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This board was created for people to post their top reverse merger candidates.

A top quality pick would be a clean shell (no assets or liabilities) with a low share structure and a solid company background. The shell must have kept up with its filings and needs to have publicly expressed to want to do some type of acquisition.

How it works:

List of important filings/definitions:

PRE 14C-
 All preliminary information statements, excluding, mergers, contested solicitations and special meetings.
DEF 14C - All types of definitive statements, excluding: mergers or acquisitions, contested solicitations and special meetings.
Reg D - Companies selling securities in reliance on a Regulation D exemption or a Section 4(6) exemption from the registration provisions of the '33 Act must file a Form D as notice of such a sale. The form must be filed no later than 15 days after the first sale. The exact form type is usually REGDEX, but may be a REG D-1 or similar.
SB-2 - This form may be used by "small business issuers" to register securities to be sold for cash.
S-8 This form is used for the registration of securities to be offered to an issuer's employees pursuant to certain plans.
S-1 - This is the basic registration form. It can be used to register securities for which no other form is authorized or prescribed, except securities of foreign governments or political sub-divisions thereof.
1-E / 2-E - Business development companies (BDC) can avail themselves of a more esoteric provision of the Securities Act - Regulation E, which provides an exemption from registration for securities issued by BDCs. In short, under Regulation E, a BDC may issue up to $5 million worth of securities a year without registration. Also under Regulation E, an individual may offer to sell up to $100,000 of securities in a BDC each year.
424B1, 2, 3, and 4 filings are final registration statements to register stock under previously filed SB-2 S-1 and S-2 filings, and they serve other purposes.
EFFECT filings are notice's of effectiveness of POS AM's and some S filings ie: S-1, SB-2. The EFFECT filing comes prior to the 424B3 filing we see when the shares enter the market

Please refrain from posting questions such as what the SS is or who the new managment coming in is in responce to other posters on the board. People  MUST do your own DD.

Make sure to give the assistant mods a personal mark! =)


Opinions expressed on this board are just that. Opinions. I am not a licensed broker. Trading strategies discussed on this board are often high risk and not suitable everyone. If you are losing money in the market, you may wish to seek the advice of a licensed securities professional. No one is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except YOU. If you follow stocks, strategies discussed on this board, you may LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY. Please weigh the strategies discussed here carefully against what you are willing to risk. Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling ANY SECURITY in the open market, there are no guarantees.
#8  Sticky Note The shell must have kept up with its Aduke 08/01/11 08:38:03 AM
#1  Sticky Note LUXD, HRID, UIBT, DTTO shaping up to be Caerus 07/31/11 03:15:56 PM
#104   IGNE Reinstated 3/5/18.. up 25% today.. low float.. Bountiful_Harvest 03/15/18 04:36:55 PM
#103   N/P SupaMario910 10/26/11 08:58:18 AM
#102   Please post whatever you find. Aduke 10/26/11 08:57:57 AM
#101   Right, but from what I see, that address SupaMario910 10/26/11 08:55:42 AM
#100   FINRA approved the name for EXLA, but the Aduke 10/26/11 08:52:36 AM
#99   So was EXLA really Helmer Directional Drilling Inc., SupaMario910 10/25/11 11:05:15 PM
#98   ASYTQ > R/M with Crossing Automation > trader53 10/09/11 09:10:53 AM
#97   RPTN 8K- looking to do a reverse merger Caerus 10/03/11 10:17:41 AM
#96   DNMO new ticker: SAGA Caerus 09/24/11 12:54:44 PM
#95   Reverse Merger LOI PR'd today by TSNP. Details RonnieTSM 09/08/11 06:46:23 PM
#94   LOCN posible r/m coming days. Chart+vol. Breakout + l2 hunter 09/05/11 03:25:45 PM
#93   LOL check out what NBFM is up to! Caerus 08/31/11 07:54:55 PM
#92   Got both your new ones on watch. bkbirge 08/30/11 05:00:09 PM
#91   BONP the RM will be announced soon imo Caerus 08/29/11 08:55:55 PM
#90   DNMO super intersting! one to watch when trading Caerus 08/29/11 06:24:25 PM
#89   Here is a good snapshot of TSNP: http://askblasters.com/2011/08/abs-reverse-merg RonnieTSM 08/15/11 04:29:01 PM
#88   thanks for the heads up layupdrill 08/12/11 02:37:44 PM
#87   go ahead and make me assnt mod, layupdrill 08/12/11 02:31:51 PM
#86   sure thing, ill check it out, layupdrill 08/12/11 01:53:19 PM
#85   EXLA popped up on my screener. looks like Caerus 08/12/11 12:07:04 PM
#84   EXLA popped up on my screener. looks like Caerus 08/12/11 12:06:17 PM
#83   not long at all, next week suppose layupdrill 08/12/11 09:30:30 AM
#82   TOFS going green on news. shouldnt be too Caerus 08/12/11 09:27:08 AM
#81   News out for TSNP! It's all good! Possible RonnieTSM 08/11/11 08:55:56 PM
#80   TSNP, reverse merger with inplaysports....and financials due out getnback 08/11/11 09:21:42 AM
#79   Loading TSNP boat by Friday.. Bruce the Stock Guy 08/10/11 09:38:35 PM
#78   Tell us why you like it! Golden Eagle Runner 08/10/11 08:30:31 PM
#77   I'd be watching TSNP closely. Looks good to me. RonnieTSM 08/10/11 08:01:29 PM
#76   Check this out: RonnieTSM 08/10/11 06:47:31 AM
#75   VPRS this stock remains one to watch going hedge_fun 08/09/11 09:16:00 PM
#74   some buzz forming around GPGD. worth checking out Caerus 08/09/11 03:16:15 PM
#73   NTMI also lookin like a RM. buying on dips Caerus 08/09/11 12:41:56 PM
#72   nice find layupdrill 08/09/11 12:37:03 PM
#71   DYER R/M was sweet! I'll watch DGTE for volume. Aduke 08/08/11 09:37:23 PM
#70   DGTE looking like a setup for a reverse merger Caerus 08/08/11 09:21:00 PM
#69   As a private company they can raise the leucro 08/08/11 07:12:16 PM
#68   If this is an R/M, is it a pauljack13 08/08/11 06:44:54 PM
#67   May also want to pick up some TSNP leucro 08/08/11 02:36:49 PM
#66   yw Aduke 08/08/11 12:13:28 PM
#65   just pulled the trigger and picked up a Caerus 08/08/11 12:09:26 PM
#64   COUV - Nice PR after hours Friday: Aduke 08/07/11 05:34:26 PM
#63   im not giving buy or sell advice but Caerus 08/06/11 03:44:49 PM
#62   Let's stay on 1 board please. You will hedge_fun 08/06/11 03:40:29 PM
#61   the deal had to be closed by 7.31.11 Caerus 08/06/11 03:27:50 PM
#60   2 different questions. Should we WAIT until AFTER hedge_fun 08/06/11 03:23:53 PM
#59   i responded to ur post on the ACRI Caerus 08/06/11 02:06:48 PM
#58   Should we wait until AFTER the 1000 for hedge_fun 08/06/11 02:01:52 PM
#57   btw =). check out one of my other Caerus 08/06/11 12:47:27 AM
#56   keep ur eyes out for a form 10 Caerus 08/05/11 01:57:32 PM
#55   In Texas, the fact that ABVV is in hedge_fun 08/05/11 01:38:36 PM