PM
i wish there was someone else out there saigai 03/31/22 3:45 PM
i know im talking to myself but this saigai 03/31/22 2:57 PM
another jumpy day with little price movement. saigai 03/31/22 12:56 PM
well the bid ask is really jumpy but saigai 03/29/22 9:56 AM
avg down a little more waiting on the data saigai 03/28/22 3:26 PM
i dont think this board gonna stay quiet saigai 03/25/22 8:34 AM
run you mofo saigai 03/23/22 1:59 PM
Inc Genexine owns over 1000% of Rezolute Inc. Mushyheaded 08/01/21 11:15 PM
RZLT moved to the Nasdaq from the OTC: Renee 11/09/20 9:16 AM
I sold 50% of mine at 22.50. daleb2130 10/17/20 9:55 AM
Got mine...sold all at 21.00 TrendTrade2016 10/17/20 5:05 AM
Not yet on Ameritrade. . Just showing up daleb2130 10/15/20 9:07 AM
Did you get you shares from the split TrendTrade2016 10/15/20 5:53 AM
Got to be some good news coming after daleb2130 10/14/20 6:12 PM
wow 24 bucks...give me my shares!! TrendTrade2016 10/14/20 6:03 PM
Low volume GARBAGE! REVERSE SPLIT!!! OptimusPrime555 10/10/20 7:08 PM
Like I said they want this on he TrendTrade2016 10/10/20 6:49 AM
RZLT one for 50 reverse split: Renee 10/09/20 5:36 PM mick 09/22/20 2:16 PM
It looks like insider Handok is buying 125,000 daleb2130 09/21/20 12:02 PM
THANK YOU Rezolute Inc (QB) (RZLT) mick 09/15/20 8:16 PM
RZLT And another 125,000 buy by Handok @.4908 daleb2130 09/15/20 8:12 PM
#2 Rezolute Inc (QB) (RZLT) mick 09/14/20 2:15 PM
Rezolute Inc (QB) (RZLT) mick 09/14/20 2:15 PM
Rezolute Inc (QB) (RZLT) mick 09/14/20 2:15 PM
dont get shook, its all games....onward and upward TrendTrade2016 09/08/20 5:30 PM
Yup. Thanks for those .41's whoever panicked. Large daleb2130 09/08/20 4:05 PM
BOOM!!! back above.50 kanonman 09/08/20 3:58 PM
I just bought more myself. Im going to daleb2130 09/08/20 1:07 PM
another block of 125000 bought by insiders today. kanonman 09/08/20 11:14 AM
precision trading...called every move to perfection to .65c...its TrendTrade2016 09/05/20 6:42 AM
2 more Hadcock buys for 125,000 shares each. daleb2130 09/04/20 7:39 PM
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09/14/20 2:15 PM
09/14/20 2:15 PM
09/14/20 2:15 PM
09/08/20 5:30 PM
09/08/20 3:58 PM
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Rezolute Inc. (RZLT)

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AntriaBioAntriaBio, Inc.
890 Santa Cruz Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025
P: (650) 223-5441

Reverse Merger 

Jan 7, 2013 - AntriaBio, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics for the diabetes market, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the significant assets of PR Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and its intention to become a publicly traded company through a merger.

"AB101 has the potential to be a clearly differentiated product that represents a significant advance in basal insulin delivery," said Nevan Elam, AntriaBio's President and CEO. "AB101 may offer significant advantages over basal insulin products sold by Sanofi-Aventis and Novo Nordisk, which together sell more than $7B annually."

AntriaBio's lead diabetes product candidate, AB101, is a once-a-week injectable basal insulin that is currently in preclinical development. AB101 is administered by subcutaneous injection and targets patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes who require basal insulin for the control of hyperglycemia.

The formulation has been designed to release insulin slowly and uniformly over a period of approximately one week without an adverse initial burst of insulin. The release profile results in a low and sustained insulin level which supplements the effects of endogenous and exogenous insulin and complements the effects of orally administered hypoglycemic agents. AB101 has the potential to be a clearly differentiated product that represents a significant advance in basal insulin delivery.

AB101's long duration of action is the result of our ability to PEGylate insulin and then encapsulate it into poly-lactic, poly-glycolic (PLGA) microspheres. Currently available PEGylated biomolecules typically use large molecular weight PEG chains to decrease clearance and therefore reduce injection frequency. However, we use a very small molecular weight PEG for AB101 to modify the solubility of insulin and permit encapsulation of the drug into a biodegradable polymer.

After injection, the PEGylated insulin is slowly released at the injection site as the polymer microspheres are broken down by simple hydrolysis. Not only is our technology is unique, but also AB101 does not contain any new excipients and regulatory authorities have already approved numerous products using PEG or biodegradable polymers.

In addition to the proprietary technology for PEGylation of insulin and incorporation of the PEGylated insulin into biodegradable polymers, we have licensed proprietary microparticle manufacturing technology. The microsphere manufacturing process ensures production of a very tight particle size distribution with uniformly small microparticles. This is important to improve manufacturing efficiency and yields as well as to facilitate patient comfort by producing microspheres that can be injected through 25 gauge or smaller needles.


AntriaBio Appoints Two Industry Leaders to its Management Team
Menlo Park, CA - February 19th, 2013 - AntriaBio, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment, on January 31, 2013, of two new members to its management team: Nevan Elam, AntriaBio's President and Chief Executive Officer and Sankaram Mantripragada, Ph.D, as AntriaBio's Chief Scientific Officer.
Nevan Elam has spent his entire career starting, managing and advising emerging growth companies in key areas of business including finance, marketing and clinical development. Prior to joining AntriaBio, Mr. Elam served as Chief Executive Officer of AeroSurgical Limited, a medical device company based in Europe. Prior to that, he directed the Pulmonary Business Unit of Nektar Therapeutics, which was sold to Novartis in 2008.
Mr. Elam also serves as a managing director of Konus Advisory Group, Inc. ("Konus"), a boutique healthcare consulting and investment firm that specializes in working with U.S. and European healthcare organizations on business opportunities in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Mr. Elam holds a J.D. from Harvard University and Bachelor's degree from Howard University.
Sankaram Mantripragada, Ph.D. brings to AntriaBio his strong understanding of the diabetes market and AntriaBio's unique platform technology. From June 2005 until October 2009, Dr. Mantripragada served as Vice President of R&D at PR Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ("PRP"). In January 2013, AntriaBio purchased substantially all of the PRP assets including significant technology, formulation, manufacturing, and intellectual property assets, which together form the basis of AntriaBio's drug development portfolio.
"Dr. Mantripragada's history with PRP's technology and formulation assets and his deep experience in diabetes products and markets make him a clear choice to lead our product development efforts," said Steve Howe, Chairman of AntriaBio. Mr. Howe served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PRP from its formation in 1998 to 2010.
Dr. Mantripragada has been an advisor to companies specializing in diabetes, cell based therapies and cardiovascular diseases. He is listed as an inventor on more than 8 patents.
Prior to joining PRP, Dr. Mantripragada served as Director of R&D at Guidant Corporation, now part of Abbott Vascular. Prior to that, he served as Director of R&D and VP of Scientific Development at SkyePharma. Prior to that, he was an Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Dr. Mantripragada obtained his Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics from the Indian Institute of Science and completed a postdoctoral research program at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Germany.


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